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Uh-mazing Spider-man swung and got my heart

Well, actually, Andrew Garfield did! ❤

I even changed my Twitter surname. Yes, in my perfect world, I married him.

Serious talk though, there are absolute three blasphemous things to say about this film, and these are:

  • Is that Mary Jane? (I CANNOT.),
  • OMG why is she blond? (srlsy do research sometimes),
  • I don’t get it, why did Emma (can’t even remember it’s GWEN!) smile in the end? (WE. DIED.)

Mind you, we heard those from people IN the cinema. Egad, the shock in our faces cannot be concealed by the longest face ever.

I will not even pretend that I am a big superhero slash comic book junkie. I am serious when I told people I am watching this because mi husbando Andy is playing the abso-fucking-lutely amazing Spidey boy (lol, is this blasphemous too?) BUT didn’t the trailers make it pretty obvious this isn’t the same Spidey? I think that’s the point of filming it the second time around, ’cause they have something new? And it really doesn’t hurt to do some research, really. Befriend the internet, puh-lease. I JUST CANNOT BELIEVE WHAT WE HEARD WAS REAL. Seriously, izzo stupid.

Nonetheless, I’ve seen it twice, and I really recommend you go to the nearest cinema if you haven’t. I mean, aside from the adorkable killer smile and piercing glances from my boy Andrew, he shared good chemistry with Emma Stone – who btw I absolutely forgive already having an affair with him while shooting. HAHA! 

I just think that, as with some movies I’ve seen lately, there are lapses in transition, which really doesn’t help to communicate the emotion. It’s especially observed when Uncle Ben was shot and they didn’t even transitioned Peter’s change of mood smoothly. Other than that, I think it’s an uh-mazing movie. Putting amazing in the title was appropriate.

So I think that’s all. I really am tired from this day, though I hardly done anything because it was raining so hard. So…

Andy, come let’s sleep hihi :)