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Today x Future is home to one of the crazy hipster scenes in the metro, and it’s their birthday! Catch all these fab DJs spin and rock your night on August 4, 5, and 6. Party marathon is here to welcome our August!

August 4: Mike Lavet x DMAPS/DJ Logik x Super Mikki
August 5: Badaf Punk x Cha Angel x Gigee / Kill your Boyfriend
August 6: Caliph8 x Brat V x Ha*beebee x Major Chi

With Future Wall, gangstah-ed by Tof Zapanta, Celdee, New Works

I remember meeting some of my most fabulous friends here, so yeah, I love Today x Future!!! See you there!

072211 is Meiday Heyday

So I have this friend. I’m only able to make her go out when it’s Meiday. We rarely see each other outside of Meiday, and her being a corporate slave really drives me mad when I need to see her and she can’t because she’s stuck with work. So kudos to Meiday for bringing me and my friend, Pate Salonga, closer. And also for bringing in these cool bands — something new to put in an iPod! And of course, thanks because every MEIDAY is free!!! Check how dope Meiday is —






Ok, I can’t help it! Ali Alejandro of DeLara!!! Gawd such a cutie!



DSC_0548Mei Bastes, the brain behind these mind-numbing events. 






DSC_0560Boj Ordonio. Visit his blog!






Mr. Pen Medina with my friend Pate. It was Ping’s brithday salubong also that day (sarreh no photo.) Pen is such a hippie spirit!!! He was dancing to the beats!


DSC_0572I love them trance-y photos, haha

DSC_0573Mei intro-ing Bee Eyes

Bee Eyes


My best shot of a musician… EVER! I think his name is Idris Vicuna


DSC_0585LOL at the motion in this photo



The reason why I was sober that night — MOONLEAF TEA SHOP was there to keep me from drinking alcohol, LOL!



Paparazzi x Apparition shot of Mich Dulce




DSC_0612 Top Junk performed some becky anthems from Madonna (Like A Prayer) and another I can’t remember! I love you Tuesday!











My keeper for the night. I love this photo.

Outerhope also played that night (I love them since I heard them play at LRI) but sadly I was too stumped to take any more photos.

That’s it for now, keep ’em coming Meiday parties! The bitch has it all – Mei Bastes, ikaw na, YOU ALREADY! Teehee!

Panty Monsters: Querida Night

Taylor Swift‘s concert have caused traffic of epic proportions.

But thanks to that, I’d have crashed Panty Monsters. I didn’t even know it was it until Mike told me.

Here’s Kay (I hope I remembered it right,) and she’s kinda related to somebody… (I’m not good with names, sarreeeeh.)

Fashion Field Trip! I read their blogs! AJ, Karl, Paul, Mike. Sorry I didn’t know the one on the far left.

Sven Barretto. I was surprised to see him here. But from the looks of it, he looks more surprised to see me! LOL!

I think the name of the guy with bandana is Borgy. Mike kinda introduced him to me… He’s nice.

I like the Jedi-ish outfit of the guy in the right. I don’t know what to call it, so I’ll call it Jedi-ish, peace!

This photo started all the conversations. Then there’s meeting a lot of people /gasp! Thanks, Mike! I didn’t remember them all though :( Tell me if you know who are in the pictures and help me remember them :) BTW, the party is THIS great!

Coolest DJs ever! Keep that 90’s vibe!

Cute DJ, teehee!

Jujiin Samonte and birthday boy Paulo Castro

That was a fun Cubao X weekend! Definitely for more!!! So kulet!

Thank you TODAY!

Manila’s Vintage Hub

I was kinda early for Heima last Saturday, so I took the opportunity to shoot some finds in Cubao X. I remember finding vintage carplates here for Ms. Cheche Lazaro, and they have more than just that. I ♥ Vintage here at Cubao X.

Night life in Cubao X. The place is also popular with its bars and restaurants. My favorite: MOGWAI (but they always run out of Mojitos)

Remnants Shop. Vintage photographs, camera, wine bottles,

I remembered Pat here — Nancy Drew series!

The owner asked me to take a photograph of this 1998 Metallica flag poster. This is a rare find according to her.

I loved viewfinder when I was a kid!

Who had used a typewriter before ever using a computer? I DO!


Angel’s Thrift Shop

Vinyl players.

Antique furniture shops

Shoe shops. Cubao X was originally Marikina Shoe Expo. Until now, some of the original tenants were still there selling awesome shoes!

Even people are using vintage around the area. Check out this vintage Vespa.

Inovatique. I wanted to shoot some photos inside Inovatique, another interior design store, like Heima. But they have a no picture taking inside policy. Anyone knows Inovatique?

Cubao X has so much potential!

