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Lent whatnots

The only reason why I haven’t posted all The Script videos is that internet lately has been crappy. Really!!! I have never experienced this slow connection since I subscribed with Globe. My place is sandwiched between two cell sites, so it sort of guarantees a speedy connection all the time.

These are my hypotheses why this is happening:
1. Broadband Cap
2. Lenten Season
3. Summer Vacation – everyone’s using the internet!
4. Globe is just crappy.

Well, anyway, it’s a fitting lenten sacrifice (as if I’ve done it at any point in my life, no offense meant) for a geek to be unplugged. Spend time with family, read book and magazine backlogs, and just feel the disconnected life for a while. I think it’s the perfect time to think about my life now, the life after graduation. What to do and where to go is still a big blur for me though it’s slowly unraveling for me now.

So what’s your lenten sacrifice?

X’s: The perks of the unplugged life, I get to spend time with the sibs –

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Graduation Lunch at Abe

I’ve heard some bad reviews about Abe, and I guess after those they have improved because I can’t give any review but ooh’s and aah’s. Fine Filipino-Capampangan cuisine. AND UNLIMITED RICE! Didn’t realize until we ordered already! Gourmet + Unlimited Rice = LALALALALALOVE. Will definitely go back to try the other menu items.

Artsy menu.

Kevin and Angel.

Mom and Dad.

Mommy and I.

Paco Fern Salad. Refreshing native greens in crunchy tomatoes and onions with salted egg. I like how this is so appetizing, especially the tang of the dressing used.

Pinakbet wen Manong. I am a fan of dry pinakbet with plenty of Bagnet (I forgot where I had the best pinakbet ever, somewhere in McKinley Hill!) But this soupy version is good as well. They used young ampalaya which is my favorite, and the sauce is not bitter at all. I just hope the veggies have more crunch in it.

Halabos na Hipon. My Mommy (that’s what I call my grandmom) told me the reason why the skin is so hard to peel is probably it is overcooked. My only comment to this is: I hope it is not soupy, and larger, and more. Halabos is supposed to be a simple dish, and not to be complicated like this.

Binagoongan. It’s alright. It’s all I can say I guess..

Binukadkad na Plapla. It looks like Gyarados *geek!* But seriously, as simple as it looks like a fried tilapia, the fish is carefully cooked. The meat is not dry, it has just the right crunch. Brava for the presentation also. Did not tasted the buro that comes with it though!

It was one happy lunch to share with family. My family loves to eat authentic Filipino food, and what is more appropriate to celebrate with like my graduation. Thanks Abe for the great eat!


Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. We paid for all the food that we ordered.

I just graduated… errr, I am officially unemployed

You have to agree with me that aside from getting your ass to the list of candidates for graduation, finding the best graduation dress is the next hardest thing to do! So I dragged my loyal shopping companion in the person of my sister to hunt grad shirts for my big day. I swear, it wasn’t easy! No to stripes. No to waiter-looking attire (no offense meant). No too formal shirts. Yes to studs, but the “thunders” might react. Yes to embellishments, but again the “thunders.” Yes to mono or diachromatic. Yes to out of-this-world-ness. Gah. Check out my picks —

People are People.



And I ended up with Merger! I like the metal thingy that worked as buttons and the black and white ensemble. Whew! I bought also shoes in the same color but I forgot to take a picture.


Next up! (Yes I am putting all grad stuff in this single post :P) Baccalaureate Mass. I think I have gisted the Mass in my previous post, here are some pictures though. It was fun, and I am slowly feeling that graduation is at hand. And that the responsibilities of an officially unemployed guy is right in front of my face. Yes, I have to find work! Have to have income! Tell that to the two other million unemployed nurses. I say yes to underemployment though… More of that on another post, teehee!


Batch Graduation! I swear I have the slightest urge to use Chace inside PICC. And I didn’t take too much pictures as well. I just want to feel the solemnity of the ceremony. But good ol’ friends tagged me, so here are grabbed pictures from their Facebook accounts :)


Cum Laude. Thank God!

Dee, our group leader and friend, delivered the valedictory address.

Photos from Ariane dela Cruz, Elaine Arce, and moi.


Lastly, the Clinical Graduation (Pinning Ceremony.) It is the induction of the nursing graduates to the profession as well as the mark of the completion of the nursing program. Some of the parts of the first graduation was repeated (i.e. induction to the almuni association) and it is less solemn than the first. The speaker was also Mrs. Medrana (RCAP Director), as she was also the one who gave her speech in our candle-lighting ceremony some two years ago. I think it’s also premature and less prepared of than the batch graduation was. I’d like to emphasize that I’d like to see more seriousness in the ceremony but I guess more of the students preferred having fun. Imagine fooling around the batch song, if you know what I mean. I am a little disappointed in this one.

