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072211 is Meiday Heyday

So I have this friend. I’m only able to make her go out when it’s Meiday. We rarely see each other outside of Meiday, and her being a corporate slave really drives me mad when I need to see her and she can’t because she’s stuck with work. So kudos to Meiday for bringing me and my friend, Pate Salonga, closer. And also for bringing in these cool bands — something new to put in an iPod! And of course, thanks because every MEIDAY is free!!! Check how dope Meiday is —






Ok, I can’t help it! Ali Alejandro of DeLara!!! Gawd such a cutie!



DSC_0548Mei Bastes, the brain behind these mind-numbing events. 






DSC_0560Boj Ordonio. Visit his blog!






Mr. Pen Medina with my friend Pate. It was Ping’s brithday salubong also that day (sarreh no photo.) Pen is such a hippie spirit!!! He was dancing to the beats!


DSC_0572I love them trance-y photos, haha

DSC_0573Mei intro-ing Bee Eyes

Bee Eyes


My best shot of a musician… EVER! I think his name is Idris Vicuna


DSC_0585LOL at the motion in this photo



The reason why I was sober that night — MOONLEAF TEA SHOP was there to keep me from drinking alcohol, LOL!



Paparazzi x Apparition shot of Mich Dulce




DSC_0612 Top Junk performed some becky anthems from Madonna (Like A Prayer) and another I can’t remember! I love you Tuesday!











My keeper for the night. I love this photo.

Outerhope also played that night (I love them since I heard them play at LRI) but sadly I was too stumped to take any more photos.

That’s it for now, keep ’em coming Meiday parties! The bitch has it all – Mei Bastes, ikaw na, YOU ALREADY! Teehee!

The longest concert hangover ever!

The Script in Manila!!! We just can’t get enough!


  • You Won’t Feel A Thing
  • Talk You Down
  • We Cry
  • If You Ever Come Back
  • Before The Worst
  • If You See Kay
  • The End Where I Begin
  • Science And Faith
  • The Man Who Can’t Be Moved
  • I’m Yours
  • Nothing
  • Dead Man Walking
  • Rusty Halo


  • For The First Time
  • Breakeven


Again, SOME VIDEOS ARE NOT FOR THE WEAK OF STOMACH. Some looked like they’re taken from a rollercoaster! And you can hear us singing! ME SINGING!!!!! Oh well, this is how you watch THE SCRIPT in Manila!

I can’t  help but to be teary-eyed with The End Where I Begin. It’s too much emotional for me that I used to sing this for a person… well, to realize I still sing this for that same person.

And of course, The Man Who Can’t Be Moved. Because I am that man! #CHOS! And by this time, I don’t know how many times I tweeted how hot Danny is! AND EVEN TAGGING @THESCRIPT hahahahahaha!

This is where Dan removed his jacket!!!!!!!! I can’t shout any louder! HAWT!!!


I have no decent pictures that night as I was too naive to leave Chace, the D3100 at home, fearing that they may detain my camera, so I just have videos. Here are some from Manila Concert Scene’s Tumblr!

Please click on the photos for the credits to the real owners of the photos! The last one is my favorite! Oh Danny!!!!! I LOVE YOUUUU! FYI: I even shouted “DANNY I LOVE YOU” during the I’m Yours performance in a very low-toned guy voice. That’s how crazy that day is! Everybody’s just laughing at me and I don’t even care. I’M SO GAY FOR YOU DANNY O’DONOGHUE!!! HAHAHAHA! Anyway, he was wearing drop crotch pants and boots, might he…? HAHAHAHAHA! I’ve been using caps and the letters H and A too much in this post!

After the adrenaline-filled night, four people are very happy to witness one of the best (for me it is the best though) concerts Manila has ever witnessed –

NEXT: Switchfoot and Maroon 5!!!! SPONSORS PLEASE! HAHA! #CHOS!


This will be just a teaser because my internet is kinda crappy and I can’t upload all the videos I took yesterday. ANYWAY. Y’all know that this is the only event that I was able to go because of the dreaded move of our review orientation. IF I WEREN’T DEAD SERIOUS ABOUT PASSING, I’ll cancel. Heck. Anyway.

This video is just a teaser. I DON’T HAVE THE BEST CONCERT VIDEOS EVER. But I guess you’ll get how groupie we were for The Script! This video is fairly steady, but the next will be not for the weak of the stomach.

Happy March!

Went to Dee’s birthday celebration at Yellow Cab Morayta after our lecture. Long live the Queen! LOL!

Classic Dee Expression. Peace!

Happy birthday Dee!

Rushed to Eastwood for Hanna’s 20th and Sugarfree’s last gig. Happy birthday Hanna! She had just reached the age of viability (lol, internal joke, sarreh!)

Buffet at Sambo Kojin with Hanna’s family, Erieca, Mara and birthday neonate, errr, girl (haha!) Hanna Samson. Very Yakimix lang!


My plate.

Meat orgy.

Bed of shrimps. Disturbed by a slice of beef.



Master Chef: Kaya mo bang kumain ng hipon nang hindi kinakamay?

Hanna and her Kuya RJ a.k.a. The Island Explorer

Still had the chance to catch Sugarfree play. Though we didn’t find a good place to watch from. And it was raining. And it was crowded. But we love you @EbeDancel. It was good 12 years listening to you!

Saw Ramon Bautista on the way to the plaza! Starstruck!


Happy birthday again Dee and Hanna! Goodbye Sugarfree, you will always be loved! March didn’t start bad at all. March is my month! Represent!

#NowPlaying on repeat

Toxic, Glee cast

…’cause it has been so dragging lately…

Dog Days are Over, Florence and the Machine

…but just within hand’s reach only.

