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The Milk Tea Project continues on Cha Dao Maginhawa branch. I marched straight from the Bloggers Congress and a quick dinner at Megamall, capping the night at this tea place.





Is it just me, or tea shops are starting to look alike #justsayin. Anyway, I love how welcoming the shop is. They have tents outside so customers can enjoy their tea al fresco. It was still  the soft opening period, so it is understandable that the crowd is still somewhat sparse.

DSC_0131This menu is on a table and is very convenient. You have to give it that they have warm service. Props to that.



I have to be honest here. I really do not like how they did their tea in this place. I ordered the Classic Milk Tea and it really reminds me  of Nido (which I run away from when I was a kid.) No offense to Nido and Nido lovers, but I really loathe the taste of powdered milk – ANY powdered milk. I cannot taste the tea in the drink and I can’t forgive the powdered milk taste (sorry.) I’d like to believe that the tea is just so awkwardly sweet because the crew made a mistake.

Please believe me that it disheartens me to give a bad review. I do not want to destroy any brand name, and the sole purpose of this project is to promote the tea lifestyle – the diversity of each and every shop and how they are making a good and sustainable competition in the Philippines.

In light of this, I am going to give Cha Dao a second chance and this post will serve as a work in progress. I hope that this will be a push for the tea place to improve their tea.

DSC_0134Come to think of it, the sweetness of the macaron from The French Baker numbed my tongue a little to taste a little tea from my drink.

DSC_0135But still, a milk tea drink should be able to stand in itself.

Til we see each other again, Cha Dao! :)

Let’s make milk tea! v1

It was a delightful stressful afternoon and I was planning to leave the house for Moonleaf. My sister sms’d and said she’s already on her way home and she needed me to stay home and help her with a last-minute project. So I cancelled. I asked her to buy me Hakka milk tea, if she has any extra moolah. Unfortunately, she’s on a tight budget. #fail

Was already craving, so I looked at the fridge if I still had tea to brew, et voila – three more Lipton bags from Joy’s parting gift (I gave her an oatmeal packet in exchange, tea-hee!)

Let’s make milk tea then! >:)

* I documented it just in case somebody needs a walkthrough :P

DSC_0027Steep tea of choice for 5 -7 minutes. It’s fine if you don’t get the water to tea bag ratio. We’ll add water later :)

DSC_0028While waiting, choose a movie to watch later while sipping your tea

DSC_0029Or check your tweets

DSC_0030Or count spare change

DSC_0031Or notice how your fan is screwed (I just saw this after taking the photo)

DSC_0032and that’s a broken clock (not relevant haha)

DSC_0040Or just listen to music. Just watch the time, you won’t like it when your tea’s bitter

DSC_0033Finally, 7 minutes is up. Lift your tea bags 

DSC_0035Add milk. Up to you to use powdered or not. You may also use creamer. Actually creamer is a better idea. Nido tastes like polvoron

DSC_0036LOL not that much!!! I just added a spoonful.

DSC_0034Add water and ice to your brown liquid

DSC_0037Add sugar to your taste. I used a spoonful of brown sugar here. You may opt not to add sugar too! It’s a free country, lol! You may also add syrups (like almond, Kahlua, or mint!) For me, I like to keep it simple – milk tea is the way to go!

DSC_0038There you go, you have homemade milk tea!

DSC_0039Excuse me as I enjoy my tea. Excuse my eyebags, too!

Best enjoyed with a macaron. I don’t have stock, though :(

It was a lot of work compared to just ordering from my favorite milk tea shop! I cannot tell you it tasted phenomenal ’cause it didn’t. Imma need practice for this. But at least I have been parched from my tea craving! :)

Mental note:  I’ll definitely use creamer the next time. How about I make tapioca? LOLWHUT, I’m not a tapioca person.

Or just wait a milk tea shop open near this town. (Now that’s thinking out loud. I’m so tamad!)