This is the pin we were given in a bigger keychain form.

Photos from Cristina Alviz, Ariane dela Cruz, and Mara Villaluz.


Never mind the disappointments. I think what matters now is that we are commencing a new phase, a new chapter in our lives. Another story to begin with, new lessons to learn, and whole lot of adventure to explore. I am excited and scared at the same time. I wish all the best for my section, my batch, and my alma mater. I do hope that in time, this (nursing) will prove to be a good investment in my future.

As for now, positivity is flooding in. I hope it stays like this… forever. That’s all for now, ciao!


Grad stuff

April 12 marks the day that I am no longer a student, but a citizen of the world. That would be quoting the Reverend (forgot the name again, shizz) who facilitated the Baccalaureate Mass yesterday. What the priest did excellently made up for all the waiting and other unnecessary shenanigans that occured before the Baccalaureate Mass. Kasi naman gagaraduate na lang, andami pang kaartehan. Maybe I’ll never get what they are trying to do but I’m glad that the priest at least knew how to deliver a homily effectively. Uhm my lame professors (ang tamaan, kayo na po may problema) please follow his example. I was really touched, especially when he mentioned the truth being inconvenient and why many people has opted living a life of lies. I hope my batchmates were able to absorb this message too because I think I shall carry this until the day I retire from work.

Anyway, what I really wanna say (I digressed again) is that I’ll be almost AFK until this coming week finishes. Two grads, a couple of events, orientation to the review center, and a concert will happen, so it’s basically a fully booked week. I’d love to blog about these things but they’ll be happening so fast I don’t think I’ll be able to blog immediately. I’ll try though :P Anyhow. Follow my Twitter account for more updates though — here

One more thing: what do you think of this shirt from Mundo? Fierce or trying too hard? Been looking for a simple yet stylish grad shirt I can also use often even after grad.


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Old new friends

At the height of social media usage these days, I really haven’t tried its full potential especially in tracking anybody from my not-so-distant past. I’m not even talking about lovers here. Am talking about old friends. By old, I mean friends that I do not see very often now, and usually those I’ve forgotten names of (sorry). I often use it to contact people I meet in events, places, and just about random stuff though. Until…

Where is Jonver in the picture????? Can you find me? LOL!

I can’t even explain how surreal things feel right now. I can’t remember any of the faces (except for Ms. Cachola) in those pictures, but I remember being so happy then! Still, despite the difficulty of recognizing faces, this has somehow made me happy today, and it made me really nostalgic of my old school in Quezon City. I studied in MLCA (now Living Epistle Christian Academy) up until I was in second grade. My family decided to move to Bulacan when I just started third grade there, and there’s a long story of adjusting with my new school… and oh well, MEMORIES. Funny though, that I really don’t remember any of them. AS IN EVEN MR. RODRIGUEZ (that’s how we call each other way back then) WHO PERSONALLY SENT ME A MESSAGE JUST FOR THIS, I CAN’T REMEMBER. Hey buddy, thanks for this! This has been a trip to the past – surreal, nostalgic, and very happy. I have to add, that it becomes very amazing again that it’s in this height of emotional roadtrip, that is my graduation, that I see these kind of memories. I miss my childhood!

Please say hi to my old new friends!


The Quarterly Jonver Report

I just woke up coming from two back-to-back events. And yes, sleeplessness is like alcohol that sometimes brings in more hangover than alcohol does. The Quarterly Jonver Report is about to commence in a while…

*I am in the dining room, with a glass of my favorite soda, with the Glee cast on the background, while I put watermarks pictures taken from Chace the D3100*

Shot by The Jen Aquino.

I saw a tweet earlier (when I hadn’t had any sleep yet) recognizing the near end of the first quarter of the year. It hit me, that indeed it had been three months. And I must admit that A LOT has happened since the year started. Let me post this self-evaluation, as I perceive that a huge part of my life now is, not only involved in my blog, but also was affected by this blog. Also the quarterly report can help me recap the year easily in three-month spans (geek!) Let me start with this though:

2011 started blurry. Blurry because I am graduating, not even knowing what’s next in this phase. It is a bleak assurance that I could easily get a job, considering the heavy surplus in nurses now. But I guess all things go bleak before they become very clear in us.

Graduation. I am, at last, graduating from college. I’ve been in college for six years, and I am proud to say that I haven’t flunked any subject, nor had one in danger. I am graduating with flying colors (in a course that I least liked – euphemism, lol!) and it is my honor to offer this to the people who have helped me in any kind, especially to my mother who has been my inspiration in all of these.

