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Young Star 16 x 16 Exhibit



Raymond Ang


The Queen of Tea, Thysz Estrada!




DSC_1149Joseph Pascual with his work






Went to Young Star’s 16 x 16 exhibit at the Archaeology Wing of Powerplant Mall at Rockwell. The exhibit by 16 of the country’s budding artists (two collaborated for each piece) namely, BJ Pascual and Valerie Chua, Your Evil Twin and Paulina Ortega, Cholo Dela Vega and Kristine Caguiat, Tricia Gosingtian and Christian San Jose, Carina Santos and Hannah Reyes, Luis Santos and Joseph Pascual, and Gabby Cantero and Cj de Silva was to commemorate Young Star’s 16th anniversary.



I had, yet again, a mini-project running through my mind. I thought of getting everybody’s solo headshot. I used to do this in events, but you know how you get tired when something becomes a routine. So I kinda missed it and took everybody’s headshot…


Patty Mendoza


Edrick Bruel


Gerick Ortiz


Rutherford Perez


Justine Aure


Judd Figuerres


Karla Ynzon


Bruce Venida


Eunice Acosta


BJ Pascual


Joseph Pascual


Regina Belmonte


Nissy San Jose




God-help-me-I-forgot-his-name :(


Gabby Cantero


Nante Santamaria


Viva Gonzalez


Thysz Estrada


En Estrada, 1/2 of Your Evil Twin





Oh forgive the failed jump shots! I finally got it though. Thank you, Judd and Karla for my shots :)



FMCC tee, Paradigm Shift harem shorts, Reebok high cut dunks, Manobo bead bracelet

Anyway, I think I’ll need to title this post as my Postura Day 1, but I know I can’t keep up to do this. Haha! Anyway, I just know we’ll keep on, and never tire supporting these Filipino brands, just as we are showing support for all these up and coming artists!

One Day in the City: Pasay | An Exhibit

Oh! Please come visit the Metropolitan Museum for the exhibit of my friends! I’m really so proud of you, guys! This exhibit reminds me to explore the city more despite the hassles (sorry, but you share this with me, I should know) of urban life here in the Philippines. Not to be confused with though, I love Manila (and Pasay for that matter.) There are just some things that are really hard to love, despite you know, your passion for your city or country.

Ok I digress. RSVP here :)


“One Day in the City: Pasay” is a photographic exhibit focusing on Pasay City. The show depicts facets of the urban fabric and the experience of city dwellers as seen thru the eyes of student photographers from the De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde AB Photography program. The photography project is a way of showing how life is in one part of a 21st century Asian megalopolis like Metro Manila, and will provide a counterpoint and a response to the Spanish photography show “Photo By Photo: A Portrait of Spain” recently exhibited at the Met.

The exhibit features the works of the following photographers:
Ralph Acasio, Joey Alvero, Jay Man Bravo, Joyce Co, Inna Cristobal, Joy Cruz, Inno Delarmente III, Louise Anne Manuel, Jesed Moreno, Artu Nepomuceno, Justin Reyes, Cai Soriano, Remington Tiu, Apple Marie Villalobos and Arrianne Yonzon.

The exhibit also features works of Spanish photographer Txema Salvans made during his recent Manila visit.

“One Day in the City: Pasay” runs up to March 31, 2012 at the Tall Galleries of the Metropolitan Museum of Manila. The show is organized by the Metropolitan Museum of Manila, De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde School of Design and Arts, The City Government of Pasay, Canon Marketing Philippines Inc. and the Spanish Embassy- Manila.

This serves as your invitation for the show opening on Thursday, January 26, 2012, 6pm at the Metropolitan Museum of Manila.

Contact person: Fralynn Manalo 708-7829/09228769534.

Ava Paguyo + Electric Cutes Collection Launch

Ava Paguyo + Electric Cutes

it’s Not a Comeback. Yet. But its a Dynamite

Music by

Happy Tears
Major Chie
Melvin Mojica
Mich Dulce

Kill Your Boyfriend
Only Revolutions

Poster by Everywhere We Shoot

Support our local designers!


