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Divinely Flawless

She’s been there a long time, but those who got to know her just recently would call her the Queen of Beckies. Loved for her penchant for fashion, beauty, and all around gayness; Globe Asiatique’s princess-in-charge, and the world wide web’s beloved BB (babaeng baklaDivine Lee is now the new face of beauty conglomerate FLAWLESS.

In a short interview with the Queen (all hail!), Divine shares that she has no fears for mistakes. This top blogger doesn’t care if she hits a wrong letter or misses a subject-verb agreement… if it meant talking to you like you’re friends of a lifetime. “I mean Victor (Basa) is very particular about spelling, grammar, I’m like “Naintindihan mo yung sinulat ko?” Victor: Yeah, it’s wrong” Me: “O alam mo ngang wrong pero naintindihan mo, so ok na yan” (laughs). I don’t check. I’m really excited when I write so I just write everything. Minsan mali mali young words, ganyan. Victor: “Your blog is the pinakamagulo” Even Google AdSense wont accept me coz I’m taglish. But forget it, It’s more of like a personal diary talking to a best friend.”

“I would share things there that I would usually call my closest friends, like Jake, “May bago akong nadiscover na pamapaganda”. I would share it with my blog the same way that I would tell them. I guess people got to know me better that way. Para na kaming friends. And when I see them, I get excited kasi everyday of my life, I’m writing and I’m sharing something to them. So when I see someone and they say, “OMG, I’m a fierce follower”, I feel like I know them na rin; from tweeting, to tumblr to the blog nga,” Divine just want to talk to you like she does in real life, and her blog stands true to all of these.

Our favorite becky icon may have no fears for mistakes, but if it can be made better, our Divinely Flawless girl right here gives you the “WHY NOT?” and go signal for Flawless’ latest service: “Hey guys, nahanap ko na young matagal na nating hinahanap sa mga sump na tinatawag nation. Lahat naman tayo may sump at one point or another. Like chicken pox, stretch marks, acne scars. Mawawala na lahat yan coz of Frac N Roll. You guys better check it out. Ako natry ko na siya and aminin, talagang nawala yung mga things na dati kailangan ko pang i-concealer. But now may solusyon na siya.”

So what is Flawless’ Frac N’ Roll? More details after the jump! Continue reading