Where is Jonver?? It was late December of 2010 when I began meeting other bloggers. Different people behind usernames, websites, and codenames. This blog has allowed me to network and know other people. I am particularly glad that I began this blog and started becoming serious about this, because it has been a great help in meeting new people, at least for me. This blog has brought me to places that at first thought, I wouldn’t imagine being there, much less see any of it coming.

Photography. Chace, the D3100, opened a whole new dimension of opportunities for me. It has been a hobby ever since, and now I think I am ready for some serious business. The equipment is not the whole point though. A professional camera doesn’t make one a photographer. Still, I think that a creative imagination is the key in any profession. I really do consider myself amateur in this and definitely a noob. So who wants to teach me some camera tricks? :)

Closure. Some things (just now, mind you) have come into closure. I think I have sent my message clear enough now just to appease the turmoil in my insides. I have loved that person for two years, unreciprocated, but nevertheless, I loved therefore I am. Hurt, yes, but I believe though that with doors slammed at your face, a new one always opens. This closure is an end but as well a start to greater things in my life.

Twestival Manila. RockEd. Photobloggers Philippines. Young Photographers Philippines. And the many other bloggers, designers, people and artists of different fields that I have met. I am grateful that I have crossed paths with these different groups of people to which I owe much of the first quarter of 2011. All I can say is that I am honored to have worked, have met, and have known these people. I may not have any organizations or involvement in college, but I believe they are worth more than that. And I am proud to say that this blog helped me to connect to them! For more, guys! FOR MORE!

And if there are new friends, there are those good ol’ ones. Enumerating them one by one will be too lengthy for a post. I suggest you read the plethora of posts about friends, aptly tagged as Family and Friends. For when the toughest times come, friends are the toughest that you got.

That pretty much covers everything, thanks!


Thirsty Tuesday

Patricia had just arrived from Baguio.

And there are just three things that come to my mind when I see Pat — Alcohol x Food x Kwentuhan.

What’s with the lugi face, Beb?! HAHA! No more lugi face with these Mojitos though! UNLIMOJITOS @ TGIF!

Pumo-photo story!

Alcohol allergy.

^Shot by Pat.

Alcohol x Couture face

Cajun Chicken Wraps! I forgot my small plate coupon for the iPad2. AMP!

Bounced light. CHOS!

Pat ate and voila… >:)

Got tired of the cocktail, so we decided to grab some good ol’ street food. Kwek-kwek x Siomai x Balut. THE BEEEEST!

The best siomai I’ve tasted!

Clearly, we’ve eaten too much cholesterol. Then alcohol earlier. Liver alert!

Baka kulamin ko daw si Ate. Oh ayan, mukha tuloy syang kinulam :]

Bad Habit.

Went to Ukay after to look for some stylish blazer for the event at Republiq.

Pat and I go way back from High School. We used to work for the school publication way back then. Our friendship grew out of books, blogs, food, and boys. LOL! Anyway. We’re both graduating this April, and today became pretty emotional (especially from drinking alcohol) going back to the years we’ve been through, with and virtually with each other – whether it be for acads, social life in college, or whirlwind romance. She studied at UP Baguio so it’s been a semester worth of stories for us, and as always, it’s good talking to Pat, who is one of those people who help me to be always grounded to reality. She’s still thinking about getting based in Baguio City now and so it may take time before I get to see her again. Glad to have that talk, Pat. I appreciate the time, the friendship, and the alcohol, of course!

Pat, this is an ode to our friendship/siblinghood. *SHOT*


Omen to a New Beginning

I just came home from a hospital duty. It will be my last as a student, and it’s making up for one absence last January. I have planned my Monday though. Sleep the whole morning (been planning to do so for a long time, since Twestival), finish blog backlogs, then go to the Loop‘s taste test with Ros, Charlene, and Tiffy. So basically, day is ruined because none of those plans materialized. PLUS I’LL BE IN DUTY which sucks because it’s vacation already!

*I’m currently drooling because of Ros‘ pictures. WHY OF ALL DAYS?!*

Anyway. My duty is in Calalang General Hospital. It’s where I was born via CS. For the last duty of my entire college life, it’s quite surreal to have it in the place where my Mom actually gave birth to a pretty little monster like me. Others may call it coincidence. I call it an omen to a new beginning.


