Daily Archives: March 30, 2011

Thirsty Tuesday

Patricia had just arrived from Baguio.

And there are just three things that come to my mind when I see Pat — Alcohol x Food x Kwentuhan.

What’s with the lugi face, Beb?! HAHA! No more lugi face with these Mojitos though! UNLIMOJITOS @ TGIF!

Pumo-photo story!

Alcohol allergy.

^Shot by Pat.

Alcohol x Couture face

Cajun Chicken Wraps! I forgot my small plate coupon for the iPad2. AMP!

Bounced light. CHOS!

Pat ate and voila… >:)

Got tired of the cocktail, so we decided to grab some good ol’ street food. Kwek-kwek x Siomai x Balut. THE BEEEEST!

The best siomai I’ve tasted!

Clearly, we’ve eaten too much cholesterol. Then alcohol earlier. Liver alert!

Baka kulamin ko daw si Ate. Oh ayan, mukha tuloy syang kinulam :]

Bad Habit.

Went to Ukay after to look for some stylish blazer for the event at Republiq.

Pat and I go way back from High School. We used to work for the school publication way back then. Our friendship grew out of books, blogs, food, and boys. LOL! Anyway. We’re both graduating this April, and today became pretty emotional (especially from drinking alcohol) going back to the years we’ve been through, with and virtually with each other – whether it be for acads, social life in college, or whirlwind romance. She studied at UP Baguio so it’s been a semester worth of stories for us, and as always, it’s good talking to Pat, who is one of those people who help me to be always grounded to reality. She’s still thinking about getting based in Baguio City now and so it may take time before I get to see her again. Glad to have that talk, Pat. I appreciate the time, the friendship, and the alcohol, of course!

Pat, this is an ode to our friendship/siblinghood. *SHOT*