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Bench goes Korean cray cray!

WHOA. A moment there. Backlog alert. This was weeks ago, and if I say weeks, it’s been almost a month. I really should find time to write here, and…

…a disclaimer: I know… you’re new to the KPOP thing here in my blog. BUT try working at our office, they’re gonna make you appreciate it! Haha. AND THE FOLLOWING PICTURES WILL HAVE YOU SQUIRMING. And hope they speak fluent English.

Now to the juicy fun part. Introducing Super Junior’s Siwon and Donghae for fashion mogul Bench…





So here’s Siwon. He’s the action-star-more-tough-looking of the two. I actually find him just okay (wow lang, feeling ganda lang) but undoubtedly he’s more sculpted than his Bench co-endorser. SEARCH. HIS. PHOTOS… only if you don’t believe me. Now onto the Korean apple of my eyes —


I honestly swore that I won’t scream like a jej fangirl, but scream I did. Not like a jej one tho… Like a dying sorta wailing girl. WHO WON’T?! Donghae reminds me of this one crush who mare-zoned me. Haha!




Donghae’s even cuter up close. Actually, they could be a couple. My friend from Singapore actually told me that it’s a popular fan-tasy. HAHA! Don’t get me started!!!

Hope I still find time to upload some photos from my camera (I know some of you are sick of the press release photos, sarreh. My lazy ass begs for your apology.)

P.S. Don’t we all hope they walk the runway for Bench’s underwear fashion show this SEPTEMBER. Imma die. Imma die a happy death, hihi


No, not the Greek restaurant favorite phrase when they flambe cheese in front of you and you just get scared of your life for a good two seconds. Then you burn your tongue after, and drink Ouzo and further burn your throat. No it is not… And for the record, I love Greek food. I really do. Oh shit, now I’m hungreh.

BUT THIS. THIS IS OPPA GANGNAM STYLE. I can attest that at first it really is annoying. Not kinda. It is really annoying. But give it a chance. Last through the whole song…

And maybe, you’ll sing it in your own concert like Nelly Furtado did here in Manila! Hehe, it sticks like a sticky gum in the heel of your shoe. It just won’t die!!!

Mehehehehehehe. You just got infected by the Gangname Style. Sorry, didn’t warn you earlier hehehehehehehe


Made my day

My day didn’t really start the way I planned it to be, but this video just turned it upside down. Isn’t he SO cute?

*Censored thoughts: I’d smother that whole jar of Nuttela to his body and… hahaha, there’s a reason why it’s called censored thoughts hahaha*