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Moonleaf: My Summer Staycation 2012

Come to think of it, staycation isn’t a bad idea at all. Though I’d really love to be in the islands by now because of this heat staring down at us, the city isn’t that unbearable with my favorite milk tea in hand.

See you all at Moonleaf!


Photography by Joseph Pascual
Videography by Judd Figuerres

With Sasha Palomares, Justine Aure, Rutherford Perez, Gela Abores and Bruce Venida

Make up & grooming by Kim Alcoreza
Production & Set Design by Dreps Tatad and Jan Pineda

I’ll post the whole campaign and BTS by moi soon! 

Close Up Pyromusical + Concert!

DSC_1005It felt like I threw a big birthday party! LOLz!

DSC_1003Ian Batherson, Valerie Weigmann

DSC_1006Never the Strangers


I was invited to the press conference, pyromusical, and concert held by Close Up Philippines on the same day my birthday is! I really had plans with friends to watch the fireworks on my birthday when they invited me so I requested if I can bring along Angela and Hanna as well! Thank you to Close Up for accommodating me and my friends!!! I really felt special that day – they even greeted me on Twitter that day, it was so crazy!




We were led to the VIP section of the Close Up stage. They had a separate stage from the SM stage (which is near the bay area.) Very excluded from the crowd outside, and it was just comfy there. I didn’t even have to worry about my things. Most importantly, I could see the artists perform really near, and of course, take good photos!



DSC_1021Thanks to Audrey, Dom, and (missing in the photo) Carla for the invite!



The pyromusical was up first! Italy presented first —














Then, an intermission. The #NewCloseUpSong was introduced and some former Close Up hits were also played.




DSC_1088Gino Padilla




DSC_1096Rico Blanco






DSC_1110And Never The Strangers with the #NewCloseUpSong, Moving Closer



The winners of the Pyromusical were announced, then the Philippine team  presented. There was a technical difficulty, and seriously SM needs back up plans when this happens again. Anyhow, they recovered after some 30+ minutes and continued with the show. Nothing really spectacular but it was good.











And then more artists performed!!!!




DSC_0055Barbie Almalbis







Rico Blanco, who was also celebrating his birthday that day, was the last to perform! He did quite a set and I was actually singing to Antukin and Liwanag sa Dilim. Thank you, Rico, for singing such beautiful songs! It was very appropriate for our birthday!

DSC_0066Another Rico! DJ Rico Robles!



It was a tiring day (and night) at MOA, but the party ain’t over since some friends are waiting over at Delish in Maginhawa for some drinks!!! Love these guys to bits!!!

I can’t wait til my next birthday! So far, it just gets better and better!

Just got inked!

So my birthday dinner with the fam bam just ended but I still have birthday things going on until the end of next week. And while I am currently lost where and how to start telling you guys how my birthday week went, I think I’ll start with this one.




I know these kind of decisions needs some sort of plan or thinking – or more thinking for that matter; but believe me, for us – Pat and I, all we need was alcohol, sisig, and all the bullshit in life (haha ang emo, kay?) It was all spontaneous, we were drinking and talking about our usual shit on love, when there were bored stares across Tomato Kick and that familiar tattoo shop stood still, where at its doors we once told we’re gonna get inked ourselves.





Finally, the bored words came out of my mouth. But knowing me, it was probably just thinking out loud. And knowing my friend, there’s no way out of this. It was a spur of the moment. It was a now-or-never kind of thing.






Noone gets to judge me, heh.


Not really that I do not want to, to explain my hesitance . In fact, I wanted it so badly. I pride myself for having a high pain threshold, so it’s not the fear of needles. It was just so sudden, I think. And while I’m a fan of spontaneity, I think it’s very different from this suddenness. Actually, it’s not my strongest suit to boot (I don’t know if I have the face to blog about it, but meh that’s another post.)


DSC_0371A tattoo artist’s happy art set


So off we go to 55TINTA and after a few papers to sign, we’re good to go. Pat, usually the braver of us two, went first. Pwede ko ring sabihing gentleman ako, at pinairal ko ang ladies first, but who would believe me, really? Haha!