Lose Yourself, The Script

…’cause I just did…

Tongue Tied, Faber Drive

…for someone.

Please Don’t Go, Mike Posner

…’cause I have done my part and…

Ignorance | Playing God, Paramore

…I am ready to move on.

Pocketful of Sunshine, Natasha Bedingfield

…’cause I need some.

Empire State of Mind, Glee cast

…for the love of.

Big Bang Theory, Barenaked Ladies

…’cause it has to start with something…

2012, Jay Sean feat. Nicki Minaj

…and end with another.

The End where I Begin, The Script

…’cause I need to start again… and am watching the concert in Manila, too! HAHA!

One of Us, Glee cast

…’cause He had been.

Born this Way, Lady Gaga

…’cause gender equality is something yet to be achieved for this twisted planet. People must know how to have respect not just for the conventional, but even for the not-so-usual. Your preference does not define your totality of being.

Don’t discriminate. Represent!


Concert Season!

After the Never Shout Never, The Maine, and We the Kings stint here in the Philippines last week, I instantly realized that it is one of the best concert seasons the Philippines has ever seen! I will definitely be gone broke if I go to each and every good band going here in the Philippines! So I guess I’ll be going to just one. Or all of them if manna comes from heaven… (I need a job!!!)

Aerosmith – March 19, 2011 | MOA Concert Grounds

Although this just started out as a rumor, I really hope they go here! AEROSMITH ROCKS!

EDIT: This is already confirmed. Aerosmith is not going here in Manila :(

The Script – April 16, 2011 | Araneta Coliseum

AND I CHOOSE THE SCRIPT! Psyched too much!!!

Switchfoot – April 30, 2011 | Philippine Sports Arena

Maroon 5 – May 23, 2011 | SMX Convention Center

FOR MORE!!!! Switchfoot and Maroon 5 have done shows here in Manila before and I gathered no information if Aerosmith had gone here already. But definitely The Script is having their first show here on April 16!

I’m the man who can’t be MOVED!

Thanks Manila Concert Scene for the updates!

Pyromusical v Diana

My February is so packed, I don’t know where to go first. In this case, both starts at the same time. CHOICES!

or this —

My classmates are going to the Pyromusical but it’s up until March pa naman, and I really wanna shoot the launch of Diana Mini Love is in the Air. To top it all off, I have my completion duty at 7am! I guess I better sleep for more energy tomorrow!

But I want to watch Gossip Girl first /LOL!

I’m not gonna write you a love song…

I can’t think of a proper title for this, and Sarah Bareilles just started playing in my BlackBerry /LOL. Camwhoring before the concert starts… and after the concert ended, teehee :)





Never Shout Never, The Maine, We the Kings in Trinoma


It’s the concert year for the Philippines!!! Too many good bands going here. Too little money in my pocket! Good for us, we got to catch these three bands in Trinoma! I just wish I had those humongous lens Louis has. It was good though. Having this much needed long weekend to chill, relax, and meet friends. And watch concerts (next post!)

Never Shout Never. We’re still finding a good place to shoot from! It wasn’t easy…

The Maine. Finally got a fairly good spot.

The incident of the flying bra. This really made me laugh when somebody actually threw her undies! Now, was she wearing it before throwing it? Or did she have spare? Rock concert tales… HAHA!

We the Kings. Everybody’s favorite. Trinoma just went from a mall into one big mosh pit —

Concert photos by my good friend Louis the Lobster, thanks yow! Video by Jonver. I nearly forgot though! These were shot from the cinema level of Trinoma mall! HAHA! Tyaga namen!

These were the awesome people I was with last night. Hanna, Paola, Louis, and I decided to meet up. Louis brought his brother Lance. We bumped into Ella and Ariane with their friend Loui.

Mukhang batang nawawala si Ella. Isa pa!

Do the W! It was a very fun night. Next: The Script in Manila.

Oh good Lord, I need a job!

MEIDAY is such a Happy Day!

Lazy Saturday turned into one happy day, errr, actually night. I left home early just to save myself from hibernating all day. Before I watch movies/series/youtube, read magazines, eat and get fat all day, I moved my ass away from my bed and headed out. Roamed around the mall, got equally bored as I am at home. Jeez. Gone are the days when I enjoyed malling. Anyway. Met up with Hanna, Pate, and Chris for one spectacular night @ Meiday! If you don’t know what Meiday is, click away. Here are some outtakes, though – Bands, Booze, Buddies:

OUTFIT POST: Switch Nation tee, Solo pleated polo, Billabong pants, thrifted military boots, MFG shoulder bag.

@ the Junkie Shop by Mei Bastes – plenty of specs! And plenty more pretty junk!

You can’t get enough funk from this junk!


We are Triangle: MUJI ba itey?!

I love this triangular couch. Time to have a couch in my room!

Hanna lurved this chair. The intricate metal work gives minimalism more geometry.


MEIDAY Collabs…

Ang mga parokyano ng Cubao X

The lady who knows them all. Chos. Pate Salonga.

With boyfie, Sir Chris. Wazzup, Sir?!

THE BENTA POSE. Peace, Pate!

Some went for the music. Some went for the art. Some went because they know people. Some went because they know people, who knew people, who probably knew more people. But some, just went because it was fun! Definitely a Cubao X weekend to remember! Next Meiday is on May, so I heard. I’ll see you guys, yes?

P.S. I saw @saabmagalona. I wish I took a picture. Oooops, no groupies allowed pala, sabi ni Hanna! HAHA! (Am I a groupie?!)

P.P.S. Pate, Hanna, and I are cooking something up! Stay tuned! I just hope our board exams would not stall us that much.

That’s all folks.