Daily Archives: April 1, 2012


DSC_0337Coming home at 4am from Anteroom Sessions 2

I’m seriously smiling like a lunatic everytime I think of last night… and how the rest of March went for the most for me. It isn’t the best month for my financials, instead it left me broke several times. But it is indeed the wildest! Will always remember how fun it is to live life because of last month!


But yeah, I want to gear towards being red-free these coming months. I made some wrong decisions in the past, and I know I can’t run away from it and I just have to face it one at a time.

I’ll have to reduce my expenses (SO HELP ME GOD) and I also need want to contribute to my sister’s tuition/allowance/whatnots. I should learn to live in a smaller budget but I know it will all pay off when the time comes. After I turned a year older (and hopefully a year wiser, too) this month, I told myself that I’ll take adulthood one step at a time, and will try to be an adult, especially financially.

OF COURSE, you’ll see me goof around. It’s impossible to be JONVER without the hyperness and the energy. I can’t imagine it myself. But I guess, it’s time to get serious in life for a bit.

Well… JUST FOR A LIL BIT. Hehe! *insert a really wide grin here*

Bloody scared of adulthood,

P.S. Coming up next: The amazing party last night that is ANTEROOM SESSIONS 2 by Punchdrunk Panda and Heima!
P.S.S. It’s my 500th blog post today, YAY!
P.S.S.S. If you noticed, I stopped using watermarks on my photos. Just got tired of ’em. What do you think about it?