Daily Archives: July 31, 2011

Simplest Guy in the Planet


That is not mine, lol. That is from Alexei Villaraza of All That Shnazz.

It was quite some time when Divasoria’s Simple Girl Index hit the features and really was a talk of (blog) town. Much more in Twitter. I’m pleased to find a guy version (and I’m sharing it with you in a Sunday morning, what a meditation) and finally, now you can gauge yourself if you’re really as simple as you think. I haven’t done it myself (I like sleeping for that matter, thank you) but I already accepted it that I am complicated.

So how do you do it? Simply download the Simple Guy Index and grade yourself according to the parameter in the left side. Put your comments if you like to. Then LOL at the results. I had fun reading Alexei’s SGI! You should have fun yourselves too.

So there. Happy Sunday everyone! Back in the sheets, zzzzzzzzz…