The Moonleaf 2012 Planner

We interrupt this backlog-killing spree for a very important announcement —

MOONLEAF 2012 PLANNER IS ALREADY AVAILABLE AT YOUR FAVORITE MOONLEAF BRANCH! *Imagine me shouting out of freakin’ excitement* And yeah, they require no stamp collection, no drowning in caffeine, just you and your Moonleaf 2012 Planner.

And yeah, I quit a five-year habit (a guilty one, yes) for this. I’m so excited for my own!!! I recommend you buy one to see its contents. Well, I had the chance to see it first, but I won’t kill the excitement :P


Congratulations to the Moonleaf team for the very successful launch of new branches, a trending spot in Twitter, and this beautiful planner (that I can’t quite get my head off until I have my hands on one!) Follow them on Facebook and on Twitter!

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