Say hi to November with a bang! You gotta love Cubao X parties! See you there!

Reincarnate your senses

Went to Silverlens Gallery to have some much-needed clearing of the mind. Though I never really formally understood art, there is this certain calm I acquire whenever I see experience one.

I calmly approached the guest book and signed, only to notice that I my name followed THE Carlos Celdran. A quick turn revealed a comic middle-aged man. To the point of frivolity, I could hear his voice from a distance. I shied away from the thought of having my picture taken, but it was indeed an honor already to be in the same space as the Anti-Damaso himself.

It appealed to me like a bloody butterfly

There is an incredible calm in this painting.

Human tambucho

Gallery open until the 19th. See details here.

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I need a break, I need art

SILVERLENS GALLERIES opening September 28, Wednesday, 6-9pm: Isa Lorenzo at Silverlens, Patricia Eustaquio at SLab, and Tatong Recheta Torres at 20SQUARE

To usher in the month of October, Silverlens/Slab/20SQUARE present shows by Isa Lorenzo, Patricia Perez Eustaquio, and Tatong Recheta Torres.

Inspired by mythology and recent readings, Isa Lorenzo asks, “What if reincarnations could mix forms: to have the body of a human but the head of a forest fern, or the body of a lion but the head of a hawk?” Her show, titled INCARNATE showcases a microgalaxy of mixed form rebirths, and hybrids that perhaps exist beyond the photographer’s imagination.

In SLab, we have CLOUD COUNTRY, where Patricia Perez Eustaquio presents her characteristic work, paintings on shaped canvases, as well as new work cast from materials we haven’t seen her work with before– crystal, bronze, a mirror and a photograph. The artist puts it best; Cloud Country “makes tenuous connections between images, text and material. [It] relies on the tangential narratives that their marriages conjure.”

Tatong Recheta Torres rounds up the October series with a solo show in 20SQUARE called GLUTTED VERTEBRATES. Working with oil, watercolor, and charcoal, Torres’s show features grim creatures made completely of hair– beings that fit right in the artist’s perception of an alternate world.

All three shows open on September 28, 2011, Wednesday, 6-9pm, and run until October 19, 2011.

left image: Isa Lorenzo, Phoenix Dextra, 2011 (detail); center image: Patricia Eustaquio, Blue Eyes, 2011 (detail); right image: Tatong Recheta Torres, Fandom Vulgaris, 2011 (detail)


I love newsletters! They remind me of things that I want to do that my forgetful self always wins over. Silverlens have monthly art exhibits and I love it to bits – especially when I am stressed and in need of some art therapy. I consider going to galleries relaxation, giving my brain a chance to unwind, to think differently and outwardly, and just relax. It miraculously loosens up my cramped up mind and sets me free for a while. You should try it! It’s been a while since I’ve gone to see a gallery, that I am so excited to drop by and gorge myself on the juicy exhibitions. I need this badly now.

In this world that calls itself free, is an imprisoned self. We need to liberate ourselves every once in a while. 

Silverlens Gallery
2320 Pasong Tamo Extension
Makati City, Philippines
(632) 816 0044
Mon – Fri, 10-7 pm
Sat, 1-6 pm

The Manang x FaDAL x Os

Unang Kabanata: FANMAILS: Noong unang panahaon, sa di kalayuan, tinta at papel, ang tanging nakagisnan, isulat’ilahad, pag-ibig na hangad, sa isang dilag na wagas ang kagandahan. Sa sulat kong ito, naway damdamiy’ mailahad, ikaw na sa puso ko na natatanging nakabihag, Oh, puso ko! Tibok mo’y aking ramdam, sa isang binibining ngalan, ay… Manang! — with Mark Tamayo.

Ikalawang Kabanata: SWEET16: “Sino ba sa kanila?” ang tanong ng isa, “Anong meron siya na wala sa iba?”, “Tama bang manligaw siya?” bigkas ng kabila!… “Mahal ka ba niya?” “May pag-asa ba? O wala?”… Mga katanungan sa isip ni Manang, mga kasagutan, atin kaya’y malalaman? — with Gerswin Qua.


