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10 Questions after watching Transformers 3

Why is Sam the only one with surname in the cast roll?
How would it feel if Megatron said, “I ain’t your bitch,” instead?
How did Carly managed wearing skyscraper pumps the whole war?
Didn’t it taste like grease when Sam and Carly kissed in the end?
How hot is the Josh Duhamel?
How much did they pay Hermes to have it mentioned in the movie?
How many minutes will it take for a transformer to transform?
Who misses Megan Fox? (I do!)
Why is Optimus getting buffed up every after movie?

And the most important question, that we must not forget is…
What brand of pumps is Rosie Huntington-Whitely wearing?


The movie is great! Everything you’ll ever expect out of a mainstream blockbuster hit. Hands down with the graphics, and I miss Megan Fox. Everytime Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is on screen, she just shouts screechingly, “SAAAAAAAAAM!” No offense, honey. You’re damn hot and I love your accent, but your character is a wuss. Megan Fox’s has some balls.

Though I really think about it – JOSH DUHAMEL IS SO HOT! He’s the only one I’ve been waiting to see in the screen every Transformer movie. And for that classic slide-in-the-rubble-then-shoot moves. Never fails. Oh and have I mentioned that his second name is the same as my surname??? Well… ENOUGH FANBOYING!

Go out destress! Great post-boards!

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Post-Board Comatose

Board exams has been done for two days now, and yes I haven’t touched this blog. Been out, seeing some people I haven’t seen for quite some time. Watched a movie, used my camera (which was living in the closet for some good two weeks,) and actually tried to find work (which feels surreal in some kind of way.) I did find an internship that looks kinda hell of fun!

But definitely I’m back. Although I’m really backlogged, REALLY need to catch up. I want to start posting now, but my head’s still ringing from the Transformers 3 movie – never sit way too near the speakers, especially when it’s Dolby Surround.

Anyway. Board exam is done. All I have to do is wait. I really don’t care about waiting, I’ll willingly accept any result (but I still hope for the best.) All I care about now is to get this blog running again. So…

Let’s roll.