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Blue Crystal Beach Resort and Palangan Beach

DSC_0531I need this hammock in my life


So we continue with my Puerto Galera trip last Holy Week. This isn’t the hotel that was in our itinerary, but I think this is better than the one we officially planned. I won’t mention the place anymore, but we were totally mistaken. We even have an inside joke, Gullible’s Travels, because the one who booked that other hotel didn’t even ask for amenities, and nearby establishments. And we were so quick to believe that we didn’t even cross-check. It was an almost flop, but thanks to the powers of internet, things were reversed in no time, in an expense of an unnecessary boat ride, and we were really so glad we chose this place.


We stayed only for a night at Blue Crystal Beach Resort at Palangan Beach, one of the smaller, and lesser known beaches in Puerto Galera. We only planned to stay there, and go around the island, but the place really proves to be magnetic… if it weren’t for our determination to see the popular beaches, we couldn’t have moved our asses and just stayed here. You will have it linger in you, this place.



So, Blue Crystal is at the uphill side of Puerto Galera. You have to drop off at Muelle Pier and ride a tricycle to Palangan. Once you see the Grecian-inspired architecture, you may hail the driver to stop. Pay no more than P100, as we were advised. I’ve been told that some drivers really abuse the tourists, which is really bad. You have to do your research to avoid this.

DSC_0525THIS WE HAVEN’T TRIED. But they have an excellent cook, really, so it must be a treat!



We were too excited to look around, and look what we’ve found, a very serene beach side… We actually have it to ourselves.

DSC_0511Neighbors! Humiling ka na sa langit na sana may afam dyan, lolz



There are around 16 rooms in this resort, and a night’s worth of stay includes an air-conditioned room, breakfast, hot and cold shower, unlimited use of internet, unlimited use of pool, that amazing beach side, and a happy crew at your service. They also offer inland and island tours for around P2,400 for three people, you do the math, or just ask at the concierge to avail of this. Other activities like diving and snorkeling are also offered, but I can’t remember how much :P


DSC_0533Bring your vball and you can play here, just watch it for the beach


The dining hall is at the third floor and this greets you in the morning literally. What a good view to wake up for! The place is so windy also, I can just have the perfect time with a cup of joe in one hand and a book in another! Or the perfect view/atmosphere/food to nurse a Mindoro Sling hangover!




Kiddie pancake set. This must have been the whole box of  pancake mix, it’s so big.

Filipino breakfast set

Complains regarding hotels are usually about the free breakfast. Either there were little servings, or the food’s bad at all. We were lucky enough because we didn’t even have to worry about it. Breakfast was scrumptious and generous. You can choose from American, Filipino, Continental, or Kiddie breakfast sets and have your choice of coffee, chilled fruit juice or fresh fruit.





DSC_0520I’m not usually iffy with bathrooms, so yeah, this works. All I need is hot shower and I’m a happy camper



I haven’t even started with the room! It’s spacious enough and because we were three in the group, they had to add an additional bed for me. There’s no additional charge with that. I haven’t mentioned also, that a room costs — are you ready?! — PhP 900/guest/night and that includes all the amenities that I’ve discussed earlier. It’s just P300 above the backpacker’s inn I was trying to locate at Sabang! I don’t know about you, but this… is a treat already!




The place has an impeccable environment, we did an impromptu mini-photo shoot around the area, and I just love the sun, the backdrop that is the mountains and the oceans, and my models! I’m a happy photographer :)



DSC_0536I dare not show my upper body, this is only a trial, hahahaha, errrr



DSC_0542This one’s my favorite. Model: The Jen Aquino





DSC_0549Friendship forever!









DSC_0570We were trying to get Sheng to do a flip-hair photo. But this what we’ve got! Haha!




DSC_0577Trying out a Mangyan headband. I love the colors!






Swimming in the beach is fun, but the waves were kinda strong those days that we stayed. It was a bit rocky, and you have to kinda walk to the other side for the sandy part of the beach. Nevertheless, I love how clean the waters at this side of Galera is. White Beach has already been abused, and this one is really your little secret hideaway from all the party and noise of the popular beaches.


DSC_0516Special thanks to Ms. Roselyn who really took care of us!

When we were there, we were so determined to see the other beaches, so we rented tricycles to get us to them. Standard pricing is P300, but we haggled up until P250. I should note also that although I’ve been telling that stories of rip offs are rampant, there will always be honest people in this side of the planet. We didn’t notice that we paid P50 more unintentionally, and the driver was too glad to return it to us. Say hi to Albrex for us who brought and fetched us throughout the island, if you’re staying there!