Ikatlong Kabanata: MAY THE BEST MAN WIN: “Ako ay malakas, matipuno’t makisig!” … “Ako naman ay gwapo! Mga babae, naloloko!” “Ako din, mayaman, galante, sigurado yan!”… “Ako nama’y mabait! Sa ugali ko ay maaakit!” … Ito ang bigkas, ng mga binatang dumagsa … kay Manang may gusto, ang dami nga’t, sino kaya?! — with Nico Agustin.

Ika-apat na kabanata: I WILL GET HER: “Bahay ni Kuya sinuoong doon sa paroon, tangkad ay umikli, sa Pook Siyete ng ganon! Dito sa kastilyo, mga bubuyog ang kaibigan, dibdib ay nababalutan, rosas sa irog, ilalaan, Mga kaibigang insekto, ako kaya’y may pag-asa, sa puso ni Manang, sa tingin niyo, kaya ba?” — with Levenson Rodriguez and Bespoke Suit Levenson Rodriguez.


Ika-limang Kabanata: LOVE DOWN UNDER: Sa ilalim nanggaling, hindi sa balong malalim, sa lugar kong mahal, na kangaroo ang espesyal!, may Koala Bear din, bibong-bibo’t bundat! Ang kagandahan mo Manang, abot-abot hanggang ‘Outback’ … Ako ma’y lumipas, sa puso mo o kay saklap, ganda mo naman, siguradong Pak na Pak! — with Karl Leuterio and Mike Magallanes.

Ika-anim na Kabanata: IT’S RAINING MEN: Binata, Otoko, Boylets, Oh nama’y kaydami! … Ombre-Menchu at Boypren, dito dun,uy mekeni! … Lalake, lalake, woah! kalokah, ang dami!… Lalake, lalake, dito dun, kalurkei! — with Cherry Samuya Veric.

Ika-pitong Kabanata: THE MANANGS: Natural na ganda, kitang-kita sa gitna!, kabaita’y tanaw, ng madla araw-araw, kasungita’y taglay. Sa kabila ay mataray, Manang ma’y tao lang, Ganda nama’y walang humpay! — with Jilla Sara.

Ika-walong Kabanata: THE MANE EVENTIsa, dalawa, sige suklay pa, tatlo, apat, please lang, wag paawat, lima-anim-pito, masuwerte kang binatilyo, baka sa puso ko, ikaw ang panalo! — with Noelle Llave.


Ika-siyam na Kabanata: FOUNDATION DAY: Ilagay ang lipstick, ng berybery light!, idampi ang colorete, sa pisngi bright na bright! I-contour, nose-liner, sige put together! eyelashes ay tanaw man, doon hanggang Japan! Si Miming na muning, bakit nga ba nandito?, siguro inggit siya, sa ‘Ganda ng Lola mo!’ — with Dave Ocampo.

Ika-sampung Kabanata: THE FITTING: San na nga ba ang kasuotan, damit ko’y iladlad, gusto kong matanaw, ganda kong di hubad!, Naalala ko ‘to, baget’s days , yun!-Oo! Poker Face, Born This Way, Sa Karaoke ako’y naloko. Chun li puppy, aso ko, kalbo at mataba, lika na’t magbihis, tara na! go! Bilis! — with Jaz Cerezo.

Ikalabing-isang Kabanata: READY SET GO: Malaki man o maliit, enerhiya’y kailangan, para ganda ko’y tuluyang lumutang, lakas ay kailangan, para sa nagmamahalan, Idaloy mo enerhiya, sa aki’y ilaan! — with Cheetah Rivera.

Ikalabing-dalawang Kabanata: ON THE WINGS OF LOVE: Heto na, hayan na, nakapili na sa kanila! Fly fly na ko, float float parang lobo, tanaw ko! yun na nga, ang masuwerteng binata, konti pa, sige pa, pag-ibig nati’y isa na! — with Lizanne Cua.

