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Battousai is here

I CANNOT BELIEVE IT! We were just musing about waiting for a subtitled version to hit the internet (HEEEEEEEEEY RUROUNI KENSHIN OTAKU REPRESENT!) but now, it’s even better. We’ll need to wait for another month before Battousai hits the big screens. October 17 at SM Cinemas. I’ll definitely rampage my way WHATEVER I AM DOING just to watch it!

P.S. Unknown to many, I was am a BIG anime fan, and RK happens to be my favorite of all time. I actually haven’t watched anything as faithfully as I did with Kenshin. This just means I. HAVE. TO. WATCH. THIS.
P.S.S. Haha, apologies for the ultraspazzing and fanboying.

One year after

Fukushima Hula Girls

I’m so sorry, I can’t find a subtitled trailer, but I’ll try to explain it the best I can. So here goes trying — Almost a year after the great earthquake in Japan, the film shows how the Hula Girls, the resident and signature entertainers of the Fukushima prefecture, helped their family and friends recover, mostly emotionally, from the massive loss they’ve experienced. It also shows the story of the Spa Resort Hawaiian, who trained these Hula Girls and their own recovery as an institution after the damages incurred by the catastrophe.

In this I really look up to the Japanese. They’re very organized in facing this – from the government to the private sector. They’re resilient and they do not blame anyone. They help each other. They genuinely help each other. Though it’s important to help no matter what, I think what’s the most important thing is to be genuine in times like that.

So this day, this day that marks officially the first year of the Japan earthquake, let us remember how the Japanese set an example to the whole world. To recover so fast from what happened exactly a year ago, it is indeed remarkable that the Japanese has gone a long way.

Kudos to you, Japan!

P.S. For the record, after all that happened, I’m even more motivated to travel to Japan!!

Japan Night photodump



































































At first, I really wanted to do a long narrative for this… The book Memoirs of a Geisha and the Japanese culture in general are very close to my heart, and if I ever did go on full on fanboy here, I’ll bore the hell out of you. So instead, I’ll let the pictures do the talking (or is a.k.a. for me being lazy, lolz) ANYWAY, the Maiko (young geisha), Hanna and Sayang, are flown in from the Yamagata Prefecture by Travelife Magazine. I am very privileged to see them perform, or even have a picture with them. I felt like instantly transported to old Japan — and if I were alive then I wouldn’t even afford to see a Geisha perform.

There goes crossing out an item from my unwritten bucket list. I’m still shocked at this point that I really got to see a Geisha, or a Maiko for that matter, UP CLOSE. Nakakatibo sila.


Enieni, we can’t find an open Japanese place, so we resorted to the ultimate comfort food of all time…




10PC. NUGGETS?! Owyeah. You can even count that in the picture above! Did you know that you can order this at Mcdo? It’s not in the menu though, so don’t find it posted there. I feel fat, but happy.


DSC_0508More gravy. More fun.


Thank you Killer Jen for tagging me along!!! You know I love you!!! :)

Early Weekly Wrap-up

So I feel like wrapping up earlier than Sunday (usual it’s-a-wrap day). It’s also a bit weird, I don’t have photos, which I also usually do with these kind of things. I’ll bullet things for a wee bit of coherence (which I am totally not making any right now :P)

  • This week marked the beginning of my new job. I’m really blessed to find a job even after resigning a couple of times. I’ve been telling this to myself – this time, Imma make sure I stay. I need to value the importance of having a job that I honestly enjoy these days.
  • In contrast to last week, I haven’t watched a single movie this week. Though tonight I promised myself I’d watch one – Shame (2011), and read to my sleep.

  • I’d love to go back to Cebu, but while others are getting ready for Sinulog, I’m snuggling up in bed in this cold Bulacan weather, nothing beats…
  • …and perhaps I’ll watch The Big Bang Theory! Yay, new episode!!! Watch this first though —

  • OW! Grey’s Anatomy too! I’m kinda ashamed now that I’m broadcasting to the whole world that there’s a part of my life glued to these series… BUT THEY’RE GODDAMN GOOD, I WON’T STOP.

