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Globe BlackBerry Exclusives Concert Series

No one really knows what more Globe and BlackBerry can bring us! Now even better, for all the loyal subscribers of, what else, BlackBerry and Globe, here are MUSIC EXCLUSIVES for everyone! And it’s not just everyone, it’s exclusively for US!

And it’s just simple, just subscribe to any of the two new BlackBerry Curve (trust me, it’s still worth it even after what they’ve been telling about RIM) and your preferred plan… and you’re good to go!

Here’s what’s at stake:

Subscribers who avail of either a BlackBerry Curve 9220 or a BlackBerry Curve 9320 smartphone under a Globe postpaid plan either as a new line or by re-contracting from July 2 to October 31, 2012 are entitled to 100 (for BlackBerry Curve 9220) or 200 (for BlackBerry Curve 9320) raffle points. Earn more points by downloading ringback tones, true tones, full track songs and referring friends. One raffle point is equivalent to one raffle entry, so the more points, the more raffle entries – the more chances of winning. Text FREETRIP to 2346 for more information.

Twelve (12) winners will be chosen to take a trip abroad with one (1) friend each to watch one of the concerts: three (3) winners to see Teenage Dream songstress Katy Perry on September 23 in Singapore, four (4) winners to watch pop queen Madonna on October 11 in Los Angeles, and five (5) winners side by side British rock band Coldplay on November 17 in Sydney, Australia.

And the best part is – roundtrip airfare,accommodations, concert tickets, and an exclusive send-off party are all covered andpart of the package. What more can you ask for?

Yes, everybody wants an extra dose of the ‘Material Girl’ herself, no matterwhere she is. In partnership with MYX, the number 1 music channel in the country, Globe and BlackBerry launched the MYX Fly Away promo, where subscribers who availof a BlackBerry Curve 9320 under a Globe postpaid plan either as a new line or by re-contracting from July 2 to September 13, 2012 are entitled to one raffle entry, givingthem a chance to win an all-expense paid trip to Los Angeles for two (2) to watch Madonna live in concert on October 10, 2012.The BlackBerry Curve 9220 comes free with Globe My Super Plan 499 plus aP99 unlimited BlackBerry Chat subscription while the BlackBerry Curve 9320 is free with My Super Plan BlackBerry Unli Surf Combo Plan 999. For as low as P598/month,Globe subscribers can get the BlackBerry Curve 9220 complete with a P499 monthly consumable amount for calls and texts, unlimited access to BBM™ (BlackBerry® Messenger) and 2 freebies. On the other hand, subscribers can enjoy the BlackBerry Curve 9320 for only P999/month with unlimited surfing, P400 monthly consumable forcalls and texts, and 1 freebie.

So what are you waiting for?! Jump to the wagon, before it’s too late. I honestly hope to win the COLDPLAY tickets *crossing fingers* :)

For more information, log on to www.blackberrycurve.globe.com.ph


No, not the Greek restaurant favorite phrase when they flambe cheese in front of you and you just get scared of your life for a good two seconds. Then you burn your tongue after, and drink Ouzo and further burn your throat. No it is not… And for the record, I love Greek food. I really do. Oh shit, now I’m hungreh.

BUT THIS. THIS IS OPPA GANGNAM STYLE. I can attest that at first it really is annoying. Not kinda. It is really annoying. But give it a chance. Last through the whole song…

And maybe, you’ll sing it in your own concert like Nelly Furtado did here in Manila! Hehe, it sticks like a sticky gum in the heel of your shoe. It just won’t die!!!

Mehehehehehehe. You just got infected by the Gangname Style. Sorry, didn’t warn you earlier hehehehehehehe


ANTEROOM SESSIONS 2: Double the fun!