DSC_0375The room smells so antiseptic. Reminds me of the hospital.






Pat had the word Might inked on her shoulder. Might is a very strong word, meaning both strength and possibilities. Now might is in Pat’s shoulders.

DSC_0384Uh, excuse the thighs.


And mine’s a red shadeless triangle. I really haven’t thought why I want a triangle. Unlike Pat, I really did not put much thought on what to get myself though I have been contemplating this triangle for quite some time. And before you drop the h-word, please know that it’s not my me. I think I just like the shape, and am fascinated how it points up.

DSC_0390And there I was reminded of my college practice injections. Oh how grateful I am I know what is the feeling of being pricked.





As I couldn’t turn my head on a full 180 and I wanted my tattoo on the upper back or nape portion, I asked Pat to position my tattoo for me. She came up with the witty idea of leaving the tip exposed when I’m wearing a shirt….


…something just dawned in me. Most people only get to see me in the surface. And in order for someone to really know me, they have to scratch the surface and strip me. Good call on that, ain’t it?


I really have a long emotional narrative, but I think I’ll keep that thought for a while. For now, I really love my tat and am kinda contemplating if I’ll have one more. Where should I have it kaya? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm… Where’d you put yours?

55 Magingawa st. Teacher’s Village
Diliman, Quezon City
024353383 | 09088733871
Facebook | Twitter

Coffee Way

Maginhawa street in Teacher’s Village is always full of surprises. Every now and then, new restaurants pop up – what with the plethora of the neighborhood’s fresh and vibrant patrons, the offerings here are endless.

DSC_0662Tuna Tortilla Wrap was incredibly small, but really packed with flavor. I’m not disappointed with its size because it just costs PhP 15. It’s fine for a very good wrap.

DSC_0663I enjoyed the Chicken Caramba which I have no idea where it got its name. I just knew that it’s so tasty and herby – just the way I liked it. Of course, the plenty serving of rice is commendable (takaw ko lang)


DSC_0665For a creamy dish, Creamy Chicken is a little bit salty. But indeed just right with heaping steamed rice.

DSC_0669Mini Tacos. I’ve learned not to expect from non-Mexican restaurants with Mexican fare. But this taco is just fine… could use a lil bit of Mexican seasonings, but what they lack they make up for plenty of cheese.


There might be always something new in Maginhawa, but let’s not forget those who stayed. I remembered hanging out here when I was still in college, when there were few reliable wi-fi hotspots around. I love their affogato, but I never knew they serve good food! And the interiors inside are just adorbs!



Coffee Way is not just a cafe by the way. There’s a studio for rent upstairs for bands who want a practice spot!

Coffee Way
72-A Maginhawa street, Teacher’s Village
Diliman, Quezon City
5pm – 11pm

February Roundup

I’ve been a lazy blogger. Oh forgive me.
Here are some photos/stuff I should’ve blogged days ago, but I kept on going home late *hic* and/or was just too lazy. Just lazy. Errrr.
My #MarchWish is to be a more diligent blogger (haha!) and to freaking save some money.

Anyway, I digress!


Post V-date with Coco and Frank


This Spinach and Artichoke cheese dip is seriously clogging my arteries. SO GOOD! I’ll suggest though, if you can request to replace the toast with some more pita, do it. I miss eating at Cyma!! By far, is still the best Mediterranean place in Mega Manila!


My staple order when having Greek at the middle of the day – Lamb Gyros with potato wedges. I really can’t say if the Gyro in Cyma shrunk, but I remember having bigger ones then. Nevertheless the taste still didn’t change. If only I can have this everyday… I’ll have a year only to live, haha! So sinful!


DSC_0512Gandiz!!! Virginal!!! LOL!

Watched The Vow after… with all the hype and cheesiness going on. I didn’t know what to expect after watching it, but after knowing that it was based on a true story, I came to appreciate the story. I really haven’t moved on from One Day and we still watched a depressing love story. Oh, why do I do this to myself? *laughs very hard*



DSC_0522Yuck, I look so fat here!!! And red!

