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Holy Week Thingamajigs

  1. Watched The Hunger Games again!!! Now with Angel and Aaron. Still is the best even for the second time around. I heart you, Peeta!
  2. And oh, I missed that Yabu meal… *forever starved*
  3. Finish American Psycho. LAST. FEW. PAGES. Before…
  4. Start and finish (if my attention span permits) Catching Fire AND Mockingjay. I’d really want to do it this break, because I’d have no time for it after.
  5. Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle is playing for the nth time in HBO.
  6. And all the films I watched this break are those I’ve watched already. Talk about the laziness to download something new. And the idiot box that is the TV.
  7. I am not lagging behind my blogging duties. I intend to schedule some more before…
  8. We hit the beaches at Puerto Galera. It will be my first time.
  9. I don’t know what happened to my fascination about beaches. But heck, I’m excited *giddy*
  10. Things I wanna download: New episodes of Grey’s Anatomy, Gossip Girl, and The Big Bang Theory; Complete season 1 of Game of Thrones (don’t scowl that I didn’t join the bandwagon that early), Community, and Modern Family (per as suggestion, but not priority, haha!)
  11. After #9, I feel like a complete loser. But WHAT THE HELL, I love foreign TV series.
  12. Okay, originally, I only planned to read books and magazines the whole break. But I just slept half of it.
  13. Can’t wait for Titanic 3D on April 11 with Angel who celebrated her birthday yesterday. Happy birthday again, A!
  14. Yesterday’s weather read 35 degrees. I felt my head floated.
  15. Okay so now, I’m trying to finish my Google Reader. But I wanna finish Psycho and get started with another book already. What willpower I have!
  16. OH! Almost forgot, swimming with some friends tomorrow. I don’t feel like swimming, am bringing swimwear though (for Puerto Galera after.)
  17. So like there, half staycation and half island vacation. How’s your Lenten break?

I cannot emphasize more about this: enjoy your Lenten season!