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Funny how gin tastes like vodka

DSC_0302Stopped by for isaw fix. College days are rushing back to me.


DSC_0305We  walked from Maginhawa street – Krus na Ligas – Oble – Oval










It’s funny how we empty ourselves of everything, and when sobriety hits we take it all back again. It’s funny how the gin we were drinking was really vodka (unless my taste buds were too burned to say so.) It’s funny how you are gray and but the only gray matter is our brain – which shifts only between black and white. If you know what I mean. For whatever it’s worth I’d never regret anything, ’cause what’s the point if nothing can be done about it?




DSC_0322My only solace




I just want to run for a while. So when I come back, I may have the strength (or enough escapism) to bear everything.




You may want to read my primer to my Valentine’s week if you wanna know what happened here. And for the record, I’m sober while writing this. 

V-day thingamajigs

DSC_0293One cheesy student’s work. Who might be the lucky girl… or boy for that matter? HAHA!

We had special videos up at the Moonleaf Maginhawa branch and also online! Aren’t these couples the sweetest?!


So V-day came and I had work that lasted throughout the day. I hadn’t seen it any other way though, so it was fine. Believe me, the highlights of my day were receiving two cupcakes (thanks Jaja and Jen!); dating, errrrrrr…. eating Hainanese with Nica; and watching the 54th Grammy’s (I wish Bruno Mars dated me for Valentine’s lol!)

DSC_0297Nakakadalaga look!




Valentine’s Week

DSC_0295Cupcake from Jen

Actually, I received two cupcakes, the other one was a homemade red velvet from Jaja – which I didn’t have the time to take a photo of. I was a sucker for the generous slab of cream cheese frosting :)

DSC_0274Kisty, Erika, Moi. Pink for more fun.

This week has been pretty awesome! I’ve met up with friends (especially single ones! Haha!) Kisty was in town for her term break so we called a pre-Valentine’s date with the BBs. Gossiping with these girls are always fun! I still can’t figure out who’s that photographer, BBs?

DSC_0301Violets are blue on Valentine’s


Then come V-day, there were the cupcakes, and our V-day special at Moonleaf… and the impromptu dinner date with Nica at our favorite Hainanese Chicken Rice place. Nothing fancy, it’s just convenient for us, haha! But it was great to see Nica again, and talk about why she hadn’t a date on V-day… or why is she dating me for that matter :P Nica, if you’re reading this, please don’t kill me hahaha

DSC_0324Pat’s hipster photo

And Post-Valentine’s is even greater. Pat dropped by the office, we ate dinner at a random Pares place in Teacher’s Village, bought booze, and drank Valentine’s out of our system.

DSC_0316Judge me if you want, haha!

Who said Valentine’s isn’t for singles? I’m just having the best week so far! Off to meet a real Geisha in a bit!

You think the main copy is witty, read the disclaimer then

NKKLK yung copy, pero mas NKKLK yung disclaimer!!!!
Disclaimers are more fun, indeed —
Wag kang magdrama, wala kang period.
PAK. Straightforward, powerful beki copy.
San ka pa? Purrrrrrrrfect.

I wanna meet this copywriter stat. Like them on Facebook, and follow @TheBekiry! I hope they deliver, kasi bet ko yung Coke-chocolate cupcake!!!!

P.S. Just so you know, no I am not feeling a bit bromantic (kasi I feel it a lot, char) and I do not intend to give a cupcake to anyone. I’ll eat it myself.
P.S.S. For those interested only, I do not have V-day plans. Unless you’re giving me something to do, then we can talk *wink, wink*

LSS of the week: Love on Top by Beyonce

I think I should do this every week! Srsly, I’ve set up a playlist named LSS already and just put it on repeat all day. I really get so addicted to songs easily that I do this almost every freakin’ time!

And since it’s the love month… errr, not that I have one, k? Beyonce just nails this song, maybe still love drunk after giving birth. I know I’m not making any logic yet again, just forgive my rationalizing skills, k? ANYWAY, I digress. It does not mean that I don’t have a date this V-day *ehem, ehem* that there’s no reason to listen to these cheesy songs… Malay nyo ba, LOL!

Basta YOU put my love on TOP, okay? :P

Now everybody asks me why I’m smiling out from ear to ear.
(They say love hurts)
But I know
(It’s gonna take a little work)
Nothing’s perfect, but it’s worth it after fighting through my tears
And finally you put me first

*kilig, kilig*