MARCH 31 — Exactly six months and 28 days ago, we held the very first Anteroom Sessions at Moonleaf Maginhawa. I was an intern at Punchdrunk Panda then, and we just wanted to launch some new kicks, with a couple of bands playing, while still making sales. It was just a simple, very simple, musing. Until after some meetings, we decided to take on five bands, a couple of DJs, six brands, and a video production team on board. To cut the story short, we were overwhelmed with the outcome of what we were able to come up with then. Up until now, I still feel kilig whenever I look back at the very first Anteroom Sessions. It was the highlight of my internship, and I can say with all confidence that it was my biggest project for PdP. (Sorry for the emotive tone, I can get very emotional with this, hehe)


AND NOW IT HAS GONE OUT OF PROPORTIONS! A month before I was surprised to know that the second Anteroom Sessions will be held at CUBAO X! It shocked me and it instantly brought me back to my internship days where I first envisioned PdP at — exactly at the SAME SPOT as I saw them last night. It was surreal, and PdP didn’t disappoint.

DSC_0182PdP’s Nomad Manager and the coaxed boyfriend


DSC_0184Blogger Arriane and Martha of Vesti

DSC_0188Last year’s crowd favorite Tarsius opened the night! I haven’t heard them with drum sets, and it was a whole different Tarsius last night!


This year, I really felt where Anteroom Sessions came from!!! Seven bands, two DJs, thirteen proudly Filipino brands, and a whole lot of FUN awaited people – indeed MORE FUN WITH PUNCHDRUNK PANDA! I think I’ll shut my mouth a bit, and let these photos speak for itself *giddy*



DSC_0195Dinner at Penpen’s




DSC_0200Gentle Universe were very gentle… lovely tunes!!! We were able to listen to their last set only because we were dinner-ing.


DSC_0204Last year, Slow Hello was only composed by Selena herself. Now she’s with her complete band set!



Also, Selena was celebrating her birthday last night! Happy birthday again, S!



Aside from the awesome, awesome lineup, 13 brands also participated and sold their proudly Filipino products! One of Punchdrunk Panda’s PdP-losophy is to, in any way possible, be proud of their Filipino roots – and here’s adhering to that value.

DSC_0210Mental note to get this from YUKI!


DSC_0212Artwork. They’ll be carrying PdP’s camera straps soon!



DSC_0215Agos. They invited us to their Baler surfing event, but Hanna and I have other plans already :( NEXT TIME!


DSC_0217Cool shirt from Electromagnetic Tentacle

DSC_0218Junk Studio was a brand who participated with us last year also. Here’s to brand friends!

DSC_0219We collaborated with blogger Eunicena last year, and now she’s one of our collaborators also — Vnaltik

DSC_0220Kloi’s and Klay’s is as quirky as it can get!

DSC_0221MAPAPEL is one witty brand! I love their products!

DSC_0222Saab‘s Ukay Alalay for the benefit of Francis Magalona Foundation was also there.

DSC_0223What tripled my excitement for Anteroom Sessions is that SOPHIE’S MOM were also there!!! Perfect with Hakka milk tea from Moonleaf Tea Shop!

DSC_0224Loved these choco-dulce de leche cupcakes. Extra sinful!

DSC_0232With Tita Tonette, The real Sophie’s Mom, and daughter Sam







You bet there were a lot of goofing around last night! Pate, Hanna, Erika and I were playing with my Paradigm Shift noose neckpiece, taking pictures of them pulling it. THEN SUDDENLY A CRAZY THOUGHT. I took pictures with everyone doing it!!! It was so much fun!!!

DSC_0237My girlfriend from PdP, Nica

DSC_0238Haha, let’s not forget Love Never Dies were playing while I was going around looking for people to pull me :P

DSC_0239My lovely Ate and boss, Thysz

DSC_0240…and his brother, Tim!

DSC_0241PdP designer Joseph

DSC_0242They were kinda enjoying it – Chris and Pate


DSC_0244Loyola Film Circle

DSC_0245My mentor, former slave driver, nomad manager, Master Panda Jen Horn

DSC_0246This hurt the most!!! MUST YOU, ROB CHAM? Lolz, twas ok man!



Oh, I was enjoying too much and it was time to watch all five webisodes, featuring the design teams and their lovely skimmers. Too bad, I’m a guy. But for y’all lovely girls out there, check ’em out here.

DSC_0250Birthday girl Selena Salang pulled my noose before she went stage to perform with Ang Bandang Shirley!

DSC_0251Lois Yasay of We are Sole Sisters. I love her blog, go visit!

