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Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2012

Fashion week is upon us once again! And it’s my favorite season of all time – Holiday (or Autumn/Winter in other countries where there are actual four seasons. Bitter. Haha!)

Here’s the schedule for all your favorite brands and designers who are showing their Holiday collections. I have a few invites already, and am sooooo excited to see all of ’em!

Wanna get hold of some tickets? Follow @moonleafteashop and @styleanywhere for their giveaways! Or you can just scour the internet your favorite brands and designers for giveaways!

So block the dates already, May 22 – 27 is Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2012! Say hi when you see us, okay? See you all there!

P.S. I am posting this because I need to so badly remind myself to do the Mensweek photos and post it already! I couldn’t understand why last week was so tiring. But, there’s no reason to lax now.
P.S.S. Bah-hum-bug for backlogs.