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You call that a guide?

We ordered the Beef Pepper Steak with Mashed Potato (P280) in Hiyas Bar. The meat was yucky and rubbery — I don’t even want to ask where they source their beef. – Puerto Galera’s White Beach Guide 2012: Where to Stay and What to Eat, Our Awesome Planet

This is just an excerpt about OAP’s guide to White Beach in Puerto Galera that I was reading in preparation to my trip tomorrow. I encourage you to click that link and read it. And do not read after this paragraph until you’ve done so. I want you to have a clear cut view of why I have given a comment like what you will read after this.

As lifted from my original comment in the post: Why do I feel like you didn’t do your research well and besides have featured the so-so part of Puerto Galera? There are more stories that I have read… especially on the places to stay at, and eat at. This isn’t helping our local tourism. I hope you avoid using the words “it’s better if you lowered your expectation” because really what are you trying to achieve in this kind of blogging?

Are you proving that you are far more superior than that of you consumed? Then why didn’t you check in the best places in Galera (excuse me, gaylera may have been existent but you should’ve known that this is so derogative.) I guess you know TripAdvisor and even friends may have recommended a good place.

I am sorry, but I may be mad but I just think that you could’ve done better and may have seen the beauty in Galera if it weren’t for your own choices.

I am in no way to dictate anyone’s blogging. But I plead to all bloggers to choose your words. And do your research!


Please correct me if I have wronged him in this comment, because clearly if I put myself on a Galeran’s shoes, I’d be offended. Especially with the use of Gaylera reference which I deem derogatory. And also, the rampant backlash on the local bars and pubs – I mean, what is he trying to prove? Research in his part could’ve given him a better experience, but it was his own choices that led him into having what he had.

This could’ve been blogged in a helpful way. Words could’ve been chosen wisely.

Blog responsibly everyone!

Get Sole Blogger Launch

Goy invited to the blogger’s launch of Get Sole shoes. I love how these blogger launches are getting informal and more intimate. Now it’s in the newly opened Chatime branch in Eton Centris. Talk about more events happening in the North!

DSC_0144I love them basics!


DSC_0146The insole gets me interested.







DSC_0158Brand ambassador Kelly Medina talks about Get Sole and his very first brand ambassadorship!

DSC_0159The David Guison (sorry, Dave, I love putting The, haha!) He’s the other brand ambassador aside from Kelly.

DSC_0160Erika Ongtauco of Get Sole


DSC_0162Best-dressed Miko and Catch! Kayo na! 



DSC_0169We walked around Eton Centris Walk after the event. I love how modern-looking the place is. Some more restaurants and shops, and it should be happening soon!



DSC_0179HOY PAX! Haha! We were goofing around with Paul the PR Guy. He’s cute noh? Pax is already all clingy on him, LOLJK!









Thanks to Paul for this photo. I look mad and like I won in Battle Royale, haha!



Oxygen x Marcela Gutierrez graphic tee, Folded and Hung denim pants and cardigan (as cape), Thrifted military boots

I cannot not say that my inspiration for this outfit is my androgynously dressed friends! LOL, kidding aside, I just came up with this look ’cause it suddenly rained and it was cold outside so I had to cover up. But it got a little hot after (damn you, climate change!) and I don’t want to put my cardigan on the bag, so I thought I’d use it as a cape. Witty or wit?

Back to Get Sole! You can get these in your favorite American Boulevard shops! I’m thinking of getting the brown one for everyday officewear (yeah we’re cool like that in our office :P)