DSC_0252Charls just can’t get enough pull, hehe

DSC_0254Oh!!! With Paradigm Shift’s very own – Mike Magallanes, pulling!

DSC_0255Junk Studio’s Nikki…

DSC_0256…and the best photo of the night! You really pulled a good S&M there, Nik!

DSC_0257With Saab Magalona, just right before she leaves! Miss you Saab!

DSC_0260By the time Ang Bandang Shirley played, I couldn’t take a photo near them already! But their set was fun!!!

DSC_0261Uh so lezz continue… Elyoo as Madamoiselle Eleanor Roosevelt. Loveleh outfit meym!

DSC_0262Bobet, with Mike’s perfect photobomb!

DSC_0263With Yuki’s Miguel!

DSC_0264And another ’cause we’re cool like dut!

DSC_0266Hanna’s friend, Yang from UPD! See you again soon!

DSC_0267The one and only STEFAN PUNONGBAYAN!!!

DSC_0268Saw Ping Medina and gulped and asked a photo from him. Love that face!

DSC_0269Again, forgive my inability to remember names. This lovely girl is wearing a Mich Dulce hat! So chica!

DSC_0270Today x Future’s Austin! His birthday this month… and Panty Monster’s anniversary!

DSC_0274And while we were in Future, I showed I Love You store to Hanna


DSC_0276Karla and THAT. SPIKED. HAKKA. Moonleaf prepared a special concoction last night – add rum and add even more happiness to your milk tea!

DSC_0277Pwedeng I love your hair, Ruther?! And oh, he’s wearing Paradigm Shift!

DSC_02798mile-inspired photo of Pate, lolz

DSC_0281Os Accessories’ Paul with fenk hair

DSC_0282Salad Day’s Willar Mateo. I want that spiked cap! Oh hi there again, Karla!

DSC_0283Eunice was a bit shocked but did it nonetheless :P

DSC_0284Monday’s Bonnapart Indiebon Galeng

DSC_0285Curves a.k.a. Leatherengines with his latest hair color

DSC_0289Shinji Manlangit of The Strangeness, Nica’s BebeKo, was really funny!!! You da ultimate performer, man!


DSC_0291Took time to visit Heima, Anteroom’s co-presentor this year!









DSC_0311AND FINALLY TECHY ROMANTICS HAPPENED! With all fairness to this year’s lineup, they were all great, but there is really something unique about Techy Romantics! I just had to stop taking photos and go dance!






DSC_0320PdP’s girls (I was once a PdP girl, chos!) Stephanie, Pauline, Nica, and Jen. I wish Gail can be there if there will be a third installment!

DSC_0321Miss you girlfriend!!

DSC_0322Hanna’s #Swag look while ordering booze at Fred’s

DSC_0323Okay, back to being twelve, haha


Party wasn’t literally over as it was just starting at Today x Future! I love that *what you call that* from PdP!


DSC_0328I caught Techy Romantics’ Camyl before she left X and had a photo. She told me not to hang myself. I think PdP has thought me to love life enough to stay alive, hehe. CHARAUGHT!






And breakfast (yeah, that was breakfast already…) at Mister Kabab before going home.




DSC_0302Oxygen x Marcela Gutierrez graphic tee, Levi’s distressed denim pants, Thrifted military boots, Wrangler denim tote, Paradigm Shift noose neckpiece


Towards the end of the night, I was approached by someone and he happened to not know that I am no longer officially with PdP. He, all of a sudden, thanked me for bringing Cubao X back to life. In those few seconds, I felt a tear jerk. One, because I was once part of this. And two, because all that he said are true.

When I finally recovered last night, I think I spontaneously just smile at the thought of Anteroom Sessions. It was indeed a brainchild and I wish there will be more of this in the coming years. As it grows bigger, I hope more brands will become inspired of what PdP achieved in its smallness and greatness all at the same time. More than the fun, I think how Punchdrunk Panda seeks to advocate the arts is what really amazes me, above all.

Kudos, PdP and Heima, and to all who were involved in this huge endeavor! I will never tire of supporting these guys!

Last Week in Photos

Just let the good vibes coming!!! I so love last week!

