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Jane By Design No More

This is just sad news. Very sad, indeed. We’re all gonna miss that simple girl who had three guys wooing for her attention, and has the toughest, yet most enviable, job of working in the fashion industry in New York.

With Gossip Girl on its last season, and this prematurely ending, where am I supposed to go for my weekly New York fix? :(

Here’s a scoop why from the Huffington Post:

ABC Family has canceled “Jane by Design.”

The network confirmed the cancellation to The Huffington Post after announcing therenewals of “Melissa & Joey,” “Switched at Birth” and “Baby Daddy.” The network also ordered more episodes of “Bunheads.”

“Jane by Design” starred Erica Dasher as Jane Quimby, a high-school student who moonlights as an assistant to a fashion designer. Andie MacDowell co-starred as Gray Chandler Murray, Jane’s world-famous fashion designer boss. Teri Hatcher recently joined the cast in a recurring role as Jane’s mother.

Season 1 wrapped up in July 2012 to an audience of 1.2 million viewers.

New York RULES!

They are now the largest state to pass the Marriage Equality Act or more popularly known as Gay Marriage, among Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut, Iowa, and the District of Columbia. I think this is to be celebrated so much, since the abolishing of slavery and the suffrage for women. They are among the world’s most persecuted subculture. But still, as gay means happy, they remained and now have more reasons to be gay and happy (pun intended)!

Pictures from Tumblr. These Tumblr people loves and embraces the GAY! I don’t know who’s to credit now, since they’re widely and wildly reblogged! So now collectively known as Tumblr ❤ NY ❤ GAY.

new york pass marriage equality act newspapergay perfect marriage statue of liberty lady justiceLady Gaga celebrates GAY-ness! (This one from fuckyeahladygaga)

Lady Gaga loves GAY

The Empire State Building turned rainbow in honor of the Annual Gay Pride Parade and the passing of the Marriage Equality Act. (from thedailywhat)

Empire State Building Rainbow

It has been reported also that popular gay couple Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka just got engaged! SO SWEET!

neil patrick harris kisses david burtka

They also had twins via a surrogate mother. Now they can marry each other. Domestic partnership is already a thing of the past. Way to go, New York! More and more reasons to move in!

neil patrick harris, david burtka's twins via surrogate mother

Happy Gay Pride everyone!

P.S. Philippines, LOOK AT NEW YORK NOW! Tayo RH Bill at Divorce pa lang! Move on, bitches. (Sorry about the word, I think you know whom I am referring to. It really makes me feel better about it.)

Disclaimer: Should you find this post offensive, I don’t care.

Everything for equality,