Daily Archives: July 14, 2011

Watching Harry Potter Premiere later!

Knock the lazy blogger out of me, and make me post all my backlogs tonight, but the only reason I ain’t be posting right this minute is that I am watching the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 Premiere later at Megamall! My friend, Paola, and I were scouring everywhere to get a ticket for free (you know I love free movies, teehee!) and she finally found RIGHT THIS MINUTE! I don’t know who gave us, so I can’t thank that person here in my blog. But whoever s/he is, I am soooooo thankful ’cause this made my day!

Anyway. I was really about to blog my loot from the Manels Sale (50% off on ALL ITEMS, including new arrivals, up until July 17 ONLY!) when Paola’s text came, and I instantly stopped everything I am doing. Good thing I’ve spent time already with my Lola! It’s her 72nd birthday today. I gave her this chic red card case I got from Manels which really goes well with her other red bag. So I think that doesn’t really make me a bad grandson (I love you Mommy!)

So there. Harry, I shall see you later!

Can’t stop freaking out,