PdP Blogger Hangout

It has been months since I was with PdP in an event, and this is already their third blogger hangout! Always a pleasure going to PdP’s events because they’re fun, and you really cannot run out of stuff to talk about. Plus, I love that these events are not-your-usual-events and is more intimate than others. I think it’s a good example how brands should conduct their events.

Video by the Nomad Manager


Toe in Manila with Hanna and Pebbles

I will have to say that the last centavo of what seemed to be my measly savings went to my Toe ticket. No regrets though! I haven’t been in a rock concert, much more in a post-rock concert, and Toe was such a great band to watch and experience!! I wish I can show you how the drummer looked like when he was spacing out and just banging on his drums – he was so surreal! But unfortunately, even point-and-shoot cameras weren’t allowed. REALLY TERNO PRODUCTIONS? WHY?!

Video grabbed from a random Youtube-r, hehe

The Hunger Games with Team DGNTY

And yes, the most awaited film of the quarter IMHO hit the big screens last week!! And I have to thank Hunger Games Philippines for the superb seats! I really don’t wanna spoil but there were so many good scenes, excellent even – and it was the best book-to-film adaptation there is, so far! The casting, the production design, the cinematography, the editing, the costume design, what else?! It’s so perfect, it deserves a repeat watch this Thursday!!! See you, fangirls!

EXO dance practice with Toff and Miko

And… I am trying to dance again… Hey, no judgment, I really used to dance, some five years ago! But that’s a long time already haha, so it really helped that Toff and Miko were really patient when I didn’t get the steps easily. I really missed dancing, and was really planning to enroll in a studio this summer. At least I get to start shedding off some rust now, hehe.

Honestly, all my muscles now are like on strike. Even just lifting a glass of water hurts my whole arm… THE WHOLE ARM, I TELL YOU! Am not complaining, but is that how long I’ve been without real physical activity? I better start getting used to this, lawlz.

But indeed, it was still an epic of a week!!!
Still felt like my birthday week, tbh.

UP Pep Squad Elev80s photodump


DSC_0688Keri mo sando ni koya?




DSC_0694My keeper photo of the night. That disco ball is such a beautiful element!




DSC_0703Not what you think it is. Trust me, lolz










DSC_0300This set was a smorgasbord of dance art and fashion! Felt like I was in a Mugler runway instead!






















UP Pep Squad’s ELEV80’s is a spin off of the normal thanksgiving concert of one of the best and leading cheerdance crew in the country! But this year, they give tribute to the wonderful decade that is the 80’s! I hate to admit it but I almost knew every song that  they danced to. How can’t I – my parents used them as lullabies when I was little, and I cannot deny that I ain’t an 80’s baby indeed! I was really happy, with a tinge of shame, to sing along to a lot of songs, haha!

Congratulations to the UP Pep Squad for a very successful show! Also, thank you for our good seats! It was a great show indeed!

For Long Tomorrow

Going home at 6am is the wrongest thing to do (kids, do not imitate lol) but you bet it really felt good after convos over couple of bottles and pares thereafter. I feel weird after though. I was suddenly craving for hot soup – I finished two small bowls in the paresan, two cups mugs at home, and a bowl of shoyu ramen before coming to work. Oh you bet, I’m still craving for some hot soup lovin’ right now.

I met up with Hanna earlier today. Arrived late because my body’s too sore to get up. I did get up, however, I really hate the snooze button now. Anyway, I gave her some of the shirts that I still have for Stereotyped, bought Toe tickets (yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and had lunch at the newly opened Ramen X – yayhotsoupasdfghjkl!!!!

Gyudon rice for H

Mini Shoyu Ramen – loooooooooove the shoyu base!

Say hi to Hanna!

Post-17th of March thingamajig! Who's watching too?Tickets are still available in Team Manila Trinoma and Rockwell branches, at the Doc Martens shop (The Fort)

We’ve been meaning to get tickets from the first day we knew they’re going here! Hanna is a big fan, and let’s just say that I am a happy casualty. Toe’s music is really good for thinking when we were back in college, and we almost used it as scoring for our “films” in college (yes I did some even though I’m a nurse. And no we weren’t able to use it as scoring because it’s too hipster for my school/classmates/professors.)

