Daily Archives: March 4, 2011

Dark Ages

Went to school for the integration a.k.a. in-house review last March 1. My RAS wasn’t very tolerant though Mr. Laboy is a good reviewer. I just wished they didn’t include nursing review center marketing with the lecture.

The guy in the blue polo left the group.

In the end of the review, they said they don’t resort to disparaging other review centers in their benefit, unlike others. How about subtle disparagement? In the end they just did. I won’t be mentioning it in elaborate details but it’s really disgusting to start with… that they think they can fool us, because we’re just students.

Note to review centers: please stop trying to destroy each other’s name. It’s a distasteful marketing strategy.

Foul play is never acceptable. These truly are the dark ages of the nursing practice.


Happy March!

Went to Dee’s birthday celebration at Yellow Cab Morayta after our lecture. Long live the Queen! LOL!

Classic Dee Expression. Peace!

Happy birthday Dee!

Rushed to Eastwood for Hanna’s 20th and Sugarfree’s last gig. Happy birthday Hanna! She had just reached the age of viability (lol, internal joke, sarreh!)

Buffet at Sambo Kojin with Hanna’s family, Erieca, Mara and birthday neonate, errr, girl (haha!) Hanna Samson. Very Yakimix lang!


My plate.

Meat orgy.

Bed of shrimps. Disturbed by a slice of beef.



Master Chef: Kaya mo bang kumain ng hipon nang hindi kinakamay?

Hanna and her Kuya RJ a.k.a. The Island Explorer

Still had the chance to catch Sugarfree play. Though we didn’t find a good place to watch from. And it was raining. And it was crowded. But we love you @EbeDancel. It was good 12 years listening to you!

Saw Ramon Bautista on the way to the plaza! Starstruck!


Happy birthday again Dee and Hanna! Goodbye Sugarfree, you will always be loved! March didn’t start bad at all. March is my month! Represent!