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SPREAD THE WORD: Relief Drive for the victims of Monsoon Floods

Hello everyone! Sorry for the delay of posts… I’ve been busy with work and well, all this rain which we can’t call a legit typhoon. Anyway, we at Moonleaf are organizing a relief drive over at our Maginhawa branch to gather all your donations for the victims of the monsoon flooding. All donations are welcome – cash, food, waters, clothes, toiletries, etc. Please contact me @Jonver_David, Thysz @thysz, or Tonyo @tonyocruz for coordination, if necessary.

Again, our country is facing a huge challenge, but it is up to us to step up and help our own people. A little help goes a long way and any effort is appreciated. Keep safe everyone :)

P.S. If you’re from the South, and can’t come all the way to the North (obviously) you can drop them off at Binalot (@binalot) Dela Costa branch at Makati. Also, refer to this link for list of relief operations around the country. Thank you very much!