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Run away with you

Remember when I blogged about The Killers’ new single? They have a music video now! I can still feel the tears welling up in my eyes. Oh dear. Can’t wait for September for the official release!!!


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Listen to Runaways by The Killers here. I wish I could find a video, but it’s just upcoming with their new album! 

Thanks to my forever mixtape sister, Cariza, for sharing this!

Penshoppe top, Thrifted draped vest, Paolo Raymundo jacket used as cape, M+P+E drop crotch pants, Reebok sneakers

Well hello there! Things got so busy lately, and I’ve still so many stuff to share with all of you (BACKLOG ALERT!) But for now, here I am with what I wore at the Preview Ball. It’s so not ball-ish because the theme is athletic chic. Apologies for the semi-haggard face, I juggled three events that day with the first starting at 4:30am, and running on barely-an-hour sleep! Go figure! But all was good, really enjoyed! And I think I kinda recovered already…

And because we live in the Pacific Ocean, we still have to wait until tomorrow for the official release of Runaways by The Killers! It’s really a good song, and I can’t stop listening to this leaked copy (lolz forgive my inner pirate, ayrrr!) Also, as with all the songs I like, it speaks of one thing I always think of doing —

Just run away.