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Can you guess what they’re singing?

Jay would be proud.

Hunger Games AGAIN


So hi there again! This day couldn’t get any lazier… It’s the longest I’ve been home since I got a job again back in January. And I was just blog-hopping and checking tweets, and oh, changed my Facebook profile picture. But that doesn’t interest you, and most importantly, is not connected to my blog post title. Sheesh, forgive the three year-old in me.


Anyhoo, I’ve watched The Hunger Games again before the holiday, and I still couldn’t pull out a decent movie review out of my brain. Remember that I haven’t seen anything that I haven’t seen before? Yeah count this one in. I know there are plenty other films to watch, but I just couldn’t pass up with watching a fellow fan and shrieking like a girl and like nobody cared.

DSC_0426Aaron Yeo visited Angel for her birthday! How sweet of this guy! 


DSC_0429This is new to us. When did SM start using this for movies?


DSC_0431Hello everyone, meet the birthday girl! I love Angel‘s new hair!!


DSC_0433These Apple flats from Manels are genius!



We had dinner at the newly renovated Yabu. It was bigger, but it still is crowded. Maybe they should get a bigger place of their own, and not just in a mall #justsayin. Anyway, the food is still how I liked it the first time I was there. I ordered the Rosu (instead of my favorite Kurobota.) The meat was still succulent, thanks to the all-encompassing presence of fat in the meat. I shall try the Hire some other time, or even the Chicken and Seafood katsu. But for now, I’m having and am happy with my pork, yes, thank you.



I couldn’t emphasize how I LOVE the cabbage salad. I almost asked the waitress to omit the rice from my order, but my bill would be the same, so I had rice. Next time though I wouldn’t have the rice. Cabbage and Katsu is heaven and it should stay as is. (Blogging this on a Good Friday does not help, I’m hungry and there are no places to eat at but home.)

About that Hunger Games date. What can I say? Aaron hasn’t watched it yet, and Angel and I were going for round two. AND. I. STILL. CAN’T. BELIEVE. HOW. GOOD. IT. IS!!!! I mean, bashers can bash all they want, book purists can just stay with their books and force an imaginary filmed one in their minds, but yes I’ll take this film with ME as good excellent! I’d like to blab all I’ve said to everybody I talked with this, but I’m saving it for a legit movie review (if I ever come with a decent one, lol)

And of course, give me the benefit of gayness. Josh Hutcherson‘s Peeta IS an eyecandy, and has the perfect underdog puppy eyes look to this wildly feminine series. And also, who could forget Alexander Ludwig’s Cato?! SERIOUSLY, how and when did he get that sizzling hot? That may have to answer to the basher’s casting fail, less pedophilia in District 2 is really a high-numbered incident! Of course, I’m joking. Die, bashers. No, really. Peace and love everyone! :P


Folded and Hung basic v-neck tee, Levi’s distressed denim pants, Thrifted Rolling Stones hooded jacket, Reebok high cut kicks

Thanks to Aaron for the photo!

I semi-want and not want to explain my outfit. This is my guilty outfit, where I just throw a random set of clothes (well mostly monochromatic,) wear jacket, and wear rubber shoes. Haha! These are the days when I just want to be comfy and not care. But, who knew, it actually worked. And I thought also that this is my Hunger Games look. Haha, with the pants smeared with jizz mud. I wish I wore boots though for more THG.

ANYWAY, before I forget. Happy, happy birthday again to the only one blogging wonder woman that is Angeline! It was really fun hanging with you, spending the last few hours before all closes down for the break. Hope you really had a good one. I hope I can join you girls in Titanic 3D this Wednesday… we’ll be shrieking trying-not-to-shriek girls again. Or maybe another round of Hunger Games. Hahahahaha!

P.S. Seriously, if anyone would ask me to watch with him/her The Hunger Games again, I’d definitely say YES without any doubt.

What to expect from Battalia Royale?

