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Midnight Mercato

After being into three CBD’s in just one day of running around the metro, attending meetings left and right, one has to chill. Can’t think of any other but food. Check out what has been rocking the local night scene as of late:

Do the Beatles!

Midnight Mercato, located at the 8th and 34th street at The Fort, is the brainchild of Anton Diaz of Our Awesome Planet, RJ & Vanessa Ledesma, and Mommy Mundo, and successor of equally successful day version Mercato Centrale. It is a weekly night market, featuring delish food finds from home-cooked meals to international cuisines to street food. Choices are endless in Mercato!

Everybody grillin’ in the Mercato!

I love sloppy Joes!

The humongous pizza – even bigger than Sbarro!


Everybody loves Lechon!

People just can’t get enough of Mercato, so many dudes and dudettes!

I ordered one of these. I lalalalalalalove potatoes, especially when cheesy!

Hanna loves potato-what-do-you-call-these? :]

Cleanest isaw ever!

I’ll come back for this – sausage and hash. Not to mention too that there are so many stalls selling different kinds of sausages. I love sausages!

Our midnight snack.

I can swear that burger is the bomb! Half-pound patty, bacon, and a sausage. Not for the weak of heart. Paired with isaw, cheesy baby potatoes (did not make it into the picture), and green mango juice.

I’m so going back for moooore!


P.S. Don’t ask me for the stall names, I completely spaced out on them. Teehee! Check out Midnight Mercato’s website, instead!

SOS. Too hot.

Summer is just around the corner and you bet it’s gonna be hotter than ever!

It’s. Just. Too. Hot.

You’ll be calling SOS ’cause it’s just too sizzling hot to resist! This summer, get a chance to be a part of Summer Open Shoot. Strike a pose and let those curves do the talk for you. Get photographed also with our mystery Tumblr superstar — whose work (and face!) have made it to several prestigious local publications! Who is this, you ask? We have supersized summer surprises in store for you all, so you better stay tuned for more…

Summer Open Shoot.
Summer’s just too hot.

For inquiries, please call/text Alecks Mutuc @ 09163750098. You can also comment below or email me for more details.