OH! I hope I don’t forget to blog about Vincent Moon!!! He’s very inspiring, and I really love his videos (although some are so wit.) More on another blog post, I guess.

Last night, we also dropped by the Haute Auteur pop-up by the UP Cineastes’ Studio last night! The silent films were really great! In a bit, I’m off to their awards night at B-side to watch the finalists with live scoring and a good number of local indie bands (read: Techyromantics, Musical O, Encounters With A Yeti, Sleepwalk Circus, Ciudad, Pocket Full Of, The Walkie Talkies, The Black Vomits, and Ivan Theory) are also playing!!

I swear, I’m gonna sleep off the whole of Sunday tomorrow. Or watch some movies for that matter.

P.S. Title is the latest album of Toe (2009) that’s on loop while I’m writing this post.

Crazy Halloween Weekend!!!

Blurred photo of the runway. I so love blurry photos. They’re so pretty!

Philippine Fashion Week Summer-Spring 2012 is the best PFW eveeeeeeeer! Well, that’s for me. Tea-hee!!! I must warn you though that for the following days, I will be flooding (LOL! 10+ backlogs and counting… just for the past week!) this blog with the hottest scoops behind the latest PFW! I’m so excited to show you the latest collection of the amazing brands that I watched. PLUS! Some of them had us in VIP, so I have really really REALLY great photos! I’ve met really cool bloggers along the way, too and I’m very happy I came to have met them! I learned bits of fashion wisdom from them! These all are coming your way very very soon!

Mario Maurer walked Penshoppe! I wasn’t able to watch, so that above is some random video I grabbed from Youtube. It was a pandemonium in and outside SMX because of fans wanting to get in Hall 2 but seemed like Penshoppe couldn’t accommodate everyone! Everyone was booing and I was waiting for Ana to be done because I was pulling out some of her accessories. However. MARIO MAURER IS SO CUTE EVEN IN THE SCREEN!!!! *unnecessary spazzing*

I wish I can post more about PFW, but I need my forty winks for my shoot in T-7 hours! More of it also in the coming posts (GAWD MY BACKLOGS GROW ON THEIR OWN!) For the meanwhile, listen to Foster the People’s Pumped Up Kicks. I’ve heard this first in the PdP HQ and it’s been all over PFW also! Kuh-raaaaaaaaaaaaazy song. I love it, I can listen to it a million times and be not umay about it! It’s just so dope! ❤

And if you’re watching Jason Mraz (with Toca Rivera) in Smart Araneta Coliseum later, I hate having to add Smart to it, tweet/SMS/BBM/Facebook me and let’s meet! I’m watching with my college best friend, Hanna. I am so excited!!! It’s my dream for Jason to come back here in Manila and I ditched Owl City and Black Eyed Peas for this. Yes, it will be all worth it. WE ❤ YOU JASOOOOOOOON!

And seriously, it’s still Halloween. And what’s creepier than Halloween? 1st of November (it really gives me the jeepers!) So who Halloween-partied yesterday (Well, I did! Who else partied last Saturday?) It really didn’t turned out well, I came home a lil drunk and wasted and my head spun first thing in the morni… errr, lunchtime, when I woke up. So yes, instead of getting wasted, y’all watch Donnie Darko, my Halloween movie for this year. SRSLY, IT’S GODDAMN CRAZY! I always love psycho movies, but I end up doubting my own sanity. So yeah, it scares the shit out of me.

So there, I really need to sleep. Please don’t mind my utterly fanboy tone while typing this post! This week has been very crazy. And as what I have been tweeting the whole week – This week is one for the keeps!

Ciao and I love you all!

Last Week in Photos

30. Tuesday. Last of the long weekend. Last shot at trying to be productive on a staycation.

DSC_0270Lunch at Ambula


DSC_0272Everyday fried-day!

DSC_0274Interview for a UP student’s project (will post the video later)

DSC_0276I’m a milk tea hog like that

DSC_0278Blogging before the week gets seriously booked

31. Wednesday. Juice.ph Awards. Didn’t win but got to make friends with people.

DSC_0284Say hello to Cariza and Kisty, who won btw

DSC_0281Mango crepe from Dulcinea

DSC_0286The camera that made Kisty win – LOL!

