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I just came back from Singapore! And I have so much to tell you. I’ve been to Laneway Festival, temples left and right, and gad, the food — THE FOOD! I don’t know where to start, lah!

However, I am still organizing my thoughts and resting for work tomorrow. PLUS, I am still in my state of ecstasy and I am controlling myself not to book another flight anywhere. AH, TRAVEL. I have to save though – especially for my new blog this month…

Stay tuned in for my Singapore series!

Singapore and some others


After two years (oh how I miss MTV Asia!) I’ll be back in Singapore, now for St. Jerome’s Laneway festival to be held at the new The Meadow at Gardens by the Bay. Now, I’ll have more time to go around to experience the famed lion city. I really cannot hide my excitement!!! OF MONSTERS AND MEN is playing among other amazing bands. I’m also excited for Kings of Convenience, Gotye, Kimbra, Bat for Lashes, ALT-J, and Polica! And that’s just the cherry on top! There’s a total of 14 bands playing (others are Tame Impala, Yeasayer, Real Estate, Nicolas Jaar, Japandroids, Cloud Nothings, and Divine Fits) Hope I win the Meet and Greet too! Teehee!

I’ll be live tweeting at the event… and mostly for my stay in Singapore. Thanks to Globe’s BridgeUnlimited unlimited surfing, it’s more affordable AND just easy to register but just the same reliable service we get while roaming. So if you wanna keep tabs on what’s happening during Laneway, feel free to follow @Jonver_David!

PLUS… I’m planning a blog reboot. Whew! I’ve been scared to tell here, because it’d be so much pressure, but now I’m really sure! Keep tuned in for developments and I hope you’re still ready to follow my blog in its soon-to-be new home.


Hello, 2012!

The year 2011 was good to me.

  • Graduated from college (FINALLY!) with latin honors
  • Passed the Philippine Nursing Licensure Exam
  • First time out of the country — and trip was foh free yow!
  • I didn’t need to find work, work came to me (which I thank GOD for a million times. I’m truly blessed)
  • Not to mention the people I’ve met and worked with this year are incredibly amazing! TwestivalJuanxiPdPMoonleaf plus the countless, albeit absolutely fabulous, events that I’ve been to. My most heartfelt gratitude to the plethora of PR agencies that kept on inviting me. I heart you, guys!
  • Started up my own venture with the best of my college friends. You should watch out for Stereotyped‘s next collection!
  • First talk about blogging — pretty nerve-wracking but is one of my best days as a blogger, indeed!

Thank you all for being a part of the adventurous year, that is 2011. The adventure hadn’t stopped, but it only have just begun… again! Though I’ve been concealing, in this blog that is, I was jobless and no longer in the PdP team. No it’s not them, it’s me. As much as I love to continue working for them, believe me if I could, I would… but some things, as I always say, have to meet their conclusions. Fortunately for me, friendship never dies and I still get to work with them at times. *cheese alert* It’s just that I miss my team badly.

Here comes 2012, saying hello to me. I think my two-week unemployment starting last Christmas season was necessary to open my eyes to a lot of things – especially to those that I really want to do achieve in 2012. Yeah I know, kinda foolish. Christmas and jobless. A perfect match. *basks in irony*

But thank God, because up until now, I still can’t figure out how come these things are happening. I have my plans… but definitely His plans are way bigger than I thought they are. I’ll start work in a few days, and you bet I can’t wait to start… TO START A LOT OF THINGS. I won’t (maybe can’t) disclose for now, but it is indeed an exciting turn and it’s just the START of 2012.

This post is growing in length already, but before I forget, I wanna list down 12 things I want to do in 2012.