This was the last V-date I had for that week. It was crazy though, I drank everyday, except for V-day itself because it was the busiest. Didn’t regret any of it though. Now, I let my liver rest.


Thysz’s birthday!






I love how the clouds were so perfect on Thysz’s birthday!!! You know my love for clouds… they kinda predict for me whether the day would be good or bad. Yeah, I’m weird like that.




Fierce sisters!!!!!!!!!!




 Words aren’t enough to express my gratitude and respect for Mama Thysz and how she really taught me so much for only a little time. Also for giving me a chance of a lifetime to work with her in the company in its infancy stage. Thank you Mama Thysz!!!



Vincent Moon Night with Pate and Hanna






It’s always fun hanging out with these two girls (feel ko kasing girl din ako, chos!) But seriously, it’s been months since I saw them, so I really really miss them! We went to Moon’s Take Away Show screening at Big Bad Wold (which really deserves to be visited again!) As promised, I’ll do a separate blog post on this wonderful, laid back event.

AND OH! It’s Hanna’s birthday today!!! Tweet @cotober and greet her!!!


It’s MARCH already!!! It’s my favorite month. Huzzah for my birthday month! And in traditional Jonver fashion, I’ll be calling it __th of March. Also it used to be vacation month, but whatever happened to it — I feel so old not having summer vacations at all!

But I really want to get away, even for just a couple of days, if only I didn’t use up all my savings… again! I really need to save up godamnit.

Hump Day


Wednesdays are called Hump Day because of the assumption that the week is a hill, and Wednesday is the “hump” of the hill. It signifies the passing of another workweek and the approaching of the weekend.




It may also mean you’re dead tired and you can’t wait to rape your bed… or someone in your bed for that matter :P As for me, I just can’t wait for a hearty meal (pun intended.)




DSC_0162Pati ang Sola lady, talikogenic. LOL!


Maybe I should’ve titled this post Talikogenic instead. Plenty of backs, indeed.  Alright then, here are faces.


Meet my graphic designer friend, Jan Pineda. He’s responsible for the incredibly ultraminimalist designs at our favorite tea shop, Moonleaf (nuks!)


Also, meet Carlos Quijon, Jr. (or Jun-Jun. He’ll kill me if he’d read I called him that on my blog, haha!) He’s doing copywriting for us as of late. He’s a pretty good darn literary writer as well. Try googling him.

Our lovely sexy-tary Justine Aure is also with us! We’ve been officemates for 2 (or 3) days for now and she’s kinda responsible why I’m so “hungry” now. Head over to her blog!


Our hungry party of four marched along Masinsinan street to satisfy the need to engulf nutritive particles to nourish our flesh. Oh why is eating an evil need? I need to lose my lovehandles before beach season comes!

DSC_0166V-mar Kitchenette is ready for V-day. 


To start off, I ordered my poison. I’d never survive a busy day without my caffeine. This in my second helping already. And right now I’m half-decided to go get another half liter.

DSC_0169Regular sugar. I forgot how good this tastes already.


Jan with his Camaron Rebosado. It’s my first time to eat with these people and my camera in tote.  So I bet I kinda startled them when I started shooting away their food. I won’t ask them to share with me, but my grumbling tummy made me forget that.


Carlos likes Seafood Kare-Kare too much. Though you can’t see any seafood in the photo. It has mini-clams, shrimp, and more mini-clams. I love it the first try, so I understand why he ordered it again. Gawd, am I boring you already?


There is no way to make this photo beautiful but Crispy Dinuguan is definitely a bloody tasty dish. I’ve been eating lechon kawali for days already and I can’t see myself stopping. God save my arteries.

I’d love to share Justine’s Tocilog but I started devouring my food as soon as it got to me. V-mar was also very generous to let us taste their Dark Chocolate Crinkles, which btw is in my list of to-bring-home-but-not-share. Kidding! Or maybe I am not. Hahaha!


We’re back at Maginhawa, and we stopped for Ministop (now doesn’t that sound redundant?) I find it amusing to have taken a photo of the new and old Maginhawa street sign. I didn’t even notice before clicking the shutter. Oh how time flies.