  • I’m planning to buy my own domain name next week… FINALLY.
  • Southeast Asia is really my thing now, but just as when I’ve gone blog hopping to research – Tricia blogged about Fukuoka, Lori blogged about Hatsu Hana Tei, that was linked to A WHOLE LOT OF TOKYO TRIPS, and I want to watch the Rurouni Kenshin live action movie. All of a sudden, it’s all about Japan. Don’t even get me started about Japan! I’m confused now…

  • Anyhow, I found a new blog. He’s pretty popular already, but I just knew of his blog just now. Erwan’s blog relived my first love, and the almost exclusive purpose of this blog – FOOD. And that he hosts a cooking show in his blog – I ENVY!
  • There’s this really interesting hole-in-the-wall restaurant in Matimtiman street near  Maginhawa street. V-Mar Kitchenette serves good food for value and we’ve been here twice already this week. Maybe I’ll feature it one of these days. Try their Crispy Kare-Kare and try to snag a foursquare mayorship from me #geek :P

So much for oversharing! Thanks for always dropping by, and I hope you don’t mind my blurbs every now and then. Yes I know there’s Twitter for that. But what the heck. There’d be events to blog about soon ’cause I can feel ’em pouring down later this month and before we know it, it’s February already!!! INTENSE!

I’ll leave you to this song which I am awfully LSS-ed to —

Happy Sinulog/ordinary weekend, everyone!

My Eiga Sai Week

Since the board exams were done, and I barely have anything to do (aside from blogging, of course) so I go to film festivals. Films are free. Films are really good. In my opinion, the quality of the movies in film festivals are better than those in the mainstream cinema. Not that there is something wrong with mainstream, I just find these ones more relevant to me.

And have I mentioned it was FREE? Best part of it, of course!

Every July, Shangri-la Mall offers Eiga Sai to the public. Eiga Sai, which means film festival in Japanese, is one of the most anticipated film festivals (I think I have used this term quite a lot already) in the Philippines. It commemorates the Philippine-Japanese friendship ties, and a celebration of the Japanese art of filming.

There is something to the Japanese cinema that really captures me. I have been an avid patron of the Land of the Rising Sun and all of its aspects ever since I was a kid (except for the fact that they abused the Filipinos in World War II.) I love their culture and way of life. Their films are no diversion, and is a direct translation of the Japanese that I have always loved. I must have been a Japanese in my past life.

Personal trivia break: My ultimate culinary dream is to eat ramen in a lantern-adorned street stall with falling Sakura as a backdrop.

Now that was one lengthy rationale why I would watch Eiga Sai by default. So with my love for films and anything Japan-made, I trooped outside and I was lucky enough to catch three films, given the amount of audience that lined up for the films.

Villon’s Wife

This is a story of a woman who tries to be loyal to her popular writer, yet promiscuous and misbehaving, husband. Set in 1946, wherein the stereotypes of gender are still a major idealism, one sees the incredible and undying fidelity of a woman. I really find this film empowering and demeaning (in the sense of reflection of the gender stereotype ideal) at the same time.

Your Friend

Friends are forever. This is the ideology that this film teaches. Take on Emi and Yuka, unlikely to be friends, but they became friends anyway. Together they face the everyday dilemma of a handicapped student (you need to find out, I’m not spoiling, teehee!) I think I can’t go any further, lest I spoil. I’ll tell though that they have a comforting soundtrack and is a really feel-good, gonna-make-you-a-crybaby movie.


Departures is the featured film for this year’s Eiga Sai. This movie won the 81st Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film in 2009 and a couple more locally in Japan. A different view on death was shown when the cellist Daigo Kobayashi lost his job, went back to his hometown, and took a whole new career as an encoffiner. With alternating comedy and drama, acclaimed director Yojiro Takita browses on the Japanese view of the dead.

I was really lucky that I caught a special screening yesterday, and it was well worth it lining up for two and a half hours for a ticket!


Worry not, kids! Even if Eiga Sai just ended showing in Shang today, you can still catch these wonderful movies (aside from downloading them) at Gaisano Grand Citimall Davao, Ayala Center Cebu, and UP Film Institute in these corresponding dates!

All films will be shown with English subtitles. Admission is free.

