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Been there, done that. Happier this way.

Straight acting isn’t being masculine, it’s being homophobic. You are scared of being associated with homosexuals because of the adversity we face but you’re more than happy to take all the liberties our struggles against this adversity have brought you. I came out of the closet at age 14 as a gay-acting gay and I will always be gay-acting because I am gay. Every action I do is gay because I am gay. www.samesame.com.au

I am one to admit that I tried acting straight just so as I can hide I am gay. Alexander Leighton is right, we all have been there one time or another. While I still do in some occasions, I am now proud of who I am and what I want. I will admit also that many a time, it crossed my mind if it would be easier for me to act straight, you know – easier to gain guy friends, to attract a lover… and the many other things straight-acting gays enjoy. But then again, am I free? Or does it restrict me to enjoy my real self? One of the things that dawned on me the moment I accepted myself and came out to some friends (yes, I am a work in progress) is that the liberty of expressing myself is the happiest moment of my life and that it doesn’t mean I’m a lesser/weaker gay guy if I’m not masculine. It just means I’m happier this way.

And if you’re acting straight purely because you think that it makes you better than all of us faggots, poofs and queers then I think that maybe you should finally step out of the closet and into our world because You can’t act straight and be gay. It’s an oxymoron, moron.

For the record, if you’re a real masculine gay guy, I have nothing against you, it’s your choice. But acting straight, or masculine for that matter, for the sake of fitting in/being superior to other gays, is just HOMOPHOBIA, as Lexhibitionist wrote. Hating yourself is not gonna work out for you (trust me.)

Besides, what’s the point of hiding behind the silhouette of heterosexuality if you already accepted yourself? Embrace who you are, and thou shall be happy and gay!