Ikalabing-tatlong Kabanata: THE MANANG AND THE MANONG: Irog ko, dito nako! nasasaan ka ba? … Yun! ay, kita ko, sa ilalim, nakakaloka! Anu ba’t andiyan ka, strict parents ko sabi diba?! Holding hands, kiss sa cheeks, promise yan, may asim pa! — with Ulysses King.

Ikalabing-apat na Kabanata: THE MANONG | REVEAL: Puso ko, ninais, ng mga lalake o kay dami, Manong ko, ikaw ba ‘yan?! Nalito, sayong laki! Sa keychain ay lumayo, kasi, ikaw, baka mahalo, pero sa puso ko’y wagi, halika na’t magmadali. Sa hardin kung saan, halaman ko’y diniligan, Manang The Reveal, nagsimula, kalokaha’y minasdan. Ngayon ikaw Manong ko, alaga’y wagas todo todo. Nakita ko na, pag-ibig ko, I love you all. Thanks sa inyo! — with Clint Worm.

A collaboration project of FaDAL desginers with OS accessories and photographer Enzo Mondejar | stylist Eric Poliquit and HMAU Nina Dumpa

Short film by Matthew Valeriano
Written by Ehiacinth Miranda

Dear Manang I love you



Enzo Mondejar’s photography is absolutely eclectic and superb! I cannot imagine what went through his mind for him to come up with these images!!! Kudos for his creativity, and for the collaborators – Eric Poliquit, Nina Dumpa, FaDAL, and Vise Versa!

Cinemalaya 7



Thirty one digital films in competition, plus more than a hundred in exhibition, new sections, and a second festival venue all make Cinemalaya bigger and better this year.  With the tagline in festival ads beckoning audiences to See the Unseen, Cinemalaya films this year tackle such themes as passion, memory, truth, despair, obsession, terror and splendor.

Cinemalaya will reach a wider audience as it will be held in two places at the same time:  its main venue at the Cultural Center of the Philippines, CCP Complex and at Greenbelt 3 in Makati City, in cooperation with Ayala Theaters Management.  The addition of Greenbelt 3 as a second major venue for the festival is part of the vision of Cinemalaya organizers to make the Festival more accessible to the growing number of audiences that attend Cinemalaya.


Now on its seventh year, Cinemalaya is a project of the Cinemalaya Foundation, Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP), Film Development Council of the Philippines and Econolink Investments, Inc. It is an all-digital film festival that aims to discover, encourage and honor cinematic works of Filipino filmmakers that boldly articulate and freely interpret the Filipino experience with fresh insight and artistic integrity.

Cinemalaya’s main competition categories are the New Breed full length feature category and the Short Feature category featuring works by new directors. The Directors Showcase is a competition for works by established directors.

Nine films will compete in the New Breed full length feature category; ten in the Short feature category and four in the Directors Showcase.

Competing in the New Breed category are:

  • Amok (Amok) by Lawrence Fajardo
  • Ang Babae sa Septic Tank (The Woman in the Septic Tank) by Marlon Rivera and Chris Martinez
  • Ang Sayaw ng Dalawang Kaliwang Paa (The Dance of Two Left Feet) by Alemberg Ang and Alvin Yapan
  • Bahay Bata (Baby Factory) by Eduardo W. Roy, Jr. and Jerome Zamora
  • Cuchera by Joseph Israel M. Laban
  • I-libings: Your Loss, Our Luck (E-funerals) by Rommel Andreo Sales
  • Ligo na U, Lapit Na Me (Star Crossed Love) by Noel Ferrer, Jerry Gracio and Erick Salud; Nino by Loy Arcenas
  • Teoriya (Father’s Way) by Alistaire Christian E. Chan

The nine finalists of the New Breed Full Length Feature category each received a P500,000 seed grant from the Cinemalaya Foundation as investment for the production. The Best Full Length Feature Film will receive a prize of P200,000 and the Balanghai Trophy. The New Breed Full Length feature category is open to Filipino filmmakers who have not yet directed more than three full feature films.


