Daily Archives: April 25, 2012

Caffeine Creature

Back in college, I’d literally run on coffee, milk tea, and Coke Zero. It still is the case nowadays, but I now take more proper meals and I am so happy that there are more choices around the metro today!

Viet Coffee is something I’ve been hearing about for a long time. But my previous Pho Hoa experience really hindered me to try it. Last Sunday, it was the only quiet place in the mall, and I’m dying to finish my book. This for P110 is not bad. I love the almost ceremonial preparation for this. It tastes good too – I’m no foodie when it comes to coffee, I just know it when I like it :)


Yuan Yang at Toast Box is a quirky medley of two of my favorite caffeinated drinks. I really can’t identify the two different tastes but, again, what I know is that I approve of its taste (haha, don’t kill me if I can’t give out very concrete descriptions about these drinks. Just trust me, haha) Definitely keeps me awake when I need to! Not a rip off also, it’s just for P75!

I bet you wouldn’t expect this to be in the list, and I can’t explain either to myself why I am obsessing over this drink for almost a month already! This Iced Premium Roast Coffee from Mcdo is really a surprising number from the fast food chain. I really have little, bordering to no, affection for hot coffee, so it was really the iced ones for me. And this is my current favorite, and it’s just P45! Perfect with chicken nuggets while nursing a hangover!

Of course, this caffeinated post will not be complete without my favorite tea from Moonleaf. Throw in a Hakka Milk Tea in a stressed and sleepy day and get yourself up and running again! Or if you’re on the less sweeter side, I recommend you try Wintermelon Black Tea which pretty much reminds me of coffee but tastes like tea (okay, idk anymore this post hahaha)

Are you a caffeine creature too? Share below your favorites! I’d like to try new ones!

Hang Ten S/S12

This season, Hang Ten re-launches with its newest collection, which takes us back to the brand’s trendy, adventurous, and forward California heritage roots. Inspired by the carefree escapades in the great outdoors, Hang Ten spring-summer 2012 takes us on a stylish adventure with the brand’s staple and up-to-date fashion that brings outdoor style front and center.

In keeping with the brand’s philosophy of giving customers the best value for money and the highest quality of their merchandise, their newest collection went through rigorous product development. Expect newer fabrics in 100% combed cotton and newer cuts and silhouettes that have been sewn to stylish creations.

May it be on a trekking trail or a camping weekend, Hang Ten’s newest collection has everything to equip stylish scouts with all the spring-summer ’12 essentials.

Heritage Collection

Bringing back the brand’s true soul of the surfing culture, Hang Ten’s heritage line takes hip and stylish swimwear back to the limelight. Board shorts for men and women is what Hang Ten has been originally known for. The style and function of the board short has for years been mastered and perfected by the brand, and this season, Hang Ten re-introduces swimwear to the Philippine repertoire. With various cuts, colors, and designs, Hang Ten style will make its return on the beach, ready to take on the biggest waves!

Camp Hang Ten

Inspired by the laidback and casual culture of summer camping, Hang Ten presents its newest line with soft tailoring, khakis, plaid and earthy colors. Evoking a sense of the adventurous outdoors, this line will bring the wild wilderness to mind. The fabric selection is strategic to keeping comfort while maintaining style. Hangten presents its newest venture to bring trend back in the forefront with flannel shirts, plaid button-downs and slim-cut trousers.

Cotton Project

The woodcutters’ style makes an appearance in Hang Ten’s spring-summer 2012 collection. Finer tailoring, slimmer silhouettes and more modern cuts imbibe the more industrial aesthetic. Parkas and hooded jackets push Hang Ten’s style forward with bolder, rugged yet contemporary designs.