This post has been sleeping in my drafts folder for weeks already. Before you can blurt out how a bad blogger I am (alright, sometimes I am haha) do bear in mind that it’s just so hard to describe at the least how my actual exact Battalia  Royale experience is like.



DSC_0753Watched with Carlos and Jan



I think, as always, the best way to give a biteful of what transpired is to show these photos with extreme fanboy captioning. Forgive the inner fanboy. Haha!

DSC_0757Spotted: Production set designer for BR, Leeroy New

DSC_0758The lovely military-inspired event marshalls




This is already the second set of runs they did for March. It was held at the abandoned Victoria High School in Cubao. The place was eerily perfect and who knew if there were real ghosts and ghouls while we were watching.



I wanted to dress up and I couldn’t think of anything but a fashionable Type B military outfit. Kids who didn’t take CAT in High School barely can relate to what Type B is all about.




If you watched Battle Royale, the Japanese dystopia film which you really should watch, you can easily relate to it. There were some scenes that were lifted from the film, and some are tweaked to suit to the Filipino taste, and some are humorous referencing. I remember Kiriyama (Kevin Vitug) blurt out “…quick the hovercraft will come any minute” which is just so Hunger Games, haha!

DSC_0777Forgive the photos of Stephen, #AlamNa



There were about five to six stages which the blood-hungry audience should transfer from one to another. So wearing boots may not be your best bet if you have trouble moving around on it. You’ll stand, sit, and as for me, sometimes trip. I brought home bruises in the hands, elbows, knees and eyebrows. It had to come to a point that I had to choose to fall flat in my face to save my camera. But that’s an isolated case. If you’re not as clumsy as I am, you’re good to go.





And oh, if you’re iffy about going home “bloody”, do not wear white! Hahaha, some really intended to go home bloody, but for me I wore black. My mom will annihilate me at the sight of a white shirt drenched in red stuff.









Cameras are allowed (good thing!) but watch out for it. Place would be cramped, blood splashing from anywhere, and you might miss some good scenes. Or you’ll have to pick your face in the floor, if you’re like me.


DSC_0819My favorite scene!








Be ready to KILL! I don’t know if they’re gonna lift this scene for the September run but a student named Timothy was “auctioned” to the audience to kill. If you act good in the minigame at the start of the play, you’d be awarded to be a part of the  act. WHAT. A. BRILLIANT. IDEA. I love how these people think.

DSC_0862This was supposed to be a gay-ish scene. But Alab (with bandana) was played by a girl


DSC_0865And here’s two thumbs up to my favorite Battalia Royale character – Cacai! I wish she won





DSC_0881Enjoy lang si Ate magpose, eh in character pa si Jessica!



Like almost a mockery of the hideous killings, the students performed the Our Lady of Guadalupe High School like a blisssful batch of graduating students…

OH WHICH REMINDS ME!!!! Congratulations to all graduates of Batch 2012! Go for the kill… errr I mean that dream job!

P.S. Look out for the September 2012 run! Congrats Sipat Lawin Ensembles for the success of Battalia Royale! Like them on Facebook!

Pre-Valentine’s Date at John and Yoko

What more appropriate to jumpstart the Valentine’s week with is to have a date with friends you haven’t seen for a long time? No, we do not need years to miss each other. And online convos don’t really constitute you being with them (yes, I am a firm believer of social media, BUT physical presence is really different in many ways.)

DSC_0262Oysters for appetizer. Finished almost half of the plate. Sorry B!

DSC_0264Cha Soba in what I perceive as shoyu sauce

DSC_0267Paella in Japanese cheugh?

DSC_0270Chicken Teriyaki pizza with mangoI wondered if I was just hungry or this really tasted good? 


Or is it just a reason to laugh and gossip over incredibly good Japanese food that in all heaven’s worth I forgot the names of? Well, except for the exceptional Philadelphia Roll that I was entitled to almost to myself. I’m a sucker for Japanese mayo and sushi rice, so forgive the excitement over the morsel of seafood + vinegared rice + fat in the form of mayo






DSC_0275Jessa, Dianne, Cariza, Kisty, Erika, Moi in pink (more fun!)