Gaisano Grand Citimall Davao

22 July 2011
4:00pm – Your Friend
6:30pm – Departures

23 July 2011
11:00am – One Million Yen Girl
1:30pm – The Chef of South Polar
4:00pm – The Summit: A Chronicle of Stones
7:00pm – Climber’s High

24 July 2011
11:00am – Yunagi City, Sakura Country
1:30pm – Summer Days with Coo
4:30pm – Feel the Wind
7:15pm – Villon’s Wife

Ayala Center Cinema 4 Cebu

02 August 2011
7:00pm – The Chef of South Polar

03 August 2011
7:00pm – Climber’s High

04 August 2011
7:00pm – Yunagi City, Sakura Country

05 August 2011
7:00pm – Villon’s Wife

06 August 2011
1:30pm – The Summit: A Chronicle of Stones
4:30pm – Summer Days with Coo
7:30pm – One Million Yen Girl

07 August 2011
1:30pm – Your Friend
4:30pm – Summer Days with Coo
7:30pm – Feel the Wind

UP Film Insitute

17 August 2011
12:30pm – Summer Days with Coo
3:00pm – One Million Yen Girl
5:30pm – Yunagi City, Sakura Country
7:30pm – Villon’s Wife

18 August 2011
12:30pm – Your Friend
3:00pm – Feel the Wind
5:15pm – Yunagi City, Sakura Country
7:30pm – Climber’s High

19 August 2011
12:30pm – Climber’s High
3:00pm – The Summit: A Chronicle of Stones
5:30pm – Villon’s Wife
7:30pm – The Chef of South Polar

20 August 2011
12:30pm – Summer Days with Coo
3:00pm – Feel the Wind
5:10pm – The Summit: A Chronicle of Stones
7:30pm – The Chef of South Polar

For synopsis of films, please click here.


I’m really eyeing to watch all those that I still haven’t in UP Film Institute. Say hi when we meet!


No post about earthquakes?

Almost all blogs, if not all, have a post or two about earthquake x disaster management. I don’t though. I didn’t find in myself blogging about it. I don’t have an issue about it though. I enjoyed some of the posts I read. While some are entertaining, some are just photox, and just plain boring and repetitive. I believe if you want your message to get across people, you squeeze those creative juices. Again, I have no issues with it. Being prepared is good. Being paranoid is another thing.


I already did a post about Japan. While I don’t usually blog about massively blogged stuff, I can’t hide the concern I have for Japan. I have loved Japan for all of my life. That’s why this following photos moved me, as a person, and as a Japanese at heart.

If there is next to this life, I want to be Japanese, too.

Photos from JessicaRulesTheUniverse

Something’s Gonna Happen Thursday!

I woke up to an extremely positive day! It’s the 17th of March and it has never been better ever! It’s my day and something’s gonna happen Thursday!

First stop: School. Have a competency exam to take. But then sched is messed up so Hanna and I decided to reschedule the next day (we figured that it was a competency exam for contact center agents! That’s one way to predict our future, nurses! Nothing against, just sayin’ /sigh)

Anyway. Second stop: Ayala Museum. Onto my plans for the day! The rescheduling of the exam gave us time to go change and freshen up before Visual Voice. Visual Voice is, by the way, hosted by Ayala Museum and Manila Design Week 2011.


Marcela Gutierrez inspires young designers. She relays her stories of ups and downs, and how she bummed until she got broke and finally squeezed the creative juices out of her head.

Never stop even if all things stopped, and you can’t do something about it…

Networking is very very important. Every person you [meet] shape yourself in the future…

It depends on your will to go somewhere…

Miguel Polidano explains the trends of editorial design. How designing a book can be crucial and how not to clash with the client. Funny, witty, and just very prolific!

It’s just 9:06am in Spain, perhaps?!

Poli, as Ms. Clara Balaguer, director of Manila Design Week, calls him spoke in pure Spanish his whole talk. He said that he wants to explain his concepts on how it really should be, and if he said something ridiculous, then there is still time to tweak it up. Funny guy!

Turn things that are intangible into something tangible…

[Editorial design is] physically representing things that are ethereal…

A graphic designer is a technician in communication and ultimately and editor of [contact.]

Some sidetrips! We saw multimedia-superstar-duo Ryan and Garovs!

Ayala Museum’s Spike Acosta with his Support Japan armband. I just really had to have a photo of that! Let us all support Japan!

Here is when my day is first made. Just before Senor Polidano gave his parting words for the young artists, somebody just texted and even called up!