The ten finalists in the Short Feature category are:

  • Debut by Pamela Llanes Reyes
  • Every Other Time by Gino M. Santos
  • Hanapbuhay (Source of Living) by Henry Frejas
  • Hazard by Mikhail Red
  • Immanuel by Gabriel “Gio” Puyat
  • Nino Bonito by Rommel “Milo” Tolentino
  • Oliver’s Apartment by Misha Balangue
  • Samarito (Samaritan) by Rafael L. Santos
  • Un Diutay Mundo (One Small World) by Ana Carlyn V. Lim
  • Walang Katapusang Kwarto (An Endless Room) by Emerson Reyes

The winner of the Short Feature Category will receive a prize of P100,000.00 and the Balanghai trophy.

The four finalists in the Directors Showcase are:

  • Bisperas (Eve) by Jeffrey Jeturian
  • Busong (Palawan Fate) by Auraeus Solito
  • Isda (Fable of the Fish) by Adolfo Alix Jr.
  • Patikul by Joel C. Lamangan

The finalists of the Directors showcase each received a P500,000 seed grant from the Cinemalaya Foundation. The Best Film in the Directors Showcase will receive a prize of P300,000 and the Balanghai Trophy. The Directors Showcase is open to full length feature works by Filipino directors who have directed at least three full-length commercial feature films.

New sections will spice up this year’s Cinemalaya menu. Focus Asia will feature eight independent works by Asian directors from Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Vietnam, Singapore and Japan. The Ronwaldo Reyes Retrospective, presented in cooperation with the Society of Filipino Archivists for Film, will highlight the directorial works of National Artist Fernando Poe Jr., better known to Filipinos as an action star.  The Cinemalaya Documentary section, presented in cooperation with Calata Corporation, offers a hefty and more substantial helping of films on various aspects of Philippine life and society.

Two theaters at Greenbelt 3 will be dedicated to Cinemalaya on July 16-24, 2011.  The films to be shown at Greenbelt will be those in competition in the New Breed Full Length Feature category, the Short Feature Category, the Directors Showcase, and NETPAC Philippine Premieres.  The films of the  new Focus Asia section of Cinemalaya will also be shown at Greenbelt.

At the CCP, the Festival will be held in seven venues. The opening ceremony is slated on July 15, 6:00 pm followed by the festival opening film at the CCP Main Theater. The Cinemalaya Awards Night will be held on July 24, 7:00 pm at the same venue.

Other sections of the Cinemalaya are the NETPAC Philippine Premieres with eight competing films, Ani (a harvest of the best Filipino Indie Films of the past year), Kids Treats (indie films for children) and Midnite Specials (indie films with adult themes). Cinemalaya will also organize the Cinemalaya Film Congress, which will carry the theme Building Bridges Across Asia Through Films, and other film related events such as the Sine Taktakan (forum with 2011 Cinemalaya filmmakers), lectures and exhibits.

For more tickets and information, please call the CCP Box Office at 832-3704 and CCP Media Arts at 832-1125 local 1204/05 or visit the CCP website at www.culturalcenter.gov.ph and www.cinemalaya.org


For more synopses and schedules of the participating films, you may view Pepe Diokno’s note in Facebook here. Every year, I look forward to the Cinemalaya Season, every July, where it really showcases the works of the country’s talented filmmakers. It is the biggest, perhaps, and an important avenue in today’s cinema in nurturing the talents of emerging filmmakers. When I was a student, I always miss the opening and awards night, and most of the screenings, because of my very hectic schedule. I always wait it to be shown in UP Cine Adarna where, most of the time, it matches my timeframe and most of my friends’ too. I think I can watch more liberally this year since I don’t have school anymore (and hopefully future endeavors won’t come in conflict with this.)

Come delve into the wonderful minds of these visionaries! See you there!


Rizal Tweetup

My Rizal experience ain’t finished yet. After the media launch of My Rizal 150, together with Manila’s tweeps and bloggers, we met up for the launch of Rizalizing the Future exhibit, featuring Rizal artifacts and works, by Yuchengco Museum in RCBC Plaza. Tour courtesy of museum curator Ms. Jeannie Javelosa.

Asteroid belt, yes?

Rizal’s bowler hat.

