Daily Archives: March 2, 2011

I’m on the right track, baby…

If this does not play here, click it to redirect to Youtube. VEVO has set some playback limitations. And yes it sucks.

Once again, the Mother Monster, Lady Gaga did it. I looked forward to this day I shall see another explosive Gaga music video, and true to her gaga-ness she did the way she does best. I bet the religion of the insecure will swarm over her mantra and will again try, in all futility, to bring her down. But she who speak from the heart shall prevail. However, I will not pretend that I was not disturbed. I think it was the point of it all. To disturb, to shake, to crack. It would be meaningless if it didn’t. It was eclectic. Self-indulgent yet relevant. Orgasmic even! (pun intended)

What I am pointing since this song was released is that it promotes equality. I think I have given enough pseudo-privilege speeches on why the world is the worst place to be with inequality of all forms. I believe that in order for this world to achieve equilibrium and peace, it needs equality. In all forms. Gender is just one. There are a gazillion others. The society has twisted this world into believing that there is order in hierarchy and status quo, when there is absolutely nothing wrong with being different. If this world sees that we are but just equal men, the world is a happy place. Not happier, or the happiest. But happy, of no compare.

I won’t go so elaborate on this. Some might say, why is that blogger so affected by pop culture. First is that I don’t care what they think. And second it’s because I can relate. I’ll leave you with my favorite line:

No matter gay, straight, or bi
Lesbian, transgendered life,
I’m on the right track, baby,
I was born to survive.

I look forward to the mitosis of the future, to a race that knows no prejudice.

I was born this way,