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Thirsty Tuesdays

I can’t get the hang of reviewing all day in my room and doing just that. I used to go to events left and right, and you bet it’s not easy to wean oneself from events, especially when they’re good ones!

So after the review last Tuesday, I rushed to Luneta park and helped my friends set up for their opening for What the f Stop.

Weather was very fine that day.

Testing settings on the Illuminati-ish photo booth. That triangle fluorescent thingy is made by Marco Samson!

And the ribbon was cut!

Host for the night – Joey Alvero welcomed guests…

Say hi to Marion Kitazawa!

The Jensen Gomez Experience was there to perform. Amistad played also, but I left before they were on the stage.

Say hi to zeh boys. Prof Nes, Joe, and Ralph. You remember them from my La Union trip last year?

Congratulations to Alecks, Ame, Apple, Anna, and Marco for a very successful opening! After this gallery, I went to the Keg at the Fort Strip for the Hashtag Radio Tweetup. Saw some of Twestival people and even a celebrity there! It was a cool place to boot!

Marga a.k.a. @diskodiablo, tweeting while spinning…

Hashtag Team.

Caught a candid of the Chuckie Dreyfus (That’s Entertainment) @chuckiedreyfus while her wife @yendreyfus smiles at the camera. The two were so friendly!

Jason @jasondayrit and Charlene @takeoutsushi fresh from day’s work.

Poison of choice: Mojito. It was on buy one take one, and a little bit watered downed. But nevertheless, it feels good to meet old friends and new people. To more Thirsty Tuesdays!

Scene*ing at Cafe Clay

Went to my friends’ gallery project in Cafe Clay in Makati, and it was awesome! It’s packed full of people, cool photos, and of course chow and booze! I have to give it to Cafe Clay for being that hip place. I love the place!

Here are some of the (zoomed in) photos which were exhibited and sold in the gallery. Awesome work by students of the De La Salle – College of Saint Benilde. Check these out!

Kudos to my friends Ame, Joe, Ralph, Apple and their classmates, job well done indeed!

On me: Top by Switch; Shorts by Solo; Topsiders by SM Department Store.

Easter Sunday

I spent my Easter Day shooting children at Church at our very cute photo booth, coloring my hair, and meeting up with friends. One of the best Easters ever despite the Holy Week hasn’t been very friendly (i.e. weather, boredom, and again – the weather.)

I love shooting photographs of children. They’re very spontaneous, natural, and most of all – unpredictable! I wish I could stay for the next service, but I really want to have my hair colored and meet up with friends from UP – Jen and Rafael. We met up with Sheng afterwards. Oh it’s so fun having them around again!


Was able to finally try Army Navy and got fat again with the burger and the onion rings, and the burrito. Gawd I miss them so much! We should hang out in UP again, Killers!


Art + Proletariat


BedroomLab functions as an informal art + tech platform, wherein open discussions, brainstorming sessions, lectures, network meetings, performances, hands-on workshops, demonstrations and public gatherings take place in people’s living rooms, gardens, laboratories, and other intimate spaces.



Lectures / AudioVisual Performances / Garden Cook Out / Artist gathering / Discussions / Booze / Meeting de Advance


General Secretary, LENA COBANGBANG
Propaganda Chief, GINNY MATA
Central Propaganda Commissioners, ELECTROLYCHEE
Central School Party Member, SIMILAR OBJECTS
Foreign Relations Commissioner, STEFAN LÖWENSTEIN
Minister of National Defense, SIMPLEEYEPERSPECTIVES
Chairman TENGAL

(note: Central Party members may change without prior notice)


MAY 1. 17H. Workers of the World, RELAX!
-Chairman Tengal


Or FOLLOW us on Twitter: @_sabaw and post with #Bedroomlab so we can DM you the coordinates and other important details.
You may choose to send a telegraph to the General Office Secretariat, Chesca: +639175191511

Disclaimer: The revolution is not available in your country.

[poster modified by B-Surge and was made in China]


I am a believer of our local artists here in the Philippines. And I am in constant search of events in the art scene where I can feature and share here in my blog how creative and artistic the Filipinos are. May 1, as the Philippines pauses to give tribute to the workers (or watch protests left and right in the streets, no offense meant) some of our local artists are planning a day (and night!) of celebrating art and the proletariat.

I really, really wanna come. But I’m afraid I have family matters to put first. So there might be artists who read my blog, or just a fan of Pinoy art, please do support our local art scene. I believe it is one of the Philippines’ last frontiers!


Earning from your Blog: A Blog & Soul Talk

The Blog & Soul is holding another session on April 30 to discuss what monetizing your blog really means. Included in the panel are veteran bloggers who earn from their blogs and representatives from advertising networks. We’re also trying to get business owners who have dealt with bloggers before (or are thinking of inviting bloggers) to attend, so we can discuss the expectations and responsibilities of each party.

Hope you see you on Saturday!

By the way, this event is FREE. You may tag along your blogger friends.

You may follow the Blog & Soul Movement through our Facebook Page (

Please RSVP on this sheet (or if you can’t attend and you have questions for our speakers) :


It’s been just now that I confirmed that I will no longer have classes today and I am very glad I can go to this talk and learn more about blogging. C’mon, let’s not be hypocrite we all need income. But the question here is can we be credible bloggers at the same time earning from it?

I’m excited for this talk! For those who don’t know how to go here – it is in front of Greenbelt 1 in the Makati CBD, Thanks to Nina and Winston for the directions! See y’all there!!!!


