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Bloggers United 2

I will have to apologize for the blurred photos. This is Jonver in shopping mode :P




I am very prepared when the Bloggers United bazaar was announced. I know which stores to go to already. What I didn’t prepare though is my time. I had a meeting early in the morning. So what I only saw in David‘s booth was these signs, LOL! Seriously, kidding aside, all the stuff I wanna buy from David was swept clean. Better luck next time, I guess…



DSC_0561Accessories from Gelo Arucan! I wanna buy the Born This Way but I forgot to!

DSC_0562Unisex Accessories, curated by JP Singson

DSC_0566Karl + Mike + Bosquejo booth!

DSC_0567Sino itong bakla na lagi kong kasamang magshopping?! ALAMIN. Chos!



The Plump Pinay has a very nice booth! CAN YOU BELIEVE I scored a hoodie from them (that I don’t have a photo now!) Aside from the perfect fit, I love the vintage Rolling Stones illustration. SCORED… OH YEAH!

DSC_0572Jen, Angel, Ava


The sellers at Divine Lee/Tim Yap/Victor Basa‘s booth we’re very kind! 1. They gave me a discount for V’s vintage boots, 2. There was a lotto ticket in V’s shoes and they gave it to me na lang haha AND 3. I left my DSLR at their booth and they were kind enough to keep it!!!! I WAS REALLY WORRIED! But I am so proud of them for being honest. *fist pump* tayo mga Ate!




Gold Dot team! No I didn’t buy a pair of shoes for myself from Gold Dot (asa naman sa malapad kong mga feet) but I scored booties from internationally known blogger Karl Leuterio! It was the right fit and it’s ITALIAN. I can ask for nothing more!

Sorry for the lack of photos, especially that of my purchases. But all in all I just spent something over a thousand pesos for TWO BOOTS and a HOODIE. It’s like I went to ukay but I just got really fabulous pieces!!! Can’t wait to post outfit photos using them!!!

DSC_0581My shopping partner in crime, Jen Aquino, in leopard sheer blazer. Arrive. Idagdag mo ang pangalawang Longchamp Le Pliage nya. ARRIVE.

Went to Mary Grace to grab early dinner…

DSC_0582Fried Kesong Puti with Chili Daing Dressing. This naturally goes with a calamansi dressing, but I like to try the chili daing dressing. The waiter was too kind to accommodate my request :)

It was funny when I took this photo. The lens was fogged up because of the aircon and I didn’t notice it. I like the effect though.

DSC_0583Grilled Classic Ensaymada. Fluffy and cheesy. Why can’t all ensaymadas be like this?!

DSC_0584Pasta Amatriciana with Italian meatballs. Pasta for my fabulous meat-loving friend. 

DSC_0585Oh this dressing… IS LOVE!

DSC_0586Dropped by Sonja’s to grab a red velvet cupcake. I am still in the Red Velvet fever. 



DSC_0589The Red Velvet Vixen


I died of happiness that day. Shopping + Foodtrip is indeed the most foolproof stress buster!

Hanging out with Nechane

I miss my friend, Nechane! We didn’t have the chance to even hang out days before she left for Canada, so the moment she landed here in Manila, I wasted no time to see her. Unfortunately our schedules didn’t match, so we have to cancel a number of times. But it pushed through nonetheless! It was wonderful having to talk to her again. I miss her and her stories and her jokes. And I wish she could stay, but I am really happy she is having the time of her life in Canada.

DSC_0539We’re such pigs :P

DSC_0543Spinach lasagna

DSC_0544Chicken macaroni salad





My very pretty friend! 

DSC_0542Would make a pretty couple. PERO WIT! Baka may magalit :P


DSC_0550Si Ate naka-MK!

DSC_0551Gone cheesecake hunting… but to no avail.

DSC_0552Level up ang Coffee Bean planner! *slow clap*





Bench black basic collared shirt, Oxygen gray denim pants, Punchdrunk Panda “Negatives” plimsolls and camera strap, Speedo square frames

And oh, I forgot to take a photo. Thanks for the H&M loot, teh! Sa uulitin, I love you! I hope I see you soon… in Canada :P

The Moonleaf 2012 Planner

We interrupt this backlog-killing spree for a very important announcement —

MOONLEAF 2012 PLANNER IS ALREADY AVAILABLE AT YOUR FAVORITE MOONLEAF BRANCH! *Imagine me shouting out of freakin’ excitement* And yeah, they require no stamp collection, no drowning in caffeine, just you and your Moonleaf 2012 Planner.