  1. SAVE. If last year, this was in the last, now it’s coming in first.
  2. ACQUIRE a domain name. How does jonverdavid.com sounds to you?
  3. TAKE a lot of photos… again. Rediscover photography.
  4. TRAIN. I’m so excited, somebody’s funding my social media training. I’ll make kwento soon!
  5. READ. I’ve been reading, but I’m not satisfied with the rate I’m running. This forcibly and partly justifies the next goal (haha) —
  6. BUY an iPad. So I can read more (!) and mobilize my job.
  7. TRAVEL the Indochina Southeast Asia trail. At least even before the year ends. Vietnam – Cambodia – Laos – Thailand and maybe a ferry to Indonesia, Malaysia, and culminate in Singapore before going back to Manila. My good friend, Hanna Samson of 1 Week and After,  and her tips are especially noteworthy!
  8. PACK lightly, traveling far away or not. Or at least learn how to.
  9. FIX my room, errrr… space. No matter how asthmatic I can get.
  10. SLEEP at night, wake up in the morning and work in between. Read this somewhere but I forgot where. I like the idea.
  11. START the NYC project. Employ the Law of Attraction.
  12. GET tested. ‘Nuff said.

Simple goals for a simple and successful 2012.

Raffles Design Institute – Manila


First off, forgive me. Yes this is very last week pa. But am really swamped with work and some other issues along the side. What is good now is I’m so ready to share to you Raffles Design Institiute – Manila! I really do not want to give just a couple of minutes for this, but I want to be able to impart to you this humble institution with a glorious international boast-worthy history.

DSC_0202With Miko, Kaye, Erika, and Lawryeng

DSC_0203LARGE BRANDS up for internship. I just say WOW



I’d rather not bore you with the slide photos, would I? Raffles, as I fondly call it, is an international design institute offering world-recognized courses and degrees – Fashion Design, Fashion Marketing and Management, Interior Design, and Visual Communication. What really tickles my fancy is that after taking your subjects at this campus, you have an option to continue it ELSEWHERE in its other 37 colleges in 36 cities across 14 countries! Get all that WITH assistance from the management. Now how is that for a college education to look forward to!


Well above is a slide of just SOME of their affiliates that you can get an internship at. I wish I had gotten an opportunity to intern at Swatch or Zara when I was in college (but yeah, I’m in nursing school, what was I thinking LOL!) But seriously, if I’d be given a chance to study again, then maybe I’d rethink my choices.

DSC_0209Moi, Miko, Kaye, Erika, Arnie





We had a quick tour of their floors at Accralaw building in The Fort, Global City. Picture above is their library. Get that – a library stockful of magazines! I wonder if they have Fantastic Man? :D




The study lounge is a conducive space for the students to study. Think tank, it is! I’d kill for my college to have one of these for the nursing department. Damn!



Interior Design students would find this room suitable to their plate-making needs. Lotsa free space to spread long sheets of paper and other materials!



I like that the Fashion Marketing and Management rooms are very minimal. Tables + projector + mood board. Yes, marketers DO need mood boards! I second that!



In the middle of our tour, Interior Design lecturer Mr. Lee Miles showed up and talked with us for a little while. He has a fancy accent and a really interesting sense of fashion (PEG!) I love it when men wear blazers over their shirts. Faux hipster, a really classy one, if you ask me :P

DSC_0225Sewing room

DSC_0228They have a MAC ROOM! Yes, MAC, separate from a PC room. LOVE. Just pure love.

DSC_0229Some works by students at visual communication

DSC_0231I took this photo because I wanna learn how to draw. Eventually, I hope I will

I’d like to show the room for Visual Communication, but I guess all I need to say is to imagine a blank space. Very conducive for those students, I think, because they need their tabula rasa!


Before the tour ended, Fashion Design Professor Dr. Janet Emmanuel came to have a little chat with us. She shared how she is amazed at how blogging has mobilized marketing through social media in the country. I agree, Ma’am! If it weren’t for blogging, I may not have a job now. LOL! But seriously! I am also flattered at how she acknowledged at how I managed blogging while I am a registered nurse. She’s such a sweet and happy person :D

IMG_7912 copy

IMG_7914 copyF&H black v-neck, Thrifted blazer, Oxygen reversible jeans, Thrifted military boots, Punchdrunk Panda camera strap | Outfit photo by Miko Carreon

Haha! Did you notice that I look a little pandak when I’m wearing a lot of dark colors? Taking a note on that! Anyhow, it was a lovely morning to spend at Raffles! I am really privileged to be invited to tour around it! I love it. Even the programs, they’re very organized and aligned to international standards. I hope more and more internationally competitive universities, colleges, and institutes come here and invest for the Filipinos and our education.

