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Free (ZERO DATA NEEDED) Facebook!

I can only imagine what kind of impact in the social media marketing world this would have. Especially this Holiday season, when marketing is on full blast, all kinds of freebies are available, and most of them available through Facebook.

Facebook still proves to be the largest social media platform in the world. The Philippines is among countries that has a big population using social media, and this will have big impact in the industry, not to mention brands will jump at the opportunity to nurture those leads.


Globe Facebook partnership


Setting another unprecedented milestone in Philippine telecommunications, Globe Telecom is giving the telco’s over 36 million subscribers free access to Facebook on mobile phones for an initial period of three (3) months. Globe worked closely with Facebook to enable customer experience innovations for the best free Facebook offer yet.

Available to all Globe Prepaid, Postpaid, and TM subscribers using feature phones and smartphones* and accessing either through the mobile site of Facebook or the Facebook app, users can post, like, comment, chat, add friends, upload photos, share posts, and more on Facebook without the need for Wi-Fi.

Aside from offering Facebook at zero data charges, the collaboration between the two global companies has also paved the way for subscribers to enjoy first-of-its-kind customer experience innovations.

Working with Silicon Valley-based Facebook engineers, Globe has put together innovations that cover key milestones in the customer experience journey such as availability of access on feature phones and smartphones across all Facebook mobile platforms whether via the Facebook app or Facebook’s mobile site m.facebook.com; no billshock or “nakaw load” as customers will be notified if they will incur data charges once a link that leads out of Facebook is clicked; and one-click registration to the data plan of choice to continue browsing without having to leave the site. Recommended data plans consider a subscriber’s available prepaid balance and/or megabytes (MB) balance of existing data plan.

Moreover, customers with not enough prepaid load can “loan” a 10MB data plan for only P10 which will be deducted on their succeeding top-up so they can fully explore content outside Facebook, making the experience seamless and worry-free.

“Once again, Globe has proven that it is the mobile data service provider of choice by industry and technology leaders around the world with this breakthrough partnership with Facebook to give our 36 million subscribers uninterrupted, seamless, and worry-free Free Facebook experience. This is collaboration at its peak, which has resulted in the best and most innovative Free Facebook experience yet,” said Peter Bithos, Senior Advisor for Consumer Business at Globe Telecom. “

Globe is progressively rolling-out availability of the Free Facebook service to cover all its subscribers by October 31, 2013.

Bithos added, “Over the past months, the engineering, business development and marketing teams at both Globe and Facebook have worked together to plan and design the customer experience from scratch – which includes making the service available across all Facebook mobile platforms, rolling out a system that alerts users once they are about to click a link that will incur them data charges, paving the way for subscribers to easily subscribe to a data plan without having to leave Facebook, and allowing data access lending for subscribers who don’t have enough prepaid load to continue browsing links outside Facebook. This service testifies how Globe is transforming itself beyond just an access carrier. Globe is striving to be a leading digital brand catering to the needs of digital Filipinos who need to be connected to their social circles around the world.”

“Facebook’s mission is to give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected,” said Chris Daniels, vice president of partnerships at Facebook. “Globe understands the opportunities giving people access to the Internet brings and we’re thrilled to be working with them to give Globe subscribers access to Facebook without data charges across our apps and mobile website.”

Starting October 31, 2013, subscribers can dial *143# and select FREE FB to know more about Globe Free Facebook.




And this will be hard to choke out not going… I’d want to discuss here why but maybe later. Still not in the mood hihi. Anyway.

Listen to three of today’s movers in social media and Philippine society. Maria Ressa, Yves Gonzales, and my very own former boss and friend Ros Juan will be speaking about their work in social good! It really pains me not being able to go…

So to know more about this, head on over a http://www.gamechangers.infinite.ly or contact Arriane Serafico @arriane_… and book that date, Jan. 26, already. Highly recommended!!

Social, you say?

I’m too busy to stay at one place to open a computer and check my online accounts. Consider also that my work revolves around social networks, and that doesn’t really discount that I stay home all-day to check Facebook and Twitter… and the never-ending list of social media platforms. So thank the heavens for apps that makes our online and mobile lives easier. With the right device (battery is an issue here!) and mobile connection, you’ll never have to say… “late status” ever again!


Oct 13, 2012, 5:00 AM

It’s a no-brainer that my first social app to put here is my blog platform! I really love how WordPress did their iPad app. It’s convenient, and minimal. It’s easy to use with one thing that I wish they put in the updates in the future – I wish there’s an option to easily upload multiple photos. Aside from that, I can totally live with blogging using an iPad only.


Oct 13, 2012, 5:10 AM

Need you Tumblr fix? It’s available in your phone/tablet… All you need is connection and you can post, reblog, and like posts from this app. You can also manage ALL your accounts, so it’s easy to shift from one Tumblr account to another. Woohoo!

