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Binondo Tweetup







Grabbed the opportunity to do a photowalk of Chinatown even though I was running an hour late for our tweetup. I love Chinatown in the morning – it’s so busy and bustling with life. Also, I’m so excited for this tweetup – it’s been months since I’ve seen these people! Yay for tweetup and Chinese food = perfect combo!

DSC_0028Thank you Cafe Mezzanine for sponsoring our first tweetup for 2012

DSC_0024Kiampong. I love the nutty, machang-y flavor of the rice.

DSC_0026Asado. Best asado I’d had. Love that it ain’t too sweet.

DSC_0027Chinese Kikiam. Not a fan, but it’s fine.

DSC_0029Gokong. I love meaty soups. This one’s super pasok sa banga!


Cafe Mezzanine is inherited and now owned by Gerry Chua a.k.a. Mr. Ube (also, owner of hopiang ube fame Eng Bee Tin.) They serve Xiamen, or Chinese street style, which according to Mr. Ube himself is the major Chinese cuisine predominant in the Philippines. What makes this place special is that 100% of their profit goes to the Binondo-Paco Fire Department and to TXTFIRE.

DSC_0031Yellow row: Reg, Ramon, Raffy.








DSC_0042Firemen’s cup, eh?




Mr. Ube is so funny and animated. He told us stories of his business, his life, and his volunteerism. Such an inspiring man, if you ask our group.




Mr. Ube wanted to show us the TXTFIRE office and facilties, so he invited us over at their HQ. It was a bit surprising to find technology like this in the middle of Chinatown.


As if the day did not lead us to tire ourselves already, we found ourselves still walking around Chinatown. This time, in search of butter chicken.


DSC_0054Don’t let the signage fool you. They serve really yummy Chinese food!

DSC_0055Butter Chicken. Satisfy thy craving for chicken and fat. Perfect while hot.

DSC_0056Oyster cake. I can taste the sea in my mouth! Plenty of oyster bits in a glutinous omelette.

DSC_0057Scallops and broccoli. Our ONLY veggie meal, but equally delicious. I just wish there are bigger scallops in this dish.

DSC_0058Machang. Note to self: Do not eat this by yourself. Incredibly heavy rice cake with chunks (read: big) of meat inside.

DSC_0059Chinese Kikiam. Again, not a fan. But this one’s better than Mezzanine’s




We still weren’t done after eating like there’s no tomorrow. Coffee and Asado ensued at Cafe Sa Lido. Don’t ask why, it’s yummy and it’s reason enough to do it. No pictures though. Either I was too tired, too full, or too happy to snap one.

P.S. This is our longest tweetup ever. Lasted for almost eight hours! Are we gunning for 12 the next time, tweeps?
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I miss tweetup!!!


To start 2012, the year of the Dragon, right…we’re having not just any tweetup…we’re having a really yummy #twEATup!

Cafe Mezzanine has been gracious enough to host this year’s first tweatup tweetup! So mark your calendars!

RSVP here.


I’ve been gorging (oh forgive the hyperbole) Chinese food, and this just came in time. Also, perfect time to see old friends!!! TWEATUP IT IS!