DSC_0174Hipster photo? You judge.



Once again, I like light art + zoom + talikogenic photo.


Back at home base to work some more. Meeting ensued after a few hours.


That was a busy, happy hump day!!! Again, again!!!

Early Weekly Wrap-up

So I feel like wrapping up earlier than Sunday (usual it’s-a-wrap day). It’s also a bit weird, I don’t have photos, which I also usually do with these kind of things. I’ll bullet things for a wee bit of coherence (which I am totally not making any right now :P)

  • This week marked the beginning of my new job. I’m really blessed to find a job even after resigning a couple of times. I’ve been telling this to myself – this time, Imma make sure I stay. I need to value the importance of having a job that I honestly enjoy these days.
  • In contrast to last week, I haven’t watched a single movie this week. Though tonight I promised myself I’d watch one – Shame (2011), and read to my sleep.

  • I’d love to go back to Cebu, but while others are getting ready for Sinulog, I’m snuggling up in bed in this cold Bulacan weather, nothing beats…
  • …and perhaps I’ll watch The Big Bang Theory! Yay, new episode!!! Watch this first though —

  • OW! Grey’s Anatomy too! I’m kinda ashamed now that I’m broadcasting to the whole world that there’s a part of my life glued to these series… BUT THEY’RE GODDAMN GOOD, I WON’T STOP.

  • I’m planning to buy my own domain name next week… FINALLY.
  • Southeast Asia is really my thing now, but just as when I’ve gone blog hopping to research – Tricia blogged about Fukuoka, Lori blogged about Hatsu Hana Tei, that was linked to A WHOLE LOT OF TOKYO TRIPS, and I want to watch the Rurouni Kenshin live action movie. All of a sudden, it’s all about Japan. Don’t even get me started about Japan! I’m confused now…

  • Anyhow, I found a new blog. He’s pretty popular already, but I just knew of his blog just now. Erwan’s blog relived my first love, and the almost exclusive purpose of this blog – FOOD. And that he hosts a cooking show in his blog – I ENVY!
  • There’s this really interesting hole-in-the-wall restaurant in Matimtiman street near  Maginhawa street. V-Mar Kitchenette serves good food for value and we’ve been here twice already this week. Maybe I’ll feature it one of these days. Try their Crispy Kare-Kare and try to snag a foursquare mayorship from me #geek :P

So much for oversharing! Thanks for always dropping by, and I hope you don’t mind my blurbs every now and then. Yes I know there’s Twitter for that. But what the heck. There’d be events to blog about soon ’cause I can feel ’em pouring down later this month and before we know it, it’s February already!!! INTENSE!

I’ll leave you to this song which I am awfully LSS-ed to —

Happy Sinulog/ordinary weekend, everyone!

Hello! Did you miss me?

I know it’s so bipolar-ish of me to be so happy after my existential x philosophical x dreading post about Christmas. But hey, again — if we can be happy everyday, and Christmas is JUST another day. Then we can be happy on Christmas day. Merry Christmas IS appropriate to say! :P

A few updates before I start my backlog-killing spree! (Oh fun!)

  • Our benefit pop-up bazaar at Moonleaf Maginhawa turned out to be success! We raised over PhP23,000 for Northern Mindanao! Way to go bloggers and shoppers! Moonleaf is still accepting donations up until the end of this day ONLY.

  • I’m so excited to share to you my Bicol adventure! Well, not really an adventure as I was there for the First Bicol Social Media Workshop! Had a grand time with students from Bicol University!

PPhoto by one of the students from BU

  • Right after touchdown in Manila, I went straight to prep for my sister’s debut! Angel @ 18 was a huge success, and I’m so proud of my sister!!!

Angel’s so pretty!

Syempre, di ako pakakabog! Unkabogable KUYA!

