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Fair Play


So let’s be real here. What if you’re in a restaurant and we all know that a restaurant only has limited staffing. There are a lot of people and everyone’s demanding, everyone wants the waiter’s attention. You got to order in your first hour of stay. Then another hour for the food to come. And another hour to get your bill. It’s irritating and quite clearly you wouldn’t go back if it has to happen all over again.

That’s also what happens when a fair use policy is not implemented. Of the recent news about Globe’s FUP, I think it is not fair that we are hammering them for it. I will not defend Globe, because there is nothing to be defended in the first place. I get them, because it’s clear to me that as a subscriber to a larger network, there are also a lot of people using their service and it’s just fair to have each other’s portions equally. You wonder why your connection gets cranky a lil bit before midnight? Because people are downloading shit. If the fair use policy is in effect, then we have equal opportunity to fast internet. NOTE that, your connection speed might be affected by factors like illegal signal boosters and infrastructure around you.

Like you, I have a lot of questions about this. Like why is it called unlimited if it’s capped (which was answered already: the connection is unlimited, what’s capped is the amount of data downloaded in a day or month.) Or why is the cap so low (read above, and you’ll see that Globe’s has a fairly high cap compared to other countries.) And other questions. It’s good that you have questions, but ranting won’t help you. Contact Globe instead and let them address your concerns. Believe me, they’re nice people.

Now I think the big elephant is why does it seem that the other network doesn’t have a cap Actually they have 1.5 GB cap, half of Globe’s. And if they’re not informing you about this or not strictly implementing this, some time or another, they will have. Restaurant analogy.

Smart bCODE

Times are different now, and you may (or may not) agree with me that anything free is welcome. I, for one, love free movies. I would actually do anything for a free movie (blog, attend press launches, go to premiere nights, cover events and whatnots) Of course, it would be a bonus if the movie is really good, but the free movie itself is already a treat.  PhP 200 for a movie, at the least, is a big amount nowadays. Of course, add to that your popcorn, your favorite drink, and if you’re a guy with a date (depends to you if it’s still a guy or a gal, LOL!) it’s double the price.

Everybody loves a treat, that’s why SMART Communications brings you Smart bCODE, in partnership with SM Cinemas. Smart bCODE  is the newest innovation of SM Cinema, wherein you can redeem movie tickets, food and drink through you mobile phones via an alphanumeric code.

With enough points, you can choose from a FREE drink, FREE popcorn, P100 off your movie ticket, or even a FREE movie pass! You accumulate points just by using your SMART Gold, SMART Buddy, or SMART Bro accounts.

It’s just pretty simple to do, too! You need to redeem the rewards using your SMART account. Just follow the simple steps below:

1. Text POINTS and send to 9800 for free to check the number of points that you already have. Text REWARDS and send to 9800 to know the items you can redeem.
2. Text REDEEM and send to 9800 for free.
3. Save the alphanumeric code that you will receive and will need to claim your rewards.
4. Go to the nearest SM Cinema and find the bCODE machine to scan your bCODE. To do this, the mobile screen should have its light on and facing down to the red portion of the machine.

5. The machine will display your reward of choice and will ask for your confirmation. Press OKAY to print your coupon.

You can also send the code to your family and friends as a gift. The bCODE, however, is a unique code, so only one of you will be able to use it. bCODE machines are found all over numerous SM Cinemas around the Philippines! Check out this list:

Now it’s even more fun to use your cellphone. While getting connected with family, friends, and loved ones, you also enjoy these amazing rewards! Truly, a wonderful feature coming from SMART Communications. Watching a movie will never be the same (expense) with bCODE around. So go use SMART-enabled device more and EARN, REDEEM, and ENJOY!

For more details, check out their Q & A portion here.