P.S. Remember that this Talk is for FREE :)

Please help me!!!!

Joined some contests that need YOUR VOTE! Hehe, so I am asking my sparsely numbered (but all-too-important-to-me) followers to vote for me. Maybe you can join as well too! Here…

Ayala Malls Style Origin Contest (Prize: P10,000) – please vote here, and…

KFC Taste of Summer – Krushers Category (Prize: 3D/2N stay in Coron, Boracay, or Panglao) – please vote here. You kinda have to look for my picture there :)

There you have it, please please please I would really be grateful if you guys vote for me here! I’ll raffle ONE ticket to an island IF I WIN. Well, who you might be, I really hope I win!

Thanks y’all! :) ❤❤❤❤❤

And we cut this program for a very special announcement

I am supposed to be on hiatus and should be just limited to the four corners of my pandemonic room, flipping the pages of my reviewers as I yawn myself eagerly to boredom.

But alas, I am out and I am reading my magazine, as a random Gel tinkers on her laptop over coffee. Thanks to the two free days the center has given us, I am relaxing like the Board Exam is on December, not July.

Well, honestly, I’m bummed. Reviewing is as dragging as my classes in college, only that the grade now is a matter of life and death. I’ve let down many events and I feel guilty when I have to stay outdoors late for covers. But I guess it’s not absolute. Everything should fall into balance. /palusot

So with this little rant, I leave you all and eat to my heart’s content here in Banchetto! I’ll get back to you with the galleries I’ve been and some more events coming in May… I’m excited even though I can’t go. Hope you find these information useful!

So til tomorrow brunch,

P.S. Say hi to the winners of Bb. Eyebags 2011 /lol

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SCENE*ing: A Photo Exhibition

1.(n.) Coined the Filipino term, SINING, meaning art.
2. Derived from the word, SCENE (v.t.) To exhibit as a scene; to make a scene of; to display.

A photo exhibit showcasing a certain “scene” popular and/or well-known at this day and age.

Our Scene? Our Display? Our Exhibit? Our Theme?
Dark and Surreal Carnival/Circus Scene.

So come one, come all to our carnival of artistic and dark photos!

Featuring the works of 17 young AB-Photography students of De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde:
Ralph Acasio
Josh Aboitiz
Joseph Bernabe
Bren Bernales
Jay Bravo
Carmel Calix
Inna Cristobal
Aina Cunanan
Marc Timothy Go
Inez Moro
Justin Reyes
Joe Sajot
Chino Taa
Rupert Tandoc
Apple Villalobos
Jao Vitug
Arrianne Yonzon

Also featuring the musical stylings of CH++ and SimilarObjects

P150 = Entrance + 1 Beer + Baller Freebie + Raffle Entry

The raffle prize? One of our photos. :D

All our photos will be for sale.

Please come and support. Come and have a good time! =)
Good food.
Good company.
Good music.
Good vibes.
And of course…
Awesome photos. =)

Bring everyone you know!
See you there! =)


Still by my friends from the De La Salle – College of Saint Benilde. Please drop by to any of the dates in the exhibit schedule! As mentioned, all of the photos are for sale, and there will be live bands, foods, drinks, and just good time in Cafe Clay and the Scene*ing theme. Everybody’s invited, so come one come all!

Click to enlarge



Five Student Photographers from the De La Salle – College of Saint Benilde will be having their first group On-The-Go Photo Exhibit entitled “What The ƒ-Stop!“. An exhibit that will travel from one place to another, using 2 container trucks as their means of transportation and haven for their photographs.

This exhibit will showcase an exciting collection of contemporary photographs in order to create an awareness of new possibilities of this art form. The 5 photographers, namely Marco Samson, Ame Calix, Anna Glinoga, Alecks Mutuc and Apple Villalobos aims to inspire the interest of today’s youth thru their passionate dedication and love for Photography, and will open it to the public this coming April 26-29, 2011. The exhibit will be held at 2 venues: Lagoon Area at the Luneta Park and at Fort Santiago in Intramuros.

The ƒ-Stop! Exhibit Routes and Schedules:
April 26 and 27 6PM – Lagoon Area, Luneta Park
April 28 and 29 1PM- Trellis area inside Fort Santiago, Intramuros
April 30-May 5 2PM- AAP (Kanlungan ng Sining), Luneta Park

Be a part of this new and exciting exhibition. As we rock your night thru our live bands and splurge you with Pinoy street delicacies. Enjoy a night full of new and inspiring ideas from these 5 young photographers who tries to make the impossible possible.

Email at for more info.


Brought to you by the same people who put up Surreal Shadows Hybrid Highlights exhibit at the De La Salle – College of Saint Benilde, comes this roving exhibit! Please support my friends in their gallery. I am but sure, so sure, that they’re work is very superb! Of course, bring along friends to share this wonderful event with!


Hashtag Radio Tweetup!

You remember my friend, Marga a.k.a. the @diskodiablo from our event Twestival Manila?

She and her Hashtag team will be having a tweetup (I guess y’all know what that means already? Hehe.) on April 26th, Tuesday at the Keg in The Fort Strip! Party starts 8pm and @diskodiablo will be on the decks spinning synthpop, electro-funk, and some classic disco tracks. Buy 1 take 1 on selected drinks – mojitos, draft beer, etc! Bring along friends to this fun night, and let us all enjoy good times with them over good music!

See y’all there! I’ll be seeing my Twestival chums for the first time after our successful event, so I am very excited for this! Also it’s Marga’s very first time to spin the tables, so let us all support her for this!

You go Marga girl!