  • HAD THE GRANDEST TIME AT PdP’S CHRISTMAS PARTYYYY! Pictures to follow! So sad though others didn’t make it na.
  • I still have utang posts about PdP’s blogger hangout at Milky & Sunny and  Dr. Marten’s re-opening in the PH! It was so much fun!!! *oh forgive the lag, December is a busy month :(*

Photo by Miko Carreon

  • The Moonleaf Tea Shop Planner giveaway is still on UNTIL the end of this day (Dec. 24, 11:59pm) I hadn’t have time to read every comment, but it seems to me, so far, that everyone LOVES the Moonleaf planner!

  • My already-stout heart has been made even stouter by people giving stuff to me for Christmas. I love you all, guys and gals ❤
  • And if you haven’t got anything for me, just refer to this Wishlist. CHAROT! But yeah, you can give me anything from the list. Do not hesitate, please. HAHA! #makapal #ohyeah!

So that’s pretty much everything happening! If you must know, after my backlogs I’m on to my Pokemon workout and will finish probably American Psycho (and probably also, succumb into downloading Haruki Murakami e-books.) HAHA!


PdP pop-up shop for Northern Mindanao!

122411 UPDATE: EVERYONE, THANK YOU SO MUCH! We have raised over PhP 23,000 for Northern Mindanao and we couldn’t have done it without you! Thank you for supporting this relief drive and we are happy that we had the opportunity to help our fellow Filipinos! Let’s keep the helping spirit up! Merry Christmas everyone!

You probably heard every single effort to help Northern Mindanao. And it’s uplifting my heart to see Filipinos exerting every effort to volunteer/help/donate.

We at PdP want to help in the best way possible! The primary need now in CDO and Iligan are food and water. So instead of donating used clothes (and the alleged spring cleaning of some, evidenced by the presence of lace underwear and sequined outfits in the stash. OH REALLY? I’m so sorry, I just have to say that) we could donate food and water, or MONEY to be used to buy food and water for the Mindanaoans.

On Dec. 23, PdP will be having a pop-up shop at Moonleaf Tea Shop Maginhawa for the benefit of Sendong victims. We will be there along with several brands and bloggers who will be selling old and new stuff with proceeds to go to CDO and Iligan City. We hope that in our ways, however little they may be, we get to contribute and help our unfortunate brothers and sisters.

It’s Christmas and there’s no better way but to send love to those unfortunate ones. Please spread the word!

Poster by Dan Matutina

Moonleaf Tea Shop 2012 Planner + GIVEAWAY!

As you may have read, THE planner of the season had hit Manila a week ago, and now — NOW I HAVE IT IN MY HANDS! (I am still in Moonleaf – Maginhawa as I type, so still no photos, haha!) But I have some photos from their Facebook account!

The Moonleaf 2012 Planner comes in a hard-bound, 100-page book form made with high-quality paper. The design is minimalist (they said no fuss right?) and is inspired by the beauty of (what else?) the moon. Your whole week is laid out in a 2-page spread: great for writing in lots of reminders!

Your planner comes with:

ONE – Nifty felt bookmark (made by our friends at http://www.tweeshoponline.com)

SIX – 10% discount coupons you can use THE WHOLE YEAR! (conditions apply)

TWO – FREE DRINK COUPONS you can use on your birthday and on our anniversary! (conditions apply)

There are LIMITED STOCKS for each branch so the planners are available only WHILE SUPPLIES LAST.

Also comes in a black variant!

So what do you do now?! THIS IS LIMITED ONLY! You should go now and BUY it while it lasts…

OR join this giveaway!!! Yes I am giving away ONE WHITE MOONLEAF 2012 PLANNER! All you have to do is to follow these simple steps:

  1. ANYONE can join this contest!
  2. Follow @moonleafteashop in Twitter and their Facebook account as well.
  3. Follow me @Jonver_David, too!
  4. Answer this question and comment in this post:

Why do you like the Moonleaf 2012 planner?

Best comment will win the planner!

Just like that, and have a chance to win the MOONLEAF 2012 PLANNER. Winner will be announced at December 24, 2011 11:59pm! I will be the Santa Claus who will be giving a very precious (and beautiful, indeed!) planner!

It’s a wonderful 2012 coming, I can feel it. Even better with this exclusive 2012 planner by Moonleaf Tea Shop!