I hope I win at this contest!!! :)

Milk Tea List

I’m aiming to try each and every Milk Tea joint accessible to me and so this list sprang up. Actually, I think it adds productivity, since I’m bummed now and my project is progressing slowly. Each item should have a link to my review of each. I’m so diligent, only one some has a link *snicker*

I credit Nica of Oh Random! for this :)
In no particular order —

  1. Moonleaf Tea Shop
  2. Bubblea Tea
  3. Serenitea
  4. Happy Lemon
  5. Teatap
  6. Chatime
  7. Raintree Teaspresso
  8. Saints Alp
  9. Cha Dao
  10. Sip
  11. Gong Cha
  12. Teaology
  13. Infinitea
  14. Tea, please
  15. Kozui – Matcha
  16. Jatujak – Thai milk tea
  17. Toast Box – Teh Tarik
  18. Orchard Road – Teh Tarik
  19. Quickly
  20. Easy Way
  21. Happy Fanshu
  22. Zen Tea
  23. Simple Line
  24. Bubbatealicious
  25. Bon AppeTea
  26. The Tea Bar
  27. Ersao – it’s so bad, I’m not even considering it!
  28. Tea Zone – my taste buds revolt.
  29. Chowking – ’nuff said.
Some unfamiliar stores from Nica’s list:
  1. Honestea
  2. Milk + Tea Station
  3. Thousand Teas

There you go! Please do comment if you know some other places for the project! Whew!

*prays for mercy on waistline and pocket*

What’s toastin’?

It’s raining, and there is no other food I crave for but comfort food, which will easily translate to Singaporean food :)

DSC_0704Spicy Laksa to warm you up



DSC_0709Hainanese Chicken Rice to rev your engines up

DSC_0711Some Nasi Lemak for a quirky taste bud ride

DSC_0712And down it with a tall glass of Yuan Yang – where coffee meets tea. I can certify myself a caffeine dependent person after a gulp. LOL!

DSC_0702Or perhaps a refereshing help of Barley Tea. The sound of “barley” scares me, but maybe it’s worth a try.

DSC_0703And after all the hustlin’ around town, why don’t you reward yourself with a cup of steamy Kopi Tarik. 

Toast Box
Basement level, Trinoma
Quezon City

P.S. I’m craving now!!!

TMTP Moonleaf Tea Shop

The Milk Tea Project (TMTP) will officially commence in Moonleaf Tea Shop in Maginhawa street.


Moonleaf is quite young for a milk tea brand, not even having their first year. However, the brand is boasting already of quite a number of loyal customers. I’ve tried their basic drink, Pearl Milk Tea, and it isn’t too far from the others, though I noticed that it’s less sweeter and it tastes more of tea than of sugar (or non-dairy creamer) – which by the way is the case for some tea shops. I’m not a big fan of pearls or tapioca, but Moonleaf’s are soft and chewy and, again, less sweet. Some tapioca versions tend to be sweet.

*insert awesome photo of menu*

Fine, I forgot. But I will post it when I get the chance to. They only have a few items in their menu, including bestsellers Wintermelon, Yogurt, Tiramisu for milk-based drinks, and Passion Fruit and Lychee Yakult for Fruit-based ones. My personal favorite would be the Yogurt milk tea – you can imagine sipping some 700ml of Yakult! I like it that way :P

Price is relatively cheaper than other brands, ranging from PhP 45 to PhP 75, depending on the variant, on a single size only. And oh! I hate hate hate myself for forgetting to take a photo of the menu. The menu is designed by Cineaste President Jan Pineda and it is basking on glorious minimalism. Moonleaf got kickass design, you see!


I like it how minimalist the furniture is, too! The place can get packed, so be sure to have something to reserve your seat. Also, be kind and share your seat. Outlets are available, so you can prolly do your stuff here. Be sure to be patient enough because it tends to get noisy with all of the people talking all at the same time, though you may always opt to stay at the al fresco.


They have a community board where you can pin your business card, pub mats, posters, doodles, and pretty much everything. It’s fun reading them – who knows you find your next client or business partner here! Most of the events posted are in UP, since it’s very near the place.


Check out also how this cafe turns into a complete and full-packed event place when they had their grand opening and when we last held Anteroom Sessions here.

Mostly, students fill the place with their laptops and books. But sometimes, I see people dressed to the nines capping the night off here also. Sometimes, it’s just a milk tea addict like me who travels all the way just for the sake.


Pat approves of the Pearl Milk Tea! APRUB! 

Moonleaf Tea Shop started out as a small take-out shop at the corner of Magiting and Maginhawa street in Teacher’s Village, Diliman. Nearing their first year in the business, Moonleaf opened their flagship store in Maginhawa, and more branches coming even as franchising has opened.


Do tune in for their big anniversary celebration this October!

Moonleaf Tea Shop
103 Maginhawa street
UP Teacher’s Village
Diliman, Quezon City
Also in Magiting, Katipunan, and UST

The Milk Tea Project

One of the series of reviews that I am planning for a very long time. Actually a long overdue concept that I have – look here. I’ve been a milk tea fanboy even before it became a craze. However, it has been in the business for quite some time – dating back to 90’s where in they only have Easy Way kiosks and take-out counters and, I’m not sure, Quickly, and even way more back in other Asian countries like Taiwan, Singapore, and Thailand.

