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Hanna’s Birthday Thingamajig

Celebrated Hanna’s birthday at her home, then drinks at Jack’s Loft… where we played games… and let’s not get started with the consequences for losers!! Haha! Let’s just say that there were a lot of contact involved.

Krispy Kreme birthday thingamajig!! What a witty idea from Tita Heidi!

Rhea, Ian, Gab

Crashed at Mcdo after. God have mercy on my waistline.


Louis, Trish

Slept over at Hanna’s after. I was awake until 7am, and had only around 2 hours to sleep before I hit the cafe and finish Hunger Games.

On that note, where do I buy a copy of Catching Fire??? I can’t find any, and my eyes cannot tolerate to read an ebook in my laptop… oh, if only I have an iPad – LOL!

Wait. I digress! Happy birthday Hanna! Our birthday month celebration isn’t over yet! Can’t wait to see Toe on the 20th!!!

Photos by Louis Ramos


It’s been pretty tumultuous these past few days that even gorging endlessly on milk tea and sleeping long hours (on a weekend, of course) could not help. Globe cutting off my internet definitely isn’t helping, too. And in times like these, I crash over at Eastwood and go to my friend Hanna’s place. It’s good having someone to talk with, practice bekinese, make fun of people passing by (sarreh!) make songs (you should have heard Hanna play the guitar,) drink milk tea, eat fastfood, watch movie in the pad (no can do because we have early morning engagements,) read old blogs, and other whatnots. It’s happy having someone to go to when everything is so blurry you don’t know where to go.

I am glad I have a friend to crash with anytime I feel crappy like this. Thanks, H!

P.S. Visit (and bookmark) her awesome travel blog here!

Last (last) Friday Night

Probably one of those nights when you planned a lot of things, but then nothing pushed through and yer pissed, but you enjoyed afterwards nonetheless.

DSC_1218Always start with milk tea.


DSC_1221Hello Escy! We called her up when everyone bailed on us. Straight from werq!

DSC_1235Was forced to have pearls because of my milk tea project. Coming soon…

DSC_1236Escy doesn’t like milk tea. Oh but she will >:)

DSC_1237Happy campers!

DSC_1239Took a stroll.

DSC_1242Ate dinner. Actually, just Escy.

DSC_1243Why is it taking so loooooooong?! *tummy grumble*

DSC_1244Went to Timezone to exchange Lizzy’s tickets.


DSC_1246And there was so much! Got pencils to donate somewhere.

We actually planned to watch Urbandub that night but because we’re tired and we’re just really up for some couch crashing, we just watched some movies at Hanna’s pad. Escy started to crash. I followed suit. The drunk ban was on our face but we were like drunk out of sleep deprivation. Planned to go home by 5am, but then we crashed at the same time. Woke up at 8am, Tita Heidi was laughing ’cause apparently I was planking in her couch. Ate at Mcdo for late breakfast, talked about long weekend plans, went home, and then went to Eiga Sai.

Do it all again.