Get Glue

Oct 13, 2012, 5:12 AM

For those not familiar with Get Glue, it is a social media platform that highlights media like TV shows, movies, books, music, among others. With their updated app, you can now learn more about the movie or TV show that you’re watching in the app!


Oct 13, 2012, 5:10 AM

This one’s for the foodies out there! Using GPS, Foodspotting locates the nearest food places and also shows the pictures people have shared. Now that’s one convenient app to find out where to go on your next big date!


Oct 13, 2012, 5:14 AM

Mainstream or hipster, you’ll love this app if you love music! Share your favorite music through this app, and discover some new upcoming bands and music along the way, too!


Oct 13, 2012, 5:05 AM

I bet you didn’t expect to see this here. But as for news sharing (add to that reading your tweets in a very organized way) Flipboard is your reading buddy!


Oct 13, 2012, 5:01 AM

Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social media platforms nowadays, and I wouldn’t be surprised if most, if not all, people would gravitate towards this photo and video sharing, moodboard-inspired platform. Pin, re-pin, and browse with all ease… and mobility using this app!


Oct 13, 2012, 5:15 AM

Oct 13, 2012, 5:02 AM

Messaging is becoming innovative these days! What I love about these two apps is that they have a “Delivered-Read” function that relays to the sender if his/her message has been read or delivered. It’s really great if you have important messages and you need to know if the person has read it or not. Also, you can share media through these, which made it pretty much more awesome…


Oct 13, 2012, 5:00 AM

I won’t even pretend that I use this, haha! I mean c’mon, it’s the world’s leading gay location-based chatting app! I won’t explain how it works, ’cause I think it’s pretty obvious, haha! Took a screenshot while it hasn’t loaded other people though, we don’t want outing people, do we? *WINK*


Oct 13, 2012, 4:59 AM

The first app that I was so excited to use when I got my iPad is Instagram! It still is the world’s leading photo-sharing app, and don’t you love the filters? It’s integrated too with Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, Foursquare, and email that makes it one of the most powerful photo-sharing app also… Only if it has an iPad version… Hello Instagram, iPad is a mobile device too!


So the next big question is, what do you use to stay connected 24/7? I don’t know about you, but I use Globe Mobile Data services! To know more about Globe’s mobile data services and options, log on to http://surf.globe.com.ph/ and start enjoying these social apps!

Globe Tatt Awards Night

DSC_0323Really felt special when they sent my ticket to the office. And izzo pretty!

DSC_0361Keynote speaker Gang Badoy

DSC_0363Stylisimo finalist Divine Lee, who called me fierce that night – kinilig lang ako haha

DSC_0365Chuckie, Yen, and Kring

DSC_0366Team Globe reprezent!


DSC_0370What even more special was the menu was made by Margarita Fores of Cibo di M! Couldn’t pass up the opportunity for this!

DSC_0372Visualizer finalist Nina Sandejas – I really love your hair, qurl!

DSC_0373Visualizer winner, 1/2 of EWWS, Garovs Garovillo




DSC_0378Mini Timballo “Al Forno”: baked rectangular dome penne pasta, grilled melanzane, organic Negros mozarella with zucchine, Philippine ham, pink tomato cream and pesto drizzle

DSC_0380Halibut in “Cartoccio”: fennel & Onion confit, Sagada orange, Tagaytay haricot vert



DSC_0391The highlight of my night: watching last year’s Indie Rocker Up Dharma Down! I still get kilig!!!! And they played new songs… I can’t wait for their new album!


We have to give it to Globe for having the best nights ever! That night when they awarded the raddest rockstar of the Philippine online world (where basically all of us are citizens) all the raddest netizens (syempre kame din, rad chos!) came and lauded these personalities which made an impact on their chosen fields of influences. I am so honored that I have been invited to witness this [online] historical moment, though admittedly some of the winners are not my bets. BUT HEY! Congrats to them. Maybe next your me and you can be the next American Idol! Ay mali, I mean… The raddest of them all!

  • Stylisimo – Cecile Van Straten (chuvaness.com)
  • #ThoughtMover – Kimpoy Feliciano (@kimpoyfeliciano)
  • Video Slinger Award – Real-life couple Jamyhille and Paolinne Michelle, more popularly known as JAMICH (youtube.com/JamichTV).
  • The Visualizer – Ryan Vergara and Garovs Garovillo, of Everywhere we Shoot (everywhereweshoot.com).
  • The Advocate – PAWS (facebook.com/pawsphilippines)
  • Indie Rocker – Gloc-9 (facebook.com/glocdash9)
  • The Explorer – Bogart The Explorer (facebook.com/bogarttheexplorer)
  • Game Changer – Jinoe Gavan of takbo.ph
  • Tech Junkie – Jason de Villa, of technoodling.net

Spicing up this year’s Tatt Awards is the string of special awards:
Trending superstars Gandang Gabi Vice of Vice Ganda won the award for #Trending TV; Chico, Dela Mar and Gino Quillamor of Morning Rush for #Trending Radio and Jake Galvez, Matt Gozun, Buern Rodriguez and Divine Lee of Becky Nights for #Trending Podcast.