Blue Crystal Beach Resort
Palangan Beach, Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro

+63 43 287 3144
+63 915 223 6067

Getting to and Going Around Puerto Galera

So I’ve been nursing a Puerto Galera hangover… It wasn’t easy though – I’ve been thinking about the beach all day. Gone are the days that I have all summer to plan getaways and stuff. Oh well, adulthood, haha!

DSC_0442Load up before going to this trip, it’ll take a good 3 – 4 hours of travel before to get there.


But nonetheless, I am oh so ready to share to you all my vacation getaway! We’re starting with how to get there —

DSC_0445JAC Liner Terminal at Buendia, Makati

If you’re coming from Manila, like me, you’ll need to ride a bus to Batangas Pier. Bus lines going to Batangas are stationed at Cubao (just behind Ali Mall) and Buendia (very near Gil Puyat LRT 1 station) terminals. From NAIA, you can ride a cab to bring you to the nearest bus station, which is in Buendia. (Or fly directly to San Jose Airport at Mindoro.) The bus ride will take a good 2 – 3 hours, depending on traffic.

DSC_0446Plenty of stores where you can buy food at the stations



Ours (from Buendia) took only an hour, and the bus wasn’t going so fast. There was no traffic, and if the bus was on a hurry, we could’ve make it for a little above 45 minutes.

DSC_0450Entering SLEX

DSC_0453Bring a book to read, it’s a long ride



At the Batangas Pier, there will be several terminals for you to go to, but you’re gunning for Terminal III.


Cross the street from the bus depot, and follow the signs. Well, mostly, follow the people shouting Puerto Galera!


DSC_0462That’s not your ship, lolz


At the terminal, expect to pay three times – your boat ride ticket (you may opt for one way P250, or round trip P450,) environmental fee (P50) and terminal fee (P30) At this point, I got really frustrated because everyone was shouting and I don’t understand why are they doing that. Also, everyone’s assisting you, and I was happy to be assisted.


Don’t be surprised though if they ask force you to tip. I gave P20 because that was my only spare change, and the man started murmuring. I wanted to tell him but never got to, Hey, I didn’t ask for assistance in the first place! This is a bad habit and I think this must be resolved. They should inform people before they assist especially if they’re gonna force to tip! Well, I can always opt not to give, if I were in a bad mood, or if I get irritated because everyone is really shouting which frankly nobody appreciates it.



Anyway, back to that boat ride. There’s a waiting area inside the terminal should you arrive early. But boats leave in an hourly basis for Puerto Galera, and you should find yourself in the boat in no time.




This time, the boat crew were not shouting and were kind.  But when we asked for the boat inside the waiting area, everybody was shouting again. LIKE REALLY? I can hear them even from mountains away. Why is there a need to shout, by the way?



Anyway, enough of that. There were no more shouting thereafter. Inside the boat. If you’re sea sick, or motion sick, take your meds one hour before the trip. Otherwise, try to sleep. It will be a bit of a bumpy ride, but you’ll manage. Stay on the left side of the boat. I don’t know, but I noticed that the waves were stronger in the other side of the boat, and you could get wet.


Life jackets are available on the top shelf of the boat. They’re not required to be on you the whole trip, you just have to know where to get them. However on our trip back, they gave us our jackets. I guessed they must’ve overloaded the boat, and it scared the shit out of me.

DSC_0482Share the seas with yachts



After a good hour to an hour and a half, you’ll arrive in Puerto Galera. There are three docks they can drop you off. You can opt to be dropped off directly at White Beach, near the city proper at Muelle Pier, or if you’re a couple of groups headed to, at Talipanan Beach. If you’re headed for some other beaches, your best option is at Muelle Pier where a tricycle station is located.




We were dropped off at Muelle Pier because we’re headed for Palangan Beach. Muelle is also home to a lot of shops, restaurants and a bank. Withdraw your money here if necessary because it’s the only ATM near the beaches. You can also skip buying souvenirs in the beaches because it’s cheaper in Muelle *wink*




We had a quick lunch at Hangout Bar there and planned our day trip. Again, nothing fancy, but food is a bit pricey. If you’re not that hungry, you can skip this. One thing you should probably do when you eat here is to ask the owner for tips around the island. It’s a good counter for the pricey food, I think!





Jeepneys and tricycles are the main transportation around the island. If you’re the patient one, you can wait for a jeepney which will cost you P10 to get from one place to another, according to locals. Otherwise, tricycles will charge you P25 per person to get from, for example, Muelle to White Beach. We paid P100 for our tricycle to bring us at Blue Crystal Beach Resort at Palangan Beach. And oh, you can also ask boats to take you from beach to beach (and also diving spots), but it’ll cost more than a hundred per ride.



