DLSU Bloggers Congress Roundup

EDIT: This may be lengthier than you’ve thought. But I urge you to just read on, and learn from these amazing bloggers!

De La Salle University’s Office of the Vice President for Internal Affairs gathers bloggers from different fields to share their experience as a citizen of the interwebs. I was lucky to got in (’cause I just accidentally saw it in a busy day!) and listen to these five wise bloggers. Some of them have been there for quite some time, and some had just started out. But all the same, all have put effort into bringing their own creative minds into one structure of awesomesauce! You gotta check this one out!

DSC_1228Early birds catch the good seat. Ok, corny, haha!

DSC_1229Some of the sponsors: Freska and Chatime

DSC_1232Setting up. This picture is featured in DG MNL!

DSC_1235The beautiful Nicole Gaba, Fashion Sensations David Guison and Lissa Kahayon, Project Head Jerik Santos, Foodie Jill Bantang, and Blogger Queen Nina Fuentes 


DSC_1243Efril Lagman

DSC_1247Time for some raffle — FRESKA GCs – featuring the energetic project heads Marco Lim and Jerik Santos.

DSC_1253Jill talks about her food blog – The Food Scout

Jill, a personal banker by profession, relates to us how she was a graduate then and was on a boring career halt that led to eating out heartily and discovering the blogosphere. Today, she blogs about her discoveries in the epicurean industry as well as her foodie travels. I liked that she made an acronym for starting out a B.L.O.G.Believe in yourself, Look for your interests, Organize your thoughts, and Go for it.

DSC_1255The enthusiasm over Angry Birds Cupcakes (which btw are edible, AYLOVEEEET!)


DSC_0001Another promo – say Go for it or Go lang ng go in the best way possible.

DSC_0003And this wins! Congrats for your two Boulevard Diner GCs!


DSC_0007Nina shares, photo by photo, her tales of wanders from Just Wandering.

A seasoned blogger, trained by both adventures and misadventures, Nina shares her point of view, and some blogging secrets, to us. She wows us with the opportunities that blogging has set before her – She has traveled to Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Macau, among many others FOR FREE. That’s quite a tough job. Up close and personal, she also shares some of the downsides of this industry. But truly, a passionate blogger like Nina will always find reasons enough to wander again.


DSC_0011Haters gotta hate. This was sent to her. Obviously, someone’s a noob.

DSC_0013My favorite tip of the day. Doesn’t mean you blog, you’re anything special. Keep grounded, guys!




DSC_0026The very elegant Lissa Kahayon graces the stage and with her fashion wand, this Scene Stealer just shared some magic tricks on how to blog your personal style.

Assistant to top celebrity stylist Liz Uy, Lissa shares to us how her two-year chictopia stint led her to be one of the interwebs’ most fashionable lass. She encourages everyone to blog because you love it, and not just because you feel you’re required to. I especially love her talk about HATERS and how she deals with it. This lady keeps her cool very keenly!

DSC_0027My favorite photo of David. Peace na tayo, Dave! :P


DSC_0032I like to call David a FASHION SENSATION just because he didn’t plan any of this to happen. David shares how his supposedly photoblog DG MNL has opened doors for his career, and maybe even more that that.

I call him THE DAVID GUISON. He said he does not like public speaking, but really he nails it very well. In his usual military-ish look with the signature printed socks – boots finish to kill, David humbly shares his achievements as a blogger and a well-published photographer/writer at a very young age. He is the peg in life that I had a vision of, but then nursing happened. Yuck, nagshare (making gaya of Nicole Gaba’s line, lol) Anyway, he may be famous and all that, but he is a true example of The Boy Who Stayed Humble. Down is the way up, just as anon said.

DSC_0042Some of the brands David has endorsed. SOME.

DSC_0044Tarayan sitners?

DSC_0052Styling contest. That is Ecks of Stache Magazine.


DSC_0056My favorite couple shot. Doncha deny you two!

DSC_0058Jelito de Leon




DSC_0065Among them, he may be the oldest. But as the adage goes, wisdom comes with age. Celebrity Wedding Videographer Jason Magbanua, with all the energy in the world, discusses the business side of blogging.

I missed his talk in Ayala Museum, so he was really the first reason to go to this series of talks. Jason did not blog because he has nothing to do, or was bored, or was planning of interwebs domination. He blogged because he needed to feed his family. Coming from an entrepreneur’s point of view, Jason shifts to the perspective many of the audience was never aware of – blogging as a platform of marketing. Hence, he was speaking of trade secrets, those that were not written in books, but gained by experience. My favorite tip was: give them something to talk about. And boy, am I sure to follow that!


DSC_0067I like how animated he is when doing his lectures! Very brilliant, wise man!


I hope I did justice to what these amazing bloggers have shared to us, and I also wish that I have delivered it at par to what they have done back there. DLSU has done the big step towards the social media bandwagon and has recognized the powers of blogging into bringing a spark of hope into the society. Watch out, because this blog pledges (though, I am really not LaSallian) to participate in DLSU Blog Action Day Project, and will start on August 13th! I’m excited to be a part of this!


I really haven’t eaten anything, but just a bottle of Coke Zero for the whole day, so Ame and I went to Chatime and Pasta Place after the seminar. BOY WAS I HUNGRY! (Rearrange that sentence, lol!)

DSC_0075Chicken Pesto

DSC_0076Churros with chocolate dip

DSC_0077Sardine Pesto – coming back for this.

DSC_0078Finally got to try Chatime. I love their roasted variety. Wasn’t anything special though. 

DSC_0081Pasta Place is a bit generous.

DSC_0082When you think you had enough. I cheated my diet regimen and ate a Pepperoni Panini.

That wasn’t so bad. Not really at par with The Food Scout, though! Teehee!

Keep blogging y’all,

6 responses to “DLSU Bloggers Congress Roundup

  1. Ah, but remember, free comes with a price ;)

    So nice to see you again Jonver! (You’re everywhere ah!)

  2. You take great shots! And edit them well too :p
    It was nice meeting you there :) God bless!

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