But milk tea has evolved into somewhat a lifestyle now. Today, we have milk tea cafes – complete with couches, music, and magazines in store. Kiosks and take-out counters are still there, but the realization that milk tea can be more enjoyable in a another setting definitely raised the bar for current and new players.

According to one of my friends (who is a marketing manager for a milk tea brand) today, it still matters that your tea tastes good, but what matters really now is the experience – the lifestyle. How would one offer milk tea that it provides not only an extravaganza for the taste buds, but an experience for all of the senses as well.

There goes myself again being so romantic about milk tea. Anyway. I really don’t want to be so formal and scientific but I came up with these parameters to somehow measure (OO NA ANG GEEKY!) the overall milk tea experience:

  1. Basic milk tea (termed Milk Tea, Royal Milk Tea, Pearl Milk Tea, etc.) For the sake of the majority, I’m doing pearls.
  2. Extent of menu.
  3. Location and setup.
  4. Ambiance and crowd.

I have special categories in which I also feature my favorite drink, and a guest favorite. These reviews, however I tried to be objective, will be completely reliable on my taste and opinion. So feel free to share your thoughts in the upcoming posts.

I’m more than stoked to start this project!

Last (last) Friday Night

Probably one of those nights when you planned a lot of things, but then nothing pushed through and yer pissed, but you enjoyed afterwards nonetheless.

DSC_1218Always start with milk tea.


DSC_1221Hello Escy! We called her up when everyone bailed on us. Straight from werq!

DSC_1235Was forced to have pearls because of my milk tea project. Coming soon…

DSC_1236Escy doesn’t like milk tea. Oh but she will >:)

DSC_1237Happy campers!

DSC_1239Took a stroll.

DSC_1242Ate dinner. Actually, just Escy.

DSC_1243Why is it taking so loooooooong?! *tummy grumble*

DSC_1244Went to Timezone to exchange Lizzy’s tickets.


DSC_1246And there was so much! Got pencils to donate somewhere.

We actually planned to watch Urbandub that night but because we’re tired and we’re just really up for some couch crashing, we just watched some movies at Hanna’s pad. Escy started to crash. I followed suit. The drunk ban was on our face but we were like drunk out of sleep deprivation. Planned to go home by 5am, but then we crashed at the same time. Woke up at 8am, Tita Heidi was laughing ’cause apparently I was planking in her couch. Ate at Mcdo for late breakfast, talked about long weekend plans, went home, and then went to Eiga Sai.

Do it all again.

Orchard Road

Food Coma Alert!!! Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you. LOL!

DSC_0915Roasted Hainanese Chicken

If there is something I really enjoyed about Singapore, it would be their food. And thank God for a few restaurants in Manila offering authentic Singaporean (usually with Malaysian) fare, my taste buds won’t miss the streets of Singapore that badly.

DSC_0905Flavor mixes

DSC_0906Tea/Coffee corner


DSC_0908Chili. Everywhere there’s chili.



DSC_0914They look like dancing Single Ladies. LOL!


DSC_0917This is how they clean their woks.



DSC_0925Dessert-making – looks like our local halo-halo!

Introducing the Orchard Road dinner pass. It’s given to you once you eat here and it is composed of two vouchers wherein you get an item stamped when you order a specific menu item. Once you completed the stamps, you get PhP 200 off your next meal. We were invited to take the flavors of Orchard Road to test and to kick start our own dinner passes.

DSC_0928Laksa. I just have to have it extra spicy.

DSC_0929Hainanese Chicken. All I need with my Hainanese chicken is to have an extra drizzle of Sesame Oil. Oh, this version is so good, I can travel back to Singapore just by eating.  

DSC_0932Curry Chicken. Meat is incredibly tender and moist at the same time. Of course, you can’t miss the kick of the curry. WATER!!!

DSC_0933Satay. Pretty much like our barbecue with a twist.

DSC_0935Singapore Fried Chicken. You won’t believe the crunch in every bite. Crunchy in the outside and tender and moist in the inside. Can’t get any better than that.

DSC_0927Teh Tarik. I never eat Singaporean without a helping or two. This is the parameter if I will come back or not. LOL!!! But seriously, it has to be good! This one is good!

DSC_0926Iced Kachang. It’s like an inverted halo-halo where most of the toppings are in the bottom, topped with flavored ice and lots of condensed milk. Definitely for the sweet tooth.