We saw some private vehicles around the area, maybe it belongs to those who went to the island via RORO, but I think a motorcycle rental service is also available. You just have to ask around.




On your way back to Manila, if you bought a round trip ticket earlier, you may just pay the terminal fee (P10) and wait for your boat ride. The last boat rides are scheduled at around 3:30pm – 4:00pm, sometimes 5pm, depending on the influx of passengers. On peak seasons, be sure to be at the boat station at least two to three hours before the last ride to assure availability. Avoid the last trip at all costs.


There are many boats parked at the pier that you can rent if you want a private ride to and from Puerto Galera. Ride will cost more, but if you miss the last ride, you’ll definitely have to opt for these… or stay a little longer in the island, whichever is more affordable, lolz.


Total fare without beach transfers: PhP 982.00

167 – Bus to Batangas
450 – Round trip boat ride
50 – Environmental fee
30 – Terminal fee (Batangas)
100 – Tricycle to Palangan
10 – Terminal  fee (Muelle)
175 – Bus to Cubao

I’ll discuss our expenses for the beach transfers in the succeeding posts. Meanwhile, I wanna ask if you have been to Puerto Galera. Share here your experiences or tips! I wanna know where to get a cheap jeep ride in Puerto Galera!!!

UP NEXT: Blue Crystal Beach Resort in the quiet and secluded Palangan Beach!

Paradigm Shift S/S12: SHINY

This is me posting late for one of the most beautiful things I awaited this Summer! The moment I saw the collection, I thought of one thing: where do I get all the money to buy the pieces that I want?! Well, rest assured that the prices are friendly, but there are just too much that I wanted to buy!

I love how the vest dress was styled (right)

Here are my top picks for this collection. I posted them with prices, so I remember myself how much I’ll save haha *wink*

Shorts with silver PVC detail (P2,185) I ordered this while they were just finishing their lookbook! Good thing, I’m friends with the owners Mike and Karl.

Silver vest-dress (P1,850) This vest-dress… I just can’t explain how ninja-ic and surreal it is! Getting this before fashion week!

Short that converts to a skirt when unbuttoned (P2,185) I can’t explain more how this piece is so well-thought of.

Silver shirt (P995) And there are basic days, that you just want to be neutral. *approves*

Shirt with triangle PVC (P1,499) SERIOUSLY HIPSTER. I’m thinking of asking them if I can have it in v-neck, kinda reminds me of a piece an installation in the Louvre.

Gray leggings (P995) I know what you’re thinking – what with my humongous thighs and legs, what am I thinking of buying a pair of leggings! But there’s no harm in trying – and try I will!

I am so gaga with this collection!!!

Paradigm Shift Clothing
by Karl Leuterio and Mike Magallanes
Twitter | Facebook

Garage Summer Issue

I THINK THIS IS GARAGE’S HOTTEST COVER YET! I mean, I still love the Mario Maurer cover better but, THIS is really hot. Paulo Avelino sets the sizzle bar a notch higher!

Excuse my drool,

P.S. I was really doing deadlines, but then I see this liasehgfosdu I CAN’T EVEN!

Tomato + Tomato Green Summer 2012

I remember that I constantly used to ask myself why Tomato has no men’s line. It’s a girlfriend favorite and I think when I go shopping with them it would be really convenient to shop at the same boutiques. Come midyear/holiday/end-of-year sale seasons, and especially now it’s summer, it really comes in handy to have it all in one shop.


All of a sudden, I was really out of the loop! NEVER KNEW TOMATO HAD A MEN’S LINE LAST YEAR! Branded as Tomato Green, Tomato now have an  urban male version.


TAKE A LOOK AT TOMATO GREEN’S SUMMER 2012: It’s the 60’s clean sexy and mysterious look that’s rendered in fresh youthful contemporary style.  Brooding bad boy-good boy vibe will tingle your summer senses with Tomato Green’s 2012 Summer Collection.  It’s all about bringing out that sexy in you in comfortable clothes that are made to fit any type of body while enhancing your best features.


Above-the-knee thin shorts that fit close to the body with solid contrast color details are simply scene stealers, cuff shorts are most comfortable and stylish while colored chinos in green, blue, rust and red will definitely give you a fashion statement that spells confidence and style!