I even see myself being enrolled in Fashion Marketing and Management… Hmmmm, we will see. We WILL see about that :P

* We were really late (Erika and I) but we also attended the WGSN trend forecasting for Summer-Spring 2012. I found a lot of familiar and new takes on some aesthetics. I’m so excited for Summer! Are you? If you are, then visit WGSN and learn about 50’s revival, tribal artisan, acquatic, and an upcoming Olympic-inspired trend!

* Also, Raffles Education in other countries does  not only focus on design. There are a lot of courses available, and you may look at it here.

Raffles Design Institue – Manila
Units 18-01/19-00 Accralaw Tower
30th Street, Crescent Park West
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
+632 846-2888

What’s toastin’?

It’s raining, and there is no other food I crave for but comfort food, which will easily translate to Singaporean food :)

DSC_0704Spicy Laksa to warm you up



DSC_0709Hainanese Chicken Rice to rev your engines up

DSC_0711Some Nasi Lemak for a quirky taste bud ride

DSC_0712And down it with a tall glass of Yuan Yang – where coffee meets tea. I can certify myself a caffeine dependent person after a gulp. LOL!

DSC_0702Or perhaps a refereshing help of Barley Tea. The sound of “barley” scares me, but maybe it’s worth a try.

DSC_0703And after all the hustlin’ around town, why don’t you reward yourself with a cup of steamy Kopi Tarik. 

Toast Box
Basement level, Trinoma
Quezon City

P.S. I’m craving now!!!

Orchard Road

Food Coma Alert!!! Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you. LOL!

DSC_0915Roasted Hainanese Chicken

If there is something I really enjoyed about Singapore, it would be their food. And thank God for a few restaurants in Manila offering authentic Singaporean (usually with Malaysian) fare, my taste buds won’t miss the streets of Singapore that badly.

DSC_0905Flavor mixes

DSC_0906Tea/Coffee corner


DSC_0908Chili. Everywhere there’s chili.



DSC_0914They look like dancing Single Ladies. LOL!


DSC_0917This is how they clean their woks.



DSC_0925Dessert-making – looks like our local halo-halo!

Introducing the Orchard Road dinner pass. It’s given to you once you eat here and it is composed of two vouchers wherein you get an item stamped when you order a specific menu item. Once you completed the stamps, you get PhP 200 off your next meal. We were invited to take the flavors of Orchard Road to test and to kick start our own dinner passes.

DSC_0928Laksa. I just have to have it extra spicy.

DSC_0929Hainanese Chicken. All I need with my Hainanese chicken is to have an extra drizzle of Sesame Oil. Oh, this version is so good, I can travel back to Singapore just by eating.  

DSC_0932Curry Chicken. Meat is incredibly tender and moist at the same time. Of course, you can’t miss the kick of the curry. WATER!!!

DSC_0933Satay. Pretty much like our barbecue with a twist.

DSC_0935Singapore Fried Chicken. You won’t believe the crunch in every bite. Crunchy in the outside and tender and moist in the inside. Can’t get any better than that.

DSC_0927Teh Tarik. I never eat Singaporean without a helping or two. This is the parameter if I will come back or not. LOL!!! But seriously, it has to be good! This one is good!

DSC_0926Iced Kachang. It’s like an inverted halo-halo where most of the toppings are in the bottom, topped with flavored ice and lots of condensed milk. Definitely for the sweet tooth.

DSC_0936Making Teh and Kopi Tarik.





DSC_0943A chef from the dessert kitchen came over to demonstrate the making of the famous Teh Tarik and Kopi Tarik. It’s simply coffee or tea with condensed milk. The secret of the drink, however is in the manner of preparing it – instead of manually shaking, one has to “pull” it to achieve the frothy result.


