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Quick Giveaway c/o Rexona Philippines!

Y’all know I’m a big supporter of these two girls, so we’re now doing a quick giveaway! And it’s just easy… Just watch the two girls in action and answer this simple question:

If you are Iya and Anya, how will you do the challenge with more confidence?

If you are as confident as Iya and Anya, comment below with your answer, and the most confident answer will win a P1000 gift pack from Rexona Philippines! Winner will be announced on Monday, so better start watching NOW!

Iya and Anya says, “Why Not?”

…and so the most adventurous girls we’re already announced and they are cheerleaders Iya Acuna and Anya Ong! Watch their audition above and find out why they’re the “Why Not?” girls!




Congratulations Iya and Anya for winning P500 grand… and the chance to embark into an adventure of a lifetime. I really do wonder though if my best friend Hanna and I tried out (just hypothetically, I was a girl) will we be able to win? HAHA!





Follow Rexona Philippines and keep track of Iya and Anya’s adventures here.

Are you confident enough?

Now these are the few times that I really wish I am a girl!

Yeah it doesn’t mean I’m gay that I want to be a girl. I have my exceptions though – clothes and shoes, all those straight men, and privileges like these. Haha! I’ve been talking to my college best friend, Hanna, that we’ve been thru crazy auditions as BFFs, but we think we cannot this time. How I wish I am a crazy girl right now :P

SO WHY NOT?! Why not go on a crazy week and do something outrageous everyday? Dress up like it’s Halloween (or Born This Way Ball, lolz) everyday. Talk to a complete stranger and sing Call Me Maybe. Walk in a straight line anywhere. Pretend that it’s your birthday. OR WHAT ELSE YOU CAN THINK OF SOMETHING CRAZY? What matters is the adventure you’ll get while doing it!

Rexona asks us, WHY NOT? So maybe Hanna and I will end up auditioning? WATCH OUT :P

Follow these simple steps above to join and have a chance to have the adventure of your lifetime AND take home 500 grand! NOW TELL ME WHY I DO NOT WISH I AM A GIRL RIGHT NOW!


Last Monday, just right before Independence day, along with some bloggers, we spent dinner at M Cafe with Rexona and Unilever Philippines to discuss this new crazy project. I tell you, the girls behind this were crazy too, I love them!






And speaking of crazy, I met up with two of my craziest and the bestest friends I’d ever had in college, too! Say hello to Hanna and Ella (who most prolly should join this contest!)



WHY NOT JOIN NOW! Deadline is on June 17 (THIS. SUNDAY. ALREADY.) To know more about this, like them on Facebook!