Gang: Hi Jonver! Was trying to call to greet you a happy birthday. Happy Birthday! -Gang

I was so psyched! A call AND personal message from coolness herself Ms. Gang Badoy! Awesomesauce!!! I actually hyperventilated hearing her voice! Starstruck! Just keep them good vibes coming…

As if my day is over yet, I came home to a simple, yet pleasant surprise. Everyone is at home! Kevin is not though, he’s at school for their annual ball. But it’s still alright! Family cooked for me, awwwwww! Simple, intimate family birthday dinner.

Pampahaba ng buhay – Pansit!

That colorful cake. Thanks Mommy!!!

Other food did not make it to the picture-taking, but did take a rollercoaster ride to our stomachs! Was so famished when I got home, haha!


Day ain’t over yet! Just when I was so ready to call it a day, another greeting came (where did all these people get my number, my granny asked! /lol!) Guess who.

LCV: Hey David! This is Luchi. Just want to wish you a Happy Birthday. May you be busy counting your blessings from the Lord who gave you such a wonderful friend in Jen. I’m sure you, too, are a blessing to her. God bless!

Bet ko yan! I wish I’d be really BUSY counting my blessings! If it isn’t TV5’s head of news and public of affairs, Ms. Luchi Cruz-Valdez, who greeted me that struck me only with W-O-W!!! She even greeted me on national TV!!! Imagine. That. Hyperventilate!!! And whoever (ehem) asked those cool people to greet me, is ever so sweet!!! Killer Jen Aquino has been making this week too special for me! Thank you Killer!

I just have to call it a day, I guess. But what a day, indeed! At the end of all this, as my birthday week comes to a sweet finish, this post, which involved a lot of exclamation marks, goes to those who made my day/week extra special. Those who flooded my Twitter timeline, Facebook wall, and text inbox thank you sweeties! To my family who waited until nine for dinner with me, how sweet of you guys! To Hanna who went to the Museum with me, we still have lotsa to go to, thanks too! To my very good friend, Jen Aquino, I don’t know how to thank you enough! That was the sweetest gift ever!

And of course, to God, who is Maker of all things good, my life goes only to the one who loved me the most. To the everlasting, I love You!

I can’t even imagine how whirlwind this day had become. Only in the sweetest memory I shall remember all these. Another year for me. Another year.

P.S. Forgot to disclose something. I am forever 21.
P.S.S. LOL!!!!!!!!!!

Not funny

Some Pinoys are just born to be exaggerated. You’ll hate every inch of it. Early in the morning, I received some curious message that reads exactly like this:

“BBC FLASHNEWS: japan govt confirms radiation leak at fukushima nuclear plants. Asian countries should take necessary precautions. Remain indoors first 24hrs. Close doors and windows. Swab neck skin with betadine where thyroid area is, radiation hits thyroid first. Take extra precaution, radiation may hit Philippines at staring 4pm today. . PLEASE SEND IF YOUR CONCERN. THANK YOU. I’M CONCERN <3″

First. Cringe at the grammatical error. Second. That heart text-sign just irritates me (because the person who sent it also does!) Third. This sounds like a hoax at first read, so that my initial response is to ignore it. JUST LOOK AT THE BETADINE PART. I can’t believe this turns to be yet another chain mail that almost drove the panic buyer in each Filipino in the nation. Thanks to Twitter, though…

My God. Doesn’t people have anything better to do?! Kuya Kim is right about that – he/she should be jailed. Immediately. Pronto. Whoever started this probably had better time than fooling and messing around. Fvck yov whoever yov are.

Read more here.

I love Japan

Everybody knows I’m so in love with Japan.


Totoro by Hayao Miyazaki

Rurouni Kenshin

Hunter x Hunter


Japanese Architecture and Interior Design. ZEN! ❤

Sakura Festival.




Super Mario.

Final Fantasy.


Sushi, Maki, Sashimi, Tempura… ETC!!!

The list could go on and on. I’m born to love anything Japanese. So it really broke my heart when I saw this:

Magnitude 8.9 earthquake hit Japan March 11, 2011. Very disheartening, really.

Japan aftermath pictures grabbed from Inkarlcerating

Let’s all pray for Japan, our country, and the whole world. Some say it’s already the end of the world. But nobody really knows that, doesn’t it? So let’s just pray for one another. Keep safe and be always ready. One can never know what can happen.

Japan is a strong nation. They can rise above this. I just hope nobody does harakiri. May they stay strong and united after this.

A very unfunny hoax.