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Starships a la Trasher BKK

Nicki Minaj was just here in Manila a few weeks back and boy how she loved the Filipinos’ warm welcome, but I guess she’ll find these trashers competing for attention!!! I love these guys…errr GIRLS! Love the color of the video, and always always always love the production design! They’ve gone a long way since they released We Found Love, their first hit parody earlier this year, and Riri would damn be proud!

Somebody bring them here in the Philippines!

Her name is Onika you can call her Nicki


Just met Nicki Minaj earlier today and it was awesome (I love her leggings!!!) though I was a bit a late. Thanks to our friends from STATUS Magazine who took a picture and posted it immediately at their blog (you guys are soooo awesome!) Didn’t bring my big-ass DSLR camera because I don’t wanna leave it in the baggage counter later at the concert area. I seriously need a smaller camera and/or a new phone. Hihi :P

Now I’m just killing time and waiting for her concert later at the MOA arena. Who’s watching later? See you there!

P.S. I still don’t have shiny leggings. I suck at shopping for these kinda things. Where do I get some? :(

Thanks to Globe and BlackBerry Philippines!

Let’s go to beach each let’s go get away

Look who’s watching the Pink Tour?! It’s me and my friend Nica Minaj! Thanks to Globe and Blackberry for the tickets (and good seats!)

Now, it’s time to plug Nicki Minaj in the pla-yah, holla!