DSC_0936Making Teh and Kopi Tarik.





DSC_0943A chef from the dessert kitchen came over to demonstrate the making of the famous Teh Tarik and Kopi Tarik. It’s simply coffee or tea with condensed milk. The secret of the drink, however is in the manner of preparing it – instead of manually shaking, one has to “pull” it to achieve the frothy result.


DSC_0945The froth of the Teh/Kopi Tarik comes from the “pull” done while preparing it. 

Thank you Orchard Road, Sean, and the rest of Agatep Associates, Inc. for inviting me for a sumptuous degustation. Indeed I went home with a stouter heart for Singaporean food! It’s officially my favorite cuisine now! I can’t wait for the next one!!!


DSC_0951Team Certified Foodies

DSC_0952Runaway Blogger and My Kitchen Haven. LOL at Ethan’s face!!!


DSC_0956Team When in Manila


DSC_0974Agatep Associates

What’s your favorite Singaporean dish?



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XIE XIE: The Moonleaf Tea Shop Grand Launch!


This Friday, Moonleaf Tea Shop celebrate and thank YOU for making Moonleaf your favourite milk tea shop!


– They’re formally launching their flagship store, Moonleaf Maginhawa!
– Get the New MOONLEAF TEA SHOP LOYALTY CARD with every purchase!


– Invite your friends for a group photo in one of our photo booths, submit it as an entry to win prizes for THE MOST CREATIVE TEAM PHOTO, BEST INTERPRETATION OF THE THEME and MOST NUMBER OF PEOPLE W/ MOONLEAF DRINK IN A PHOTO. (Check FB page for contest details).


– EXCLUSIVE FREEBIES and DISCOUNTS from our event partners for every drink you buy!
– A chance to win HOURLY PRIZES when you are inside the store!


– Starts at 7:00PM.
– Premiere of Moonleaf Tea Shop Video Presentation.
– Moonleaf Main Man, Adrian Adriano’s birthday celebration.


RSVP to the event and also like their Facebook pages!

Moonleaf Tea Shop
103 Maginhawa street
UP Teacher’s Village
Diliman, Quezon City


And did I mention that they were sponsors of the Harry Potter screening by Zed yesterday?! This brand is getting bigger and bigger. And I am so excited on what they have to offer! Visit Moonleaf Tea Shop later and get amazing freebies, aside of course from your very luscious milk tea drink! I’m also excited with our upcoming collaboration (not the blog, but something I’m working out with.) There’s so much happening at Moonleaf Tea Shop!

Will be dropping by after the Cinemalaya opening night! Say hi, when you see me!


SG at Night

This is one of the highlights of my short stay in Singapore. I haven’t really tried low-light photography that much, so I am pretty much experimenting on these. I walked from Nanson Road – Liang Court – Singapore River Cruise – Clarke Quay – City Hall – Raffles – Orchard – 60’s Old Street – Gallery Hotel.

Bridge near The Gallery.


Singapore River.




Riverside point.


Clarke Quay.



Bokeh exercise!






This kid is my seatmate and is so kulit! When I point my camera to her, she just smiles then hides her face. Cute kid!







Bungee jump at Clarke Quay.




The city and the lights —


Asian Civilisations Museum.



The Fullerton Hotel.



The Esplanade from afar.




Marina Bay Sands.




Merlion statue.






This building with a UFO-like structure at the top is their Supreme Court. Cool, eh?


Say hi to Mr. Tan, our tour guide during the River Cruise.


He even took my picture! He’s so nice.




BK Whopper Bar at Clarke Quay.


FINE City. Witty LOL!




I don’t think I’d have the guts to try this one – Bungee Jump at Clarke Quay.




Fort Canning Park.


Funan Digital Mall .



I saw this on Orchard Road and I don’t know what to call it… If you do, please comment below.


60’s Old Street – where you can find authentic Hainanese Chicken and other Singaporean cuisine items at midnight.



Hainanese Chicken. Since I only have this at Toast Box in Manila, I think it’s difference is that it has more sesame oil than it does here. Nonetheless, it tastes so fresh.


Dumpling Soup. Filled with vegetables, dried fish and a generous number of dumplings in fish broth.


Nanyang Milk Tea. Condensed Milk + Teh + Ice. Simplest milk tea I had, but I think it’s my favorite. I had two servings during that night, and another before boarding. I love milk tea!



I got lost, my feet ached, got very tired and hungry but it’s definitely worth it! I❤SG!

Tune in for more…