Diana Mini x Heima

It was indeed a busy Saturday for me. I needed to go to my completion duty (my fellow nurses can understand me here.) Then a number of my classmates invited me to watch the Pyromusical competition in MOA. Anyway. It was also the launch of the Diana Mini in Heima that day. It was a dilemma for me since I kinda said yes to my classmates. Although it wasn’t an easy decision, I’m glad I went to the launch.

Since I went alone (again) I’m somehow shy to enter the store. But I did summon the courage to. This bubbly girl approached me as I entered Heima.

That, my friends, is Elisa Aquino a.k.a. Tumblr’s Thunderpopcola and Stache‘s Art Editor. I was so psyched to see her in person! I wasn’t that used to seeing personally the people behind the blogs I read. She approached me first (being the very shy me) and asked me to sign the guestbook (she’s interning for Heima).

She also asked me if I do Tumblr and I think you know what happened next. She is just so perky just like her blog and I believe you can never run out of things to talk about with Tumblr.

This blog post is getting too long but I have one more story to tell. Actually two. I meet Reisha, who had her Heima stamp in the neck and is Elisa’s co-intern at Heima. She accommodated me while waiting for the launch to start. She’s from UP and oh she tumbles too!

Many people went to the launch, and I found this guy looking at me.

I was also looking at him. He wields a wicked Canon 7D. He’s a filmmaker, and the reason he’s looking at me was he wanted to ask if my camera is the latest model of Nikon. I really wanted to say – I’m so jealous of your 7D. But he’s nice and he even gave me his blog. Nice guy, name’s Dale.

Marshmallow kebabs, Flat tops, Cloud nines, and cupcakes. WHO WOULD RESIST?! >:)

Diana Lomo Cameras.

Actually all the people there are so nice. I just needed to leave early though for dinner with Jen at Moonleaf.

I love Moonleaf! I wished they’d have a variant with just Yakult and tea!

This night ain’t over yet though (next post!) One of the best weekends ever!

Pyromusical v Diana

My February is so packed, I don’t know where to go first. In this case, both starts at the same time. CHOICES!

or this —

My classmates are going to the Pyromusical but it’s up until March pa naman, and I really wanna shoot the launch of Diana Mini Love is in the Air. To top it all off, I have my completion duty at 7am! I guess I better sleep for more energy tomorrow!

But I want to watch Gossip Girl first /LOL!

Actress, Musician, Blogger, Tumblr Queen… and DJ?!

Catch Saab!


Blasted late duty schedules, I think I can’t make it also to the launch at Podium tomorrow. I wanna shoot (photos, of course, LOL) some people pa naman. I also wanna take my still unnamed camera for a date too. There are so many stuff going on this week, and apparently I can’t go because I still have to wait for schedule! This is one sad week. Very sad indeed.

All I can do is to blog about it though. Those who wanna catch Saab spin the tables for them all hippies at Cubao X, come one, come all!!! Except for me, errrrrr… I hope Saab DJs again :|

MEIDAY is such a Happy Day!

Lazy Saturday turned into one happy day, errr, actually night. I left home early just to save myself from hibernating all day. Before I watch movies/series/youtube, read magazines, eat and get fat all day, I moved my ass away from my bed and headed out. Roamed around the mall, got equally bored as I am at home. Jeez. Gone are the days when I enjoyed malling. Anyway. Met up with Hanna, Pate, and Chris for one spectacular night @ Meiday! If you don’t know what Meiday is, click away. Here are some outtakes, though – Bands, Booze, Buddies:

OUTFIT POST: Switch Nation tee, Solo pleated polo, Billabong pants, thrifted military boots, MFG shoulder bag.

@ the Junkie Shop by Mei Bastes – plenty of specs! And plenty more pretty junk!

You can’t get enough funk from this junk!


We are Triangle: MUJI ba itey?!

I love this triangular couch. Time to have a couch in my room!

Hanna lurved this chair. The intricate metal work gives minimalism more geometry.


MEIDAY Collabs…

Ang mga parokyano ng Cubao X

The lady who knows them all. Chos. Pate Salonga.

With boyfie, Sir Chris. Wazzup, Sir?!

THE BENTA POSE. Peace, Pate!

Some went for the music. Some went for the art. Some went because they know people. Some went because they know people, who knew people, who probably knew more people. But some, just went because it was fun! Definitely a Cubao X weekend to remember! Next Meiday is on May, so I heard. I’ll see you guys, yes?

P.S. I saw @saabmagalona. I wish I took a picture. Oooops, no groupies allowed pala, sabi ni Hanna! HAHA! (Am I a groupie?!)

P.P.S. Pate, Hanna, and I are cooking something up! Stay tuned! I just hope our board exams would not stall us that much.

