Luxe Bazaar by LiST Group

I’m laughing at myself while doing this post, because it’s overdue for nearly a month. I’M LIKE REALLY BUSY THESE PAST FEW DAYS. I can’t even.


Anyhoo, here are some photos from the Luxe Bazaar. I really love this bazaar because the Ariato Center in Il Terrazo is uber comfy! Plus, a lot of my blogger friends were also there + Sophie’s Mom + Milk Tea. I can’t wish for anything else. CHOS! :P

DSC_0431Punchdrunk Panda team






DSC_0450Gold Dot


DSC_0453Happy Hoodies! I seriously love them!

DSC_0460I wanna buy this pair of boots from Five by Five…

DSC_0461But it doesn’t fit me well. Oh how sad.


DSC_0465Gold Dot team! I scored two pairs of heels for my sister for just PhP2000! Thank you Gold Dot

DSC_0473My sister will use this for her debut

DSC_0474The two shoes cost around PhP5000, and I get it for over 50% off. WHAT. A. DEAL!!! 

DSC_0475Ain’t they pretty?!

DSC_0426Sophies Mom! I died when I knew they were there. Their Red Velvet Cupcakes are to die for!



DSC_0429Dulce de Leche chocolate cupcakes. Sinful.




I was saying goodbye to Tita Tonette and was getting their card (so I can visit them in their Makati shop) when this little cute kid Sam offered me a nutella mochi. THIS CUTE KID IS SO SWEET *SOB* Thanks, Sam! Hope to see you again!

It was my first time to try Teaology! I will surely review this one for The Milk Tea Project — which reminds me to update already. HAHA!


DSC_0470Bench black basic collared shirt, Gap striped shorts, Liliw espadrilles, Thrifted panda puppet (which is so cute!)

Of course, I won’t pass without an outfit shot LOL! But seriously, when manning a bazaar, one has to be comfy enough to move around – carry stocks, keep the booth organized, and accommodate customers. But also, one should look nice especially when facing and talking to customers. My trusty espadrilles (from Liliw, Laguna! BUY LOCAL!) were super comfy and stylish enough, matched with a foolproof combo of black outfits!


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