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Last Week in Photos

One out of my two-week break is over and it was fairly productive. Though I won’t deny that I slept for 17 hours before last week formally started. My week starts on a Monday, if you may.

Skype webinar with Punchdrunk Panda featuring the Nomad Manager, Jen Horn. *is sad, didn’t take a screencap*

Collab meeting with my college buds, Hanna and Ella. Something good is brewin’ in my little team of nurses *grins* Can’t divulge right now, though. BUT VERY SOON!!!


Meeting at PdP HQ. First complete team meeting! Excuse my weird facial expression. Taken by Gail Go.

Caught on with my The Big Bang Theory marathon. Just finished Season 3!

Dropped by the Wrangler thingamajig at Trinoma. I love the grungy look!

DSC_0930I like distressed jeans!

DSC_0926Wrangler Jeep




DSC_0939Bakit hindi Philippines?

DSC_0932They also have tops


DSC_0937Long lines

DSC_0948Hanna and Ella, fresh from BLS training, dropped by. BLS means Basic Life Support.

DSC_0934Saw Dee and June, too! Ang taba talaga ni June ngayon! :P

Finally had a haircut.

DSC_0952You do not want to see what’s inside that bonnet

DSC_0958Et voila! Love my rocker chic hair. Have to thank Pabs of Bench Fix Trinoma.


Thanks to Nica for taking my photos

I promise I already had dinner before Nica and I decided to have Thai food at Jatujak for *gulp* another dinner. For me, at least.



DSC_0967Thai milk tea. Did not notice it tastes like grass jelly until Nica mentioned it. I like it pa rin naman…

DSC_0970We both lurve Bagoong Rice. But it needs more bagoong, seriously. Or just order more (what we did)

DSC_0971Sauteed Kangkong. This needs bagoong. I love the garlic, though.


I used to hate Thai food because of a certain Pad Thai gone bad. Here’s my new Thai go-to place until I find a better Thai place.

Back at Trinoma for an event. Will blog about these in the coming days.

DSC_1021I had better photos in other cameras. I look so pagod here!!!

Met up with the one and only, Jen Aquino, for retail therapy at Trendsetters Bazaar at the Rockwell Tent.




DSC_0005Hannah and Jen. Jen ALWAYS goes to La Dame when we go to bazaars.

DSC_0007Paradigm Shift + Unisex + Os + Soule Phenomenon + Miadore booth. I love Nicole’s new look (not in photo.) Say hi to Yekky and Karl!


DSC_0015Gel just had to have that outfit post. Tea-hee!

I wish there are more menswear/shoes/accessories in bazaars. Shopping is not just a lady’s choice, you know?



Paradigm Shift nooses and other accessories

DSC_0012This is on the wishlist if you will ask. Bird Skull from Os.

DSC_0014I want a satchel that’s not so mahalia jackson


DSC_0018This was love at first sight!!! Rex Clothing‘s Cross tee, or so I think it is called. I just love the use of rubber and how minimal it is. I just had to get it.


Late dinner at Chili’s. I just had the mashed potato of my life.


DSC_0024Monterey© Chicken. SRSLY THIS MASHED POTATO KILLS! Next time, I’m ordering it solo.

DSC_0025Honey Chipotle Crispy Chicken Crispers. The chicken is just so juicy and the honey and chipotle made a sweet-spicy medley.

Actually we wanted to order the whole menu, but these two already left us crawling to the cab. And it ripped my pocket, lol!

Cupcakes and macarons please,