1. Thursday. Levi’s Go Forth Launch at Whitespace + Smart Netphone Launch at Republiq. No photos for the Smart event, because Republiq was so KJ. #Boo



DSC_0303Paul, Kassy and boyf


Nina for positive change. Congrats for being one of Levi’s brand ambassadors!


We managed to have a photo via Kisty’s P&S. That’s me, Cariza, and Dianne, oh so wacky! Click at Kisty’s blog for more of the photos.

3. ICF@FEU Open House + Anteroom Sessions at Moonleaf Tea Shop – the past month was all about preparing for this event!

DSC_0402I love ICF’s open kitchen!

DSC_0417And I wanna take home this lamb shank…

DSC_0449Preparing spiels for Anteroom

DSC_0513I love Outerhope!!!! *screeching fanboy here*

DSC_0524Hanna, Escy, Saco, and Pate

DSC_0527Elaine, Ella, me, June, Dee, and Ariane

DSC_0547AJ, Bon, Curves, Elyoo, Paul

Thank you friends for coming and supporting our little event!!!!

Thank you Moonleaf Tea ShopPunchdrunk Panda family, our partner bands and brands for the Anteroom Sessions. I love y’all! :) Photo courtesy of Topshot Photo Booth.


Last week was so epic!!!

Been one of a hectic week, been running around the metro for errands, work, personal stuff, and our event at Moonleaf Tea Shop. But what the hell, it has been so productive and fun! I’m sick for today though, I have to focus getting rid of this flu before I embark on other projects at hand. Also, I will blog further about last week’s events. My backlog is growing like it’s on chlorella.

Sieze the moment!

PdP: The Badass Shoe Collection

FINAL_Catalogue CH+BS

FINAL_Catalogue CH+BS2

FINAL_Catalogue CH+BS10

FINAL_Catalogue CH+BS12

FINAL_Catalogue CH+BS14

FINAL_Catalogue CH+BS3

FINAL_Catalogue CH+BS5

FINAL_Catalogue CH+BS7

FINAL_Catalogue CH+BS17

FINAL_Catalogue CH+BS18

FINAL_Catalogue CH+BS20

FINAL_Catalogue CH+BS22

FINAL_Catalogue CH+BS25

FINAL_Catalogue CH+BS27

FINAL_Catalogue CH+BS29

FINAL_Catalogue CH+BS33


Photography | Little Red Moments
Videography | Fictionaut Productions
Layout | Patricia Manlapas
Styling | Reza Aznar
Hair and Make up | Shayna Young
Modeling | Legit Status
Assistance | Nica KimJonver David, Patricia Remoquillo
Special Thanks | The Amazing Playground, Giordano Philippines

Check out Punchdrunk Panda‘s newest shoe collection, featuring their first batch of Chukka boots and Boat shoes!!! I have my own T-Rex Chukka already, and I’m so ready to rock it. Thank you, PdP!!!

Anyway. Catch the launch of this batch of shoes at the Anteroom Sessions TODAY at Moonleaf Tea Shop – Maginhawa, 5pm onwards. We hope to see you there!!! Here’s a map to help you guide your way to an awesome Saturday!

Punchdrunk Panda. We’re out to funkify the planet.

Aeta singing sensation trends in Social Media!

He was already hanging out in Youtube for quite some while (with videos dating up to two years ago) and now he makes it in TV, and the social media! Arjohn Gilbert, fourth from a brood of six in an Aeta family, makes a living out of making and selling flutes as well as selling sweet potatoes and avocados in Clark, Pampanga. Tourists began capturing his video because of his beautiful voice and uncanny “stage presence” on the streets.

Arjohn Gilbert may have gone a long way now, but there’s more. Hollywood pop singing sensation Charice Pempengco invites the dubbed “Justin Beiber of the Philippines” for a performance at one of her shows. Ain’t that giving back from a fellow Youtube sensation?


Arjohn is currently trending on number five on Twitter Philippines.


Lakas maka-good vibes noh?! I’m not a fan of Justin Beiber, but this kid can sing! For more Bruno Mars na lang!

Hope this kid makes it for his family and for the pride of his color! Mabuhay ka Arjohn Gilbert!