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Starships a la Trasher BKK

Nicki Minaj was just here in Manila a few weeks back and boy how she loved the Filipinos’ warm welcome, but I guess she’ll find these trashers competing for attention!!! I love these guys…errr GIRLS! Love the color of the video, and always always always love the production design! They’ve gone a long way since they released We Found Love, their first hit parody earlier this year, and Riri would damn be proud!

Somebody bring them here in the Philippines!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

After Ed, there is Mario

After the rave Ed Westwick has left the Philippines (as if it’s even over, Chuck Bass fly over here again!!!) here is a new face, Thailand’s Mario Maurer of The Love of Siam fame, for local clothing brand Penshoppe.

I cannot express how a lot of girls and gheys have been waiting for this moment (since 2008, even before someone found him) what with his looks that could kill and a body that definitely is too sultry for our eyes.

Who could resist?

A fan conference is set to happen on October 28, Friday, 1pm at the PICC, courtesy of Publicty Asia and Penshoppe, as co-presented by ABS-CBN, and hosted by MTV VJ Utt (who is also Thai.) But there’s a catch – you have to complete a stamp card to avail entry to the FanCon. For every PhP500 worth of purchase in all Penshoppe boutiques, one is entitled to a stamp. One should fill the stamp card of 10 slots to avail ticket to the event.

I find it too much of a hassle (and expense) though. I’ll just go to Thailand and find him there, LOL! Or wait til his rumored movie with Erich Gonzales (love triangle with Enchong Dee, perhaps? ❤) materializes. Anyhoo, I wish Mario got here even before everyone knew of him though.

ANNNNNNNNNND! I want to take this opportunity to tell the world how Thais make wonderful films. I lalalalalalalalalalove Thai films!!!

Love of Siam

Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Thai Life Insurance TVCbrace yourself for sadness in this commercial

And I love Thai milk tea too! Ok irrelevant hehe. But, Thai is ❤❤❤