DSC_0945The froth of the Teh/Kopi Tarik comes from the “pull” done while preparing it. 

Thank you Orchard Road, Sean, and the rest of Agatep Associates, Inc. for inviting me for a sumptuous degustation. Indeed I went home with a stouter heart for Singaporean food! It’s officially my favorite cuisine now! I can’t wait for the next one!!!


DSC_0951Team Certified Foodies

DSC_0952Runaway Blogger and My Kitchen Haven. LOL at Ethan’s face!!!


DSC_0956Team When in Manila


DSC_0974Agatep Associates

What’s your favorite Singaporean dish?



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What’s Hot: The Grand Makati Sale


Now this is definitely something hot in the Urban oven.

When I was at Singapore last June, it was still the GSS or The Great Singapore Sale. Then I came to know (when I was actually back in MNL) that it was indeed some sort of a NATIONAL EVENT – like a holiday! Folks from all around the world travel to Singapore, which proves to be a good tactic to drive tourists in, therefore increasing the national revenue!

In its 341st year this July, Makati City, follows the consumerist call, and celebrates with marking down goods and services UP TO 70% off at major establishments in Makati like Greenbelt, Glorietta, Rustan’s Department Store, Stores Specialist Inc., Power Plant Mall, SM Department Store, Waltermart and Cash & Carry. Makati Medical Center is participating also by marking down executive check-ups!

When I came back from my whirlwind trip from SG, I thought I’ll be back to cover some more shopping, but seems like I can find good deals here in our own country as well. AH! If only Cotton On and Uniqlo have branches here! Good thing there’s MUJI and other amazing brands here already! This could be a start of something new, in our economic and tourism aspects.

So excited to hit the malls now! AND so excited to see this being a national event, just as the months of May, June, and July are sacred to crazy shoppers!

P.S. I wish, though, that the poster was done better. I just know it can be better. Just sayin’!


MTV Asia hosts bloggers for MTV Movie Awards 2011

So where did I leave off? Oh right. MTV Asia!

After a night of walking around the city, I woke up the morning after ahead of the alarm. Freakish, really freakish, because I doubt my early waking up skills. I am never the morning person. Anyway, I did my morning routine already and headed to StarHub Green for the event. I was greeted by Dawn Lum, Marketing Manager, and Andrew Lo, Senior Director for MTV Asia. I saw a lot of bloggers, who most are Singapore locals.


I thought it would be a hard to connect with the bloggers, but it seemed that a common ground means a lot to talk about. Before even the show began, we were tattling like we’ve known each and everybody for years! They were great! On the far end of the buffet table, sat two familiar faces – Mother-Daughter tandem Saab and Pia Magalona. We were the only Filipino bloggers in the event.

DSC_0534Pia and Saab Magalona

Anyway, the big buffet was set up by caterer Orange Lantern, and only the most sumptuous for us to share. How MTV treats their guests is really commendable! I also salute MTV for acknowledging the influence of the blogging community. Dawn told me that they really prefer bloggers to cover for them, because it gives them a wider reach. I thanked her for a pampered holiday.




DSC_0535Saab loves her cupcakes by Orange Lantern :)

DSC_0537Dawn Lum

DSC_0538Andrew Lo




DSC_0548Four screens!

DSC_0549BlackBerry meets blackberry!

Show started around 8am, with the red carpet. Bloggers started to do the “what he/she wearing?” part. Who’s hot and who’s not? Charming and very simple, Emma Watson represents the Harry Potter posse. Gossip Girls Leighton Meester and Blake Lively ever so dashing and lovely are co-presentors of the show. But wait, another Gossip Girl was also present – Jessica Szohr, but what she wore really confused a lot of us. Same goes with Amanda Bynes, who I think was on steroids for quite some time (I mean, was she?) Kristen Stewart, on the other hand needs some Taylor for her dress (pun intended.) Safe players among the crowd were Selena Gomez and Emma Stone. Men’s fashion on that show was almost a flop. Justin Beiber beat them all (although, I really hate to admit it.)

