Daily Archives: July 24, 2011

Movie Fag

So there’s this contest again, for the premiere night of Captain America tomorrow that ended on 10pm, and I read it just now. So yeah sucks. And yeah this is me trying to snag a free movie and watch it before everyone else does. Haha, I’m bitchy like that.

And how can I just saw it 30 minutes past deadline! ARGH! Chris Evans is so salty (new term to describe hot men that I got from RJ, haha), I can’t believe I’m not getting this (post-contest stress disorder, haha.) Oh well, better be done with it anyway. I’ll watch even if I pay – gird your loins Captain!

I’m really addicted to these superhero movies! Well, mostly from the Avengers group, since they will have a somewhat reunion film. Though I really think I would watch them because of the hot men! LOL! I mean look at this Amazing Spiderman remake (damn, it’s on 2012 pa) ANDREW GARFIELD IS LOVE! Keme kung fayatola si kuya! I just hope he gives justice to Toby Maguire’s Spidey.

Still on the superhero hype, Batman: The Dark Knight Rises is the conclusion to Nolan’s Batman trilogy. I am thankful that they really got Christian Bale for this, because he is really a nice action actor. My favorite role that he played, though, was on American Psycho. Plus he really has nice abs! So win-win!!! Hotness meter just blew off! HAHA! Oh why all these movies are showing on 2012, and not this year?! The world would end with these superhero movies. Oh how ironic! LOL!

Then there’s the cheeky movies, but still with hot people of course! In Friends with Benefits, there is an amazing chemistry between not-a-hunk-anymore-but-still-kickin’ Justin Timberlake and smoking momma Mila Kunis. I first saw them together on the MTV Movie Awards, and yes the groping got into me, and this movie is a must-watch. Kill me, the guy who said indie is the way to go, but I never said I don’t like mainstream. They’re mainstream, and I enjoy them. Serving their purpose right!

EEEEEEEP! Now this is a family favorite! And another salty hunk — TOM CRUISE! I haven’t watched the complete Mission Impossible series. But this fourth installment is definitely a must-watch. I’ll have to snag free tickets for me and mom, it’s definitely a date!!!

* I really have more movies to put here, but let’s leave it to that first! I wish, wish, wish that I get free tickets for these movies. YES, I’ll do anything for free movies, haha!

This is a little off the topic, but I think Amy Winehouse really deserves a mention. She just died, but her music will live forever! I am not that of a fan, but I like some of her songs, especially Rehab. She’s definitely a loss from the music industry. I laughed when I saw this tweet from my friend Anne:


RIP Amy. Your long awaited rehab has come.