I don’t like nursing. I can tell that I hate it to the core. I only took it because I wanna please my folks. I took it because I am positive, when all things were positive for me, that one day I’ll get what I want. I just have to give it a shot for them. For them. I even did an article for Bounce Magazine some of the chronicles of my days in the nursing field. That was Sophomore. Days went by, frustration after frustration (profession and university-related) I start to hate the fact that I never thought I’d run out of love for everything that I’m doing.

I started rebelling. Going home late, not studying my lessons, not preparing for duties. I want to shut out everything nursing-related, just to calm a silent rage in my insides. I thought – why did I even do this to myself. I kept on convincing myself that I do this for (specifying now) my grandmother, who just wanted the bestest for his grandson. She wanted me to settle in NY with her. She just wanted better life for me. I used to be blinded by the bright lights of the city that never sleeps, but I just came to realize it isn’t worth it when you just lost four (six for me) years of precious college days.

I didn’t join any org. I know very limited people in my institute, all the less my university. I’d hop from UP to CSB to anywhere I won’t find nursing just to escape the fact that I am a student nurse. I don’t comply to rules. I’d sleep in very uninteresting classes. I rebelled because I can’t get what I want. I rebelled because I believe this is not what is right for me. People should follow their hearts. Happiness is the ultimate end of all things in this life. Then again, I am not happy any longer. I used to, but I guess trying to pretend really didn’t mend the wound. It just turned a scratch to a gaping wound.


To this day, I itch to get out of nursing. I’m caught in between leaving the profession before or after I take the board exam. I am already in the crossroads of my life, where I decide where I go next. It’s a whole new adventure. New beginnings are yet to come. I am half excited and half scared. People just don’t drop out of a profession after graduating from it. But people do the craziest things for happiness. I want to remind myself that I did this out of love. Out of selfless love. Then again, shouldn’t I start loving myself just for now?

As I end this post (rant-ish, yes maybe) I am filled with dilemma. I am trying to encompass what I have realized for the past four years now. The what-if’s, the could-have-been’s, the why-did-I-ever’s. Too late for sourgraping though.

I just want a new beginning. I can feel its ominous arrival.

I’ll leave you with Sing by My Chemical Romance. After Glee sang this in S02E13, I instantly googled the original song. It inspires me really.

Everytime that you lose it sing it for the world.



In a matter of weeks, classes will be over so as my time in my alma mater is almost done. Funny as I type the words alma mater I slowly take in FEU. I am one too bold to say, that I didn’t plan, at all, going to FEU (ever) and that there are a lot of things that I didn’t quite like at all.

You can find me and let me personally ramble on this all in front of you. It’s a given talent, you know.

Anyway. Per as my tweet earlier yesterday, after shooting around the campus, I really have to succumb to the fact that my campus is beautiful. And green. BUT per as my tweet also, I shall say, let’s stop at that. /lol /jk

With all this beauty inside our university, I guess what’s left to tweak is a little better system. I hope to see my alma mater see again its glorious days – outward and inward glory.

Have you ever noticed (especially if you’re a student here, of course) these metal statues in our campus by famed artist Vicente Manansala?

For the love of

I’ve spent more than half of my senior year in high school in the official publication. I was the head photojournalist then (who btw never made it in the divisions, so I played part-layout artist, part-photojournalist, part-everyone’s assistant.) It will forever be the most cherished memory of my high school life though: camera in hand, living my bored life through the viewfinder.

A year in nursing made me kinda quit photography. If you let me divulge all information, feelings, and underlying violent reactions behind that subject, you’ll need a day worth of depression and suicidal ideations, because that story is a gaping black hole, that is, according to my friends. Anyway. To cut the long story short, I don’t need to continue to quit what I love doing the most because I got this for graduation:

YES! It is in my wishlist for Christmas. It got a little delayed, but hey all the same! Thanks to my Lola dearest, who by the way is my Valentine yesterday, and who gave this wonderful gift! I haven’t named it yet, but definitely took it for a spin already! Here are some of my test shots:

Angjhello, my cute inaanak

Focus – Defocus

Grand Royale





So far, I don’t know. You tell me. How was these shots?! Honestly, I’m pretty lacking in self-confidence in what I’m doing right here. I really need more practice, kinakalawang na kasi ako, haha. But if I will have one keeper for these set of photos, it will be this one:

Again, my inaanak Angjhello. This is my best shot using this camera so far. This is just an accidental shot, and I’m quite surprised how well composed the photo went. I hope to get more portraits like this!

So. There goes my first set of test shots. Feels so good, having been able to shoot after a very long time. I’d really need help though. If you could comment on these pictures, I would really appreciate any suggestions from you, guys! Thanks in advance y’all!

I think, I’ll be calling it a night.

Ciao for now,