Singer-actress Julie Anne San Jose was also a big winner at the Tatt Awards receiving the People’s Choice Award and Trending Personality. GMA-7’s Think Before You Click Campaign received the Safe Surfer Award for their advocacy towards responsible internet usage. The award was received by Howie Severino, Editor in Chief of GMA News Online.

Receiving the Freshest Award are Robbie Becroft (robbieoffduty.com) and foodie blogger Pepper.ph while The Prodigy Award went to teen YouTube crooner Luigi Yotoko.

Manila Social Media Day!

The official Manila Social Media Day in cooperation with Mashable!

Free admission with lotsa surprises and freebies to be given away! So join us as we celebrate being a social media capital at Makati TOMORROW.

But first, let’s see each other at The Bookworm Brigade at Moonleaf Maginhawa! Then let’s go here together, shall we?

Globe Tatt Awards Finalists Night + Rockeoke!

I knoooooooooooooooow! This post is a bit late – another bad lazy-ass blogger moment for me, buuuuut, I’m still blogging how fun Globe’s Rockeoke Night at Seventh High was! I swear this is the best Globe party ever by far! I love you, Globe :)


The Tatt Awards finalists were introduced by Chicosci’s Miggy Chavez, Ashley Rivera (or more commonly known as Petra Mahalimuyak,) and DJ Gino Quillamor (weeeeee, who I have such a big crush on!)


Nina Sandejas (lurve your hair, girl!) and EWWS’ Garovs and Ryan

DSC_0069The Advocate finalists (you go, Arriane! WOOHOO!)

DSC_0072Superstar Marian’s missing in action! Do you know who s/he is?! :P

DSC_0079The Game Changer finalists


Francis Brew


Gloc 9 for Indie Rocker (wonder where are the other finalists?)


DSC_0088Krissy and Erika performed for an intermission. Do you remember the time they were internet stars?


DSC_0096Stylisimo finalists. Laureen Uy, reigning stylisimo, is also nominated this year!


Bogart the Explorer for what else? The Explorer! Why weren’t you explorin’ like the other finalists, eh? LOL!

DSC_0100Becky Nights for Thought Mover!





When all of the finalists were announced, it’s time for Rockeoke! Two of my friends joined the roll, and man were they good!




This is the first time I heard TJ sing live…


DSC_0114Naks, Paul! Parang concert lang aah! Anyway, I didn’t know Paul can sing… PLUS PLUS PLUS POGI POINTS HAHA!


Here’s Paul, hitting the high notes! I’m sucha big fan teehee!



DSC_0124Of course, Mikee Bustos just had to sing too, which was one of the best renditions of I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing I’ve evar heard!



DSC_0133Thank you Team Globe! You know I love you so (yiiiii cheesy haha)


Paul as the rocker, and me as the groupie (LOL JUST KIDDING!!!)

ADD oversized top (from Karl Leuterio), Oxygen gray denim pants, Thrifted military boots

…OH! Watch out if your online rockstars win in the 2012 Tatt Awards this Friday. I’ll be live tweeting at the event, so make sure to follow me @Jonver_David for updates!

Bloggers United 3!


It was a pleasant welcome to June when our friends over at Bloggers United held their very famous bazaar and all their fans/readers/friends were all too supportive and giddy to have the Grandview Events Place in Makati so packed!!



And of course, I cannot pass up the opportunity to meet my favorite blogger friends and snag some of their fab clothes – which you will see in my future posts!


Kookie Buhain


Karl Leuterio


Mike Magallanes


JP Singson


Paul Jatayna and Willar Mateo

DSC_1116Shai Lagarde and Seph Cham

DSC_1117Kelly Medina, Megann Jabola, Angel Rodriguez, Jacob Gayanelo, Vergil Chua

DSC_1119Krissy Cruz, Reg Rodriguez, Ava Te


DSC_1121Miko Carreon, Vern Enciso


Kaye Awatin

DSC_1125with Gerd Perez


Paul “The PR Guy” Chuapoco




Thrifted oversized hoodie and military boots, Hang Ten brown shorts and wayfarers 


I really loved my outfit which is really half ukay, and half sponsored. Hehe. I particularly liked my loose top ’cause I have to go around the metro all day and it really is easy to run around town when you’re wearing something as comfy as this.

Congratulations to Bloggers United for making yet another groundbreaking event spearheaded by the net’s most influential fashion bloggers! We love you!!!