Emma Watson

Leighton Meester.

Emma Stone.

Show was hosted by Jason Sudeikis, and was pretty much crazy because of him. If every awards night is hosted by him, there would be no sucky awards night at all! LOL! These were some of the highlights of the show. I posted the winners here.

Friends with benefits – JT on the boob, Mila Kunis on Justin Timberlake’s crotch. Got the whole room, like, OHHHHHH!

Justin Beiber’s special appearance

The real Best Kiss Award – Taylor Lautner x Robert Pattinson!

Lupe Fiasco and Trey Songz on their new single.

Reese Witherspoon accepting the MTV Generation Award… and hurling mofos on R. Pattz! LOL!

Hottest love team ever?! Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds!

The painstakingly hilarious Jason Sudeikis.

Here are some of the bloggers present. Some, I did not remember the name (oh how really bad I am with names. Again, I am sorry.)

DSC_0531Shah and Sadali of Popspoken SG


DSC_0556Carol from StarHub with two other bloggers.

DSC_0558Pilipinas Represent! Saab, Jonver, Pia.



DSC_0578Elevator down.

DSC_0583Just before I left, I almost forgot to take a picture of Joyce, Leo, and Lennat. Joyce and I knew each other online weeks before the event when I found her blog while looking for bloggers present last year in the EMA’s. And they’re now my new What’s App-mates! Hellooooo! 

I have to thank MTV Asia, first for the trip to Singapore; second for the live and uncut screening (which really drove me nuts); and third for meeting the bloggers. Indeed, summer isn’t over, until you had an awesomesauce vacation. I can finally conclude my summer! Thank you MTV Asia! Til next then!

Courtesy of MTV Asia

* Credits to MTV Networks for Movie Awards 2011 photos.

SG at Night

This is one of the highlights of my short stay in Singapore. I haven’t really tried low-light photography that much, so I am pretty much experimenting on these. I walked from Nanson Road – Liang Court – Singapore River Cruise – Clarke Quay – City Hall – Raffles – Orchard – 60’s Old Street – Gallery Hotel.

Bridge near The Gallery.


Singapore River.




Riverside point.


Clarke Quay.



Bokeh exercise!






This kid is my seatmate and is so kulit! When I point my camera to her, she just smiles then hides her face. Cute kid!







Bungee jump at Clarke Quay.




The city and the lights —


Asian Civilisations Museum.



The Fullerton Hotel.



The Esplanade from afar.




Marina Bay Sands.




Merlion statue.






This building with a UFO-like structure at the top is their Supreme Court. Cool, eh?


Say hi to Mr. Tan, our tour guide during the River Cruise.


He even took my picture! He’s so nice.




BK Whopper Bar at Clarke Quay.


FINE City. Witty LOL!




I don’t think I’d have the guts to try this one – Bungee Jump at Clarke Quay.




Fort Canning Park.


Funan Digital Mall .



I saw this on Orchard Road and I don’t know what to call it… If you do, please comment below.


60’s Old Street – where you can find authentic Hainanese Chicken and other Singaporean cuisine items at midnight.



Hainanese Chicken. Since I only have this at Toast Box in Manila, I think it’s difference is that it has more sesame oil than it does here. Nonetheless, it tastes so fresh.


Dumpling Soup. Filled with vegetables, dried fish and a generous number of dumplings in fish broth.


Nanyang Milk Tea. Condensed Milk + Teh + Ice. Simplest milk tea I had, but I think it’s my favorite. I had two servings during that night, and another before boarding. I love milk tea!



I got lost, my feet ached, got very tired and hungry but it’s definitely worth it! I❤SG!

Tune in for more…

Getting around Singapore

I have a secret love for street signage.


I love cabs in Singapore. 1.) They know their way around, 2.) they have GPS, so there is no way you’re gonna get lost, and 3.) They have spare change, and each cent matters. Beat that, PH!








Reminds me of Serendra.








Orchard Road, where you can buy almost everything.





Tune in for more…