Yuchengco Museum curator Ms. Jeannie Javelosa explaining Rizal’s achievements.

Spot Rizal.

Replica of the original cover of Noli Me Tangere.

Leonor Rivera.

Dona Teodora Alonso stamps.

Josephine Bracken wood carving by Dr. Jose Rizal.

Team Manila apparel.

The Mother’s Revenge.

Terminator Rizal.

This greets you in the elevator.

@osepreyes, @APhylicia, @tiffyabiera

Raffy, @juanxi, @tonyocruz

@kevinyapjoco, @ssowy, Tina and others I didn’t have chance of talking to. Maybe next tweetup :)

@yendreyfus, @norbs88, @chuckiedreyfus

Excellent timing @juanxi :)

@jeanniejavelosa of @yuchengcomuseum

@juanxi, @ninaterol

@takeoutsushi and @jasondayrit. Better late than never! :P

See you next tweetup, guys!

Post-tweetup happenings, sponsored by @dronthego and @norbs88 LOL!

Catch the month-long celebration of our national hero – Dr. Jose Protacio Rizal Mercado y Alonzo Realonda! For schedule, click here. Rizalizing the Future exhibit at the Yuchengco Museum is open throughout the year. Feel free to pay a visit, it’s all worth it!

RIZALizing the Future, A Rizal Tweetup!

“RIZALizing” – a continuing process of imbibing, becoming…
carrying out that essence which is Rizal.

Rizal was the greatest product of the Philippine and his coming to the world was like the appearance of a rare comet, whose rare brilliance appears only every other century. Ferdinand Blumentritt, Philippinologist and Rizal’s best friend, in his book Biography of Rizal, translated from German by Howard Bray (1898)

National hero Dr. Jose P. Rizal is present in the psyche of the Filipino, with his iconic image and enduring spirit experienced in all aspects of our culture, seen in the landscapes of our land, the industries that move our economy and our daily life. He is an example that the Filipino race has given birth to an individual endowed with the highest attributes that could be considered an honor to the human race.

RIZALizing the Future, the exhibition, presents this challenge to cultivate all our good qualities in order to perfect ourselves and together, build a race proud and strong. Speaking through his writings, Rizal offers a visionary look at what we Filipinos, and our country can become.

The exhibition at the Yuchengco Museum presents Rizal in popular format, surveying the various trends, industries, brands, movements and directions that have pointed to Rizal as the root of inspiration.

Using a wide variety of paintings, memorabilia items, popular icons, books, illustrations, contemporary artist’s works, archival photographs, costumes and fashion, the exhibit is geared to a general audience and envisioned to bring Rizal closer to a general audience.

The question that RIZALIZING THE FUTURE challenges all Filipinos is – Have we lived up to the vision our national hero set out for us?


Rizal Tweetup is on! There would be a gathering of Tweeps and Bloggers on June 2, 7pm at the Yuchengco Museum in RCBC Plaza, Makati City. There will be a special preview of “Rizalizing the Future” exhibit + cocktails + culture. Please RSVP via email at javelosa_curator@yuchengcomuseum.org and/or sign up here.

EDIT: Forgot to mention that this is free of charge and that everyone is invited! Go share this 411 to other tweeps and bloggers around the area!

More of the Rizalizing the Future exhibit details are available through Yuchengco Museum website.

See you there!

“Life is a Party,” Heima…

After a short stay at SMX for Regatta in Philippine Fashion Week, I went (even alone, haha!) to Heima at the LRI Design Plaza in Makati, to see their latest collection and the launch of their new stationery line Paper Club (which pretty much reminds me of Papemelroti.) Heima is one of those design teams that I look very closely. I really like how I step in the store and feel at home. Yes, it is girly, but I can say that it also appeals to gentlemen. Who does not love, or can resist for that matter, those cute but no nonsense interiors. And I bet you just can’t miss that signature Heima olive room scent. Check these out:

Team Heima!

Yay, confetti for a successful event!

Ms. Kate Torralba

Garovs x Ryan. Paparazzi mode lang, hehe.

Some of zeh crowd.

Heima is also available in Cubao X in Quezon City.