That’s all folks.

Meiday Saturday!

I planned on going to the poster exhibit today, but due to extreme slothfulness, I decided to stay indoors instead. You can still go, if you want, it starts at 8pm.

This is where I’ll be tomorrow though! I can’t wait! Here’s a briefer (below) to start with and a survival guide to this awesome party. Note: The party is for free for all!


Meiday to last
SENSES WORKING OVERTIME By Luis Katigbak The Philippine Star Updated February 04, 2011 12:00 AM

All you really need to know about Meiday is that it’s a hell of a gig, which features a slew of bands — usually 20 or more — that range from acclaimed and popular (Itchyworms, Sugarfree) to lesser-known but worthy (The Discoball, Twin Lobster). And it is always free. And it is happening again tomorrow night, Feb. 5, Saturday, at Cubao Expo (a.k.a. Cubao X), from 5 p.m. onwards.

Okay, you may want to know more than that. You could look up the very useful “Survival Guide for Meiday Virgins,” which was written by Jansen Musico and came out in the Philippine Star last October (sample tip: “Learn the art of slip and squeeze”). You could also read on, because we talked to the founder and guiding force of this recurring party, the amazing Mei Bastes herself:

What do you do, when you’re not doing Meiday?

I manage my restaurant in Cubao called Kebab X. (Note: This author can attest first-hand to the excellence of their keema, which he has a tendency to consume in ridiculous amounts.) I also freelance-style for music videos and production design for indie films. I also own an eclectic fashion and music store called the Junkie Shop.

When/ Why/ How did you start Meiday?

I started Meiday February of 2008 in Purple Haze Bar, the only Meiday with a door charge. I started it because I wanted to get my mind off a failed relationship at that time. I also had so many band friends and there weren’t decent productions that would stage good gigs. The next ones were more of free parties for friends, then it became bigger when I moved it to Cubao X — featuring the much bigger bands.

We are triangle: The pop-up shop returns, for two days only

What are Meiday’s guiding principles?

Well, it’s basically giving the finger to the pay-to-play productions who force bands to sell tickets. I see to it that the bands’ music is interesting and will appeal to most of my following. Most of all, all of the bands that play on Meiday are (or should be) my friends.

You’ve kept Meiday free in the face of criticisms (from other event organizers and even some artists). Why is it so important that it’s free?

There is nothing like it in Manila, in the Philippines even. Meiday is like a communal effort — the bands play pro-bono, graphic designer friends help out with posters, friends manning the bars, and volunteers who help out in the actual prod. I have kept it free to make it more accessible to everyone who likes music, and for the up-and-coming bands to get the well-deserved exposure.

What are the worst things you’ve had to deal with?

The worst thing is always the after-party damage because I’m always the one responsible, meaning I pay for whatever damage that has been done to the venue.

What, for you, are the best things — or moments — that have resulted because of Meiday?

The bands that I idolized before when I was younger are requesting me to let them play on Meiday! (Laughs). It has become so unbelievably big that I was considered one of the prominent people of the music scene by a local magazine. It’s very flattering.

What makes the Feb. 5 edition so special?

Mei and friends: The amazing Mei Bastes, founder of Meiday, and her bodyguards Photos by Mei Bastes

It’s the third anniversary party, marking three long years of hard work to promote local music. Also, the day after Meiday, I’m flying to Berlin for the Berlin International Film Festival, so it’s also a send-off party.

How long will you keep these parties going?

I still have no idea. I just throw Meiday when I feel like it.

Don’t miss the Third Anniversary Party of Meiday this Saturday, 5 p.m. onwards, at Cubao X! Among the 25-plus bands playing are Taken By Cars, Pedicab, Itchyworms, Sugarfree, Outerhope, Corporate Lo-Fi, Ang Bandang Shirley, Ciudad and many more.

Also, in the same venue but on the night before (that’s tonight, people), there will be a Meiday-inspired poster exhibit featuring the work of some of the most interesting (read: slightly damaged in the head) young artists and design teams around: Apol Sta. Maria, JP Cuison, Tof Zapanta, Team Manila, Everywhere We Shoot, Nelz Yumul, and more.

Also also: tonight marks the return of the pop-up shop We Are Triangle (still in Cubao X — I’m just glad I live near there), with a new collection of unique and knee-weakeningly attractive wares such as furniture, pillows, art and art prints, notebooks and books, clothes, bicycles, and et cetera. It will run from February 4 to 5 (4 p.m. onwards on both days), and feature DJ sets by Diego Mapa, Katwo Puertollano, and Mei Bastes herself, among others.

That’s like a hundred-plus reasons to be in Cubao X this weekend. So see you there!