While the other girly Tomato isn’t really behind, it also takes a full-on 60’s vibe: The golden age remixed with a modern sexy twist of the millenium! Elegance and the sexy vibe of the 60’s with a very fresh, young and modern twist are the inspirations for this year’s summer!


POLKA DOTS: Very 60’s. And oh, I love the Amy Winehouse hair!


Tomato channeled the legendary sex appeal of Brigitte Bardo with a hint of that Cindy Crawford style.  It’s Hollywood royalty meets Fashion Icon! Big hair and pop of colors in swimsuits and summer wear in muted and high contrast shades of green, tangerine, earth tone shades of browns and blues dominate the 2012 Tomato’s Summer Collection.

1H7E6319editedPantone of the year: TANGERINE!


High-waist-cut swimsuits with sexy peek a boo details will make every woman feel like a siren while leaving the men gasping for more.  Summer beads in various colorful shades of yellow, orange, teal, green etc. are perfect accessories for the day on the beach.


With all these classic yet undying fashion pieces, your summer will definitely look good even on vacation!

Facebook | Twitter

Tomato Green
Facebook | Twitter

Anteroom Sessions 2 on March 31!

It is still not a year from the very first Anteroom Sessions by Punchdrunk Panda and here it is again! Now in an even bigger space, with more artists, more Filipino brands, and of course more fun than ever! Be sure to block March 31 from your calendar as Punchdrunk Panda and Heima invades Cubao X! Look at this amazing line of artists and brands:

Ang Bandang Shirley
Gentle Universe
Love Never Dies
Similar Objects
Slow Hello
The Strangeness
Techy Romantics

Punchdrunk Panda — (graphic-designed stuff; www.punchdrunkpanda.com)
Moonleaf Tea Shop — (milk tea; www.moonleafteashop.com)
Sophie’s Mom — (cupcakes and more; www.facebook.com/sophiesmomonline)
Ukay Alalay — (pre-loved clothing from Saab Magalona)
Vesti — (bags with textiles from Mindanao; www.vesti.ph)
Agos — (beach/surf wear; www.agospilipinas.com)
Kloi’s N Klay’s — (polymer clay accessories)
Yuki — (accessories; www.yukimakesthings.multiply.com)
Vnaltik — (tops; www.vnaltik.tk)
Artwork — (t-shirts; www.artwork.ph)
Electromagnetic Tentacle — (t-shirts; www.electromagnetictentacle.com)
Junk Studio — (upcycled accessories; www.facebook.com/junkstudiocrafts)

Red House Productions
(feat. JP Cuison & Saab Magalona; Ge Mapa & Selena Salang)
Chyna Lo
(feat. Robbie Bautista & Cheyser Pedragosa; Kitkat Pecson & Patricia Prieto; Kasey Albano & Arriane Serafico)

RSVP here.


Anteroom Sessions is all about showcasing budding independent brands and talent. And as a company that passionately supports creativity through their graphic-designed products, Punchdrunk Panda acknowledges others who actively follow their creative inclinations, and provided this avenue to share their passion with others.

With the success of last year’s Anteroom Sessions, Punchdrunk Panda will be holding another leg of the Anteroom Sessions at a bigger venue to bring a bigger crowd to the event.

Anteroom Sessions 2 will be held in partnership with home & lifestyle brand Heima at Cubao Expo on March 31, 2012 from 4-11pm. In keeping with the idea behind Anteroom Sessions, there will be indie music performances, pop-up shops, paper crafts, and webisodes screenings about the design teams for Punchdrunk Panda’s new skimmer collection, which will be launched during the event. Punchdrunk Panda’s skimmer design teams include JP Cuison & Saab Magalona, Ge Mapa & Selena Salang, Kitkat Pecson & Patricia Prieto, Kasey Albano & Arriane Serafico, and Robbie Bautista & Cheyser Pedragosa.

The first Anteroom Sessions started as a modest idea to show off some Punchdrunk Panda sample products at a milk tea place while screening photo shoot webisodes and having a DJ (a coaxed boyfriend) mix some tunes. Gradually, the idea grew and grew, and with everyone who decided to come on board with Punchdrunk Panda for this event, Anteroom Sessions became bigger than the team imagined.

For inquiries, please e-mail info@punchdrunkpanda.com, SMS 0915-8048683, or call 861-3577

Redheaded bitch

Photo by Kevin Toralde

Finally had my hair colored for the longest time I’ve been telling myself to do so! Plenty of thanks to the friendly people over at Azta Urban Salon – Tomas Morato. People are telling me that I should’ve had it in a brighter shade, but I love this color – with just the right dark and red. You guys should see it under the sun though, it’s lovelier!