Go on a trip with PHL360!

PHL360° is a 16-episode fusion of reality TV and travel show circling around the stories of eight indie travelers embarking on a trip around the Philippines. This is an entertaining and informative project for gung-ho and bold travelers who share the same passion and advocacies as independent travelers. Eight different kinds of travelers doing four extraordinary trips in four different destinations in the country (north, south, east and west).

Eight folks will be grouped into four. Say, a surfer is partnered with mountaineer or party-traveler meets camper. Each duo travels to a place both not suited to their personalities with a mission of “how they will make the trip extra meaningful.” We will see what happens after the weekender trip and some surprise twists along the way. It is a reality/documentary show so everything will be recorded from pre-travel to post trip. Each show runs for 15 minutes, airing every Tuesday and Saturday.


Just as I was finished with my Puerto Galera series, and recovering from my expenses, and paying off debts, and now have a whole lot like a travel plan thereafter; I came across a friend who introduced me to this somewhat between a dream and a life plan. PHL360 is as ambitious as it gets, but I must admit that this looks like a lot of promise. I’ll definitely be glued to my laptop every Tuesday and Saturday because I know somebody out there is living my dream.

Not that it frustrates me, but I am rather challenged and inspired as early as now… and it hasn’t even started yet! My dream in a webisode, I think, I better start saving now, before I succumb!

This will keep me up all night… you know, thinking about travel and… that lifestyle I wish I get to live. I wish the best, and may the odds be ever in your favor, Team PHL360!

Itchy feet,

IMMAP Open Mic Night at Salon de Ning

I can still remember how fun the first IMMAP Open Mic Night is, and how I was very inspired as a guy who works in the social media industry; when all of a sudden, in a matter of months, here came the second round of industry stalwarts ready to inspire us all over again.



It was my first time at the Salon de Ning, and I must say that the photos do not do justice to how stunning it looks like. If it’s a woman, I’d describe her in a long black sequined gown. I can’t help to notice how this place shines!


DSC_0974And there was the room every girl dreamed to have – A WHOLE ROOM OF SHOES!




People from social media, blogging, advertising, government, design, and marketing among others attended the well-anticipated event hosted by none other than the Internet and Mobile Marketing Association of the Philippines or IMMAP. By now, I can already tell that IMMAP throws party like no other. With just the right touch of geekery and fun, I always expect to learn something new and get a little tipsy what with the overflowing booze!






DSC_0985I love the Twitter-themed hors d’oeuvres





The last one was Pecha Kucha, and now they take the form of a fishbowl format. You have to choose from #It’sMoreFunInThePhilippines, #WhatRocksYourSocks, or #Bawal. And one member of the audience can participate in the lineup of five speakers. You know me well enough if you know I joined #Bawal. Haha! I wasn’t chosen to be part of the lineup, but that’s good as well. I was tipsy (but comprehensible) before the talks even began

DSC_0994I love this Twitter ice whatnot



DSC_0999Met Lois Yasay of the Sole Sisters. I wish I can meet Chichi soon, too!






Speakers in #Bawal talked about plenty of stuff. But what I can summarize from that is that each of us have our own concept of what is wrong or prohibited. Truly, everything is subject in to discourse, and whatever bad is to me, may be not to another.





Taken By Cars who went to SXSW in the USA were there to perform after the fishbowl rounds. Filipino music, represent indeed!! They also shared their experience during the world renown music festival.



DSC_1008Cleavage… not! Haha, Nica took this photo









There were a lot of prizes given out to the audience. I wish I won the iPad from the raffle, hahaha, but I guess we haven’t shouted enough to the universe (Nica and I were actually shouting iPad the whole night, lol) but great for Thysz who won a bottle of Casa Noble Tequila for best dressed from her all-black number. Have I mentioned also that she’s in Young Star last week to represent Moonleaf Tea Shop? That’s my pretty boss!!! :)


I cannot tell you more how nice this event is — I learned, met old and new friends, and had time to party with people who pretty much tweet for a living as I do (community managers, represent!!!) It’s time to engage people offline though that’s pretty much a joke, as most of us were in Twitter for most of the time, haha!

I am so looking forward to the third Open Mic Night!

Moonleaf: My Summer Staycation 2012

Come to think of it, staycation isn’t a bad idea at all. Though I’d really love to be in the islands by now because of this heat staring down at us, the city isn’t that unbearable with my favorite milk tea in hand.

See you all at Moonleaf!


Photography by Joseph Pascual
Videography by Judd Figuerres

With Sasha Palomares, Justine Aure, Rutherford Perez, Gela Abores and Bruce Venida

Make up & grooming by Kim Alcoreza
Production & Set Design by Dreps Tatad and Jan Pineda

I’ll post the whole campaign and BTS by moi soon!