Kisty was just in town for x weeks (sorry BB, bad memory) so we decided to meet at John and Yoko in Greenbelt 5. God knows I’ve been meaning to try this place. Fusion has been out of the radar; but we all had that phase, right? AND if done correctly, Fusion can prove to bring fireworks to one’s palate.


Love that red satchel from Studio Boheme! 


We have to patent Erika’s pose! LOL!


F&H cardigan and pink shirt, Oxygen gray denim pants, Punchdrunk Panda “Negatives” plimsolls, Jansport backpack

No this isn’t my usual get up. But can you really blame me when the bed weather really brings out the lazy in me? I was about to put on my man heels and that leather holdall – nevertheless I still ended up with this look. Enough of the rant though. I love this night with the BBs. I wish though my schedule permits to go on shopping with them at Divisoria, but work gets in the way (and I’m not telling that it’s a bad thing.)

Kisty if you’re reading this. I really miss you!! Hope we can visit you in Singapore, though! BBs, dinner with you soon! :)

This is just the first of the many ganap this week! Best V-week ever, if you ask me!

Yabu Katsu Craze!!!

One of my new discoveries lately is Yabu: House of Katsu in the Megamall Atrium. It’s this new Katsu place in Manila but what separates this not another Japanese joint is that 1) they specialize in Katsu, 2) it’s unbelievably SOFT and TENDER Katsu, and 3) it’s authentic yet affordable.

DSC_0902Lotsa sake. But we didn’t drink any. Will definitely try when I get back.

DSC_0903Potato salad and Wakame salad. We were served a couple of appetizers. The potato salad in Japanese mayo has that soft starchy taste in perfect medley with the tangy Japanese mayo. The Wakame (seaweed) salad is addicting. I can’t explain its taste but it’s savory.

DSC_0904Steamed Japanese string beans and Silken Tofu. Not their real menu names, I somehow deleted my note in my BB with the list of what I ate. But what I do remember is that the silken tofu is so soft in the tongue, unlike the common tofu we have in the local market.

DSC_0905Sesame sauce. This part of the dining experience is my second favorite (next to diving my teeth into the tender Kurobota tonkatsu!) They let us do our own sauce which starts with grinding the sesame seeds in a bowl. After grinding we pour the sweet sauce (which I didn’t have a photo of.) I love smelling the sesame seeds while grinding it.



DSC_0910And the main show — I ordered the Kurobota Tonkatsu or the Premium Meat Set. The set comes with the tonkatsu, a generous helping of salad with sesame sauce (which you can ask for more), a bowl of rice, miso soup and fruits. They claim you can slice the meat using your chopsticks – and yes, it’s true!



One thing I love most about this place is how they do the meat. I settled for non less than Kurobota – the meat is darker, fattier and more tender, and for me, JUST FOR ME, it’s better without the sauce. Toff, who’s my seatmate that night, even called me  a meat purist – which is partly true. There are certain dishes that I love with a sauce, and there are those I don’t want any. Just meat and my teeth into it.

DSC_0913With Jim, Cacai, Miko, Kaye, and Toff


Thanks to Yabu Manager, Mr. Mon for accommodating us

DSC_0918We were served a dessert called Lava a la Mode. Not really my favorite, but it was okay. I was in Katsu hangover when I started digging this. Haha!

DSC_0920Cacai, Jim, Moi, Pao, Kaye, Miko, Yabu brand manager, Verge, Lawryeng, and Toff


DSC_0923Stereotyped tee, Adidas Ateneo jacket, F&H distressed denims, Punchdrunk Panda Negatives plimsolls.

Was really tamad to dress up, but I think this one worked out just as fine. It was a blue day, I guess. But my tummy ain’t blue :P

Yabu: House of Katsu
Megamall Atrium 2/F
(02) 576 3900
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