And yeah, I quit a five-year habit (a guilty one, yes) for this. I’m so excited for my own!!! I recommend you buy one to see its contents. Well, I had the chance to see it first, but I won’t kill the excitement :P


Congratulations to the Moonleaf team for the very successful launch of new branches, a trending spot in Twitter, and this beautiful planner (that I can’t quite get my head off until I have my hands on one!) Follow them on Facebook and on Twitter!

Nokia N9 Launch at Prive


DSC_0481Magic DJs


DSC_0485Paolo Bediones and DJ Sam YG

DSC_0487Celebrity couple Troy Montero and Aubrey Miles

DSC_0489I was thrilled to see Jenni Epperson and her daughter Aryanna! Such beautiful ladies! (and may I add and gloat a little – Jenni told me she loves my outfit that night! :P)

DSC_0490Alyanna Martinez with Franky



DSC_0494Playing a game… a finger game!


DSC_0498Ready, set… FINGER!

DSC_0499They have to feed each other using only one FINGER!



DSC_0506Bianca Valerio was pretty cautious to show her face, haha!


DSC_0532Brent Javier with girlfriend

DSC_0531Connect Agency’s Jon Herrera spinned for us!

DSC_0478Gerd and Franky

DSC_0480Franky, Lawryeng, and Verge

DSC_0488Almost matching denim outfits – Me and Gerd. 

DSC_0530My very pretty crowd with Connect’s Ed Lorenzo!

DSC_0526People are People black striped v-neck shirt, Thrifted (US) gray denim jacket, Billabong gray denim pants, Thrfted military boots, Wrangler denim tote, Speedo square frames.

Imagine the blush on my face (aside from drinking) when The Jenni Epperson greeted my outfit that night! Well, I love wearing denim, that explains this outfit. Also, I can wear denim ANYWHERE – this explains my katamaran naman. HAHA!

Luxe Bazaar by LiST Group

I’m laughing at myself while doing this post, because it’s overdue for nearly a month. I’M LIKE REALLY BUSY THESE PAST FEW DAYS. I can’t even.


Anyhoo, here are some photos from the Luxe Bazaar. I really love this bazaar because the Ariato Center in Il Terrazo is uber comfy! Plus, a lot of my blogger friends were also there + Sophie’s Mom + Milk Tea. I can’t wish for anything else. CHOS! :P

DSC_0431Punchdrunk Panda team






DSC_0450Gold Dot


DSC_0453Happy Hoodies! I seriously love them!

DSC_0460I wanna buy this pair of boots from Five by Five…

DSC_0461But it doesn’t fit me well. Oh how sad.


DSC_0465Gold Dot team! I scored two pairs of heels for my sister for just PhP2000! Thank you Gold Dot

DSC_0473My sister will use this for her debut

DSC_0474The two shoes cost around PhP5000, and I get it for over 50% off. WHAT. A. DEAL!!! 

DSC_0475Ain’t they pretty?!

DSC_0426Sophies Mom! I died when I knew they were there. Their Red Velvet Cupcakes are to die for!



DSC_0429Dulce de Leche chocolate cupcakes. Sinful.




I was saying goodbye to Tita Tonette and was getting their card (so I can visit them in their Makati shop) when this little cute kid Sam offered me a nutella mochi. THIS CUTE KID IS SO SWEET *SOB* Thanks, Sam! Hope to see you again!

It was my first time to try Teaology! I will surely review this one for The Milk Tea Project — which reminds me to update already. HAHA!


DSC_0470Bench black basic collared shirt, Gap striped shorts, Liliw espadrilles, Thrifted panda puppet (which is so cute!)

Of course, I won’t pass without an outfit shot LOL! But seriously, when manning a bazaar, one has to be comfy enough to move around – carry stocks, keep the booth organized, and accommodate customers. But also, one should look nice especially when facing and talking to customers. My trusty espadrilles (from Liliw, Laguna! BUY LOCAL!) were super comfy and stylish enough, matched with a foolproof combo of black outfits!

The First Bicol Social Media Workshop

I’ll be talking all about Blogging 101!!! Yay or nay?! HAHA! See y’all Bicolanos and yeah, pardon the awkward me!

Also, it will be my first time at BICOL! Oh yeaaaaaaaah!

But yeah, oh gawd, I’m so nervous!!! *exclamation abuse*

Speaker and topic line-up here, here and here.