Speaking of the sun, the freaking sun, it’s so hot lately! I cannot even last without running to the nearest room with AC on. I feel like in the Hunger Games (which I’m reading now.)

I’m the redheaded bitch on fire indeed, baby! :P

Bloggers United

I know, most of you who will be reading this post knew (and even possibly went) of this event where top fashion bloggers in the country held a bazaar and their stuff in really REALLY cheap prices. ‘Cause y’know, they’re famous like that! LOL! Anyway, I am actually frustrated since I didn’t make it in time since I came from a meeting and the rain was really hard. When my friend Ame and I arrived, most were packing up. But there were stores which are still open. So here’s pretty much a photo dump of what we only caught up with:

FANBOYNG OVER RALEENE CABRERA!!!! Okay, Ral, if you read this, don’t feel so awkward when we see each other again. I just think you’re really pretty!

Patricia Prieto and Laureen Uy

Pack up na :(

Having fun while watching them pack up…

Say hi to Ame

and moi! :P

Unisex Accessories by JP Singson

Eat yer brains out!

I’d really love to have Unisex in my wardrobe one day! *werqwerqwerq*

Rings! ZOMG! If I’d have all the money in the world! Again, *werqwerqwerq* LOL!

Inkarlcerating‘s a lil’ fuzzy already. Isang magiting na nurse kasi! Peace!

Paul Jatayna and El Bosquejo

This got Ame hysterical! KAWAIIIIIII!

Kookie Buhain

Inkarlcerating boots. Lalalalalalove it Karl!

Happy Maghag!

Curves Lopez and AJ Omandac

Wish there would be another one! I have read many blogs that say it was really a successful event! AND MANY GREAT FINDS IN AFFORDABLE PRICES! I was actually hoping I could get David Guison‘s famous letterman jacket (since his first name is my last name, LOL!) Well, anyway, all I can hope for is a repeat of this wonderful event! Kudos to all the fashion bloggers in the country especially to the organizers who brought us Bloggers UnitedMelai Entuna, Aisa Ipac, and Ana Gonzales.

As my friend from Photobloggers Philippines, Mel Lavadia asked, “Pwede ba magpa-makeover sa fashion blogger?” Yeah, maybe that would be a great event, too! Teehee! :P

Photos by Jonver David and Ame Calix

It’s Back to School! (Well, for most of you)

The Darker Side of Black: Manels Rocks to School

It is again that time of year when we start parting with the bright shades of summer and reach for the classic subtleties of black. Yes, it’s that time again when we start shopping for the Back-to-School season! So the hunt begins for the perfect pair of black shoes. While this may be one of your less exciting shopping expeditions, Manels puts together a collection that spices things up and explores the darker side of black.

Manels Leathergoods, the country’s pioneer brand in leather, heads into the Back-to-School season with its campaign entitled “Black Rockin’ School”. “We want to bring the sexy back into black” says Mark Siggaoat, VP for Operations of Manels. The Manels “Black Rockin’ School” collection highlights mid-cut leather boots, rubber-soled oxfords with a sneaker-type finish, and casual loafers for the men. For the ladies, modern mary janes and patent leather finish highlights the collection. “The Black Rockin’ School collection has a little bit of something for the rebel in each of us” says Siggaoat. While the brand continues to carry its comfort staples and classic school shoes, the campaign takes a fresh angle into the Back-to-School season by giving style-conscious students a chance to “strut their styles” into the hallways this season.

Leather remains at the core of the brand’s collection and campaign. Visibly, the store’s look for the season takes its cue from vintage 70’s punk rock. “We were inspired by that rugged black leather jacket look from the 70’s popularized by The Ramones” says Siggaoat. Manels continues to reinvent itself in staying at the forefront of leather footwear since its inception in 1964.

Checkout Manels at all major Metro Manila malls. Checkout their Facebook page or through Twitter via @marksig_manels.


I miss school :|

PFW Style Diaries: Penshoppe


I wish Penshoppe invited only so many, if you know what I mean. The fashion show looked very mainstream, but nonetheless, the pieces shown were good. You could fill your closet with Penshoppe and look like you’ve bought Topman or Zara, without them knowing. It’s true! LOL, exaggerating, of course.

BUT REALLY. It’s the only show from the Philippine Fashion Week that required me to stand like I’m in a rock concert. /sigh

Angela and Paola.

Ms. Tessa Prieto – Valdez.

Angela and Trixie.

And that ends my PFW Style Diaries. Hope I served you well, guys. LOL! Til the next fashion week, people! Support Philippine Fashion Design!