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Day Trip to Sabang Village

When I first knew we’re going to Puerto Galera (well, that is, a day before haha!) I instantly researched about the area. Apparently, all the places that I liked were compartmentalized in the Sabang Village. It’s just a tricycle ride away from where we’re staying, so we didn’t hesitate to visit before going back to Manila.


Sabang Village has three beaches: Sabang beach with the best diving spots in Galera; Big Lalaguna beach with the best swimming area, and the Small Lalaguna beach which we didn’t get to see. There are many boats afloat already to bring you from Sabang beach to the other beaches, but actually you can just walk in the beach side and reach it.


DSC_0687Capt’n Gregg’s



DSC_0691Atlantis Resort

DSC_0692Hemingway’s Bistrot



Most of the establishments, aside from the diving spots, are closed in the day. Most open at around afternoon and night time. I’d like to try Hemingway’s Bistrot and Capt’n Gregg’s when I get back. I tried finding Marti’s also – that bar and backpacking inn that I eye to stay at the next time I will be here.





Beyond this point is the Big Lalaguna beach. We really did walked all the way from Sabang beach. We were running low in funds already, haha!






And finally. Big Lalaguna beach!!! Lovely sand and waters, only that the seabed is rocky. Nonetheless, I love how clean this place is! There are inns in the beach side as well, if you plan to stay around this quiet side of Puerto Galera.






If your finding for a cheap drink around the area, you could just buy off a bottle of beer, in this case my favorite San Mig Apple, in the nearby sari-sari stores. Heineken was even available, but I hadn’t asked how much. Prices here beat those in White Beach definitely!


This is the last sight of beach that I will have for this trip. I am really hesitant to go back to Manila, but as for us working class, work ensued the next day. I can’t wait to be back soon, I guess. I wanna try diving and snorkeling, and maybe visit the Mangyan settlement nearby. There are plenty of things to do at Puerto Galera, and we haven’t done half of the checklist yet!

There you go, more reasons to go back to the beautiful island of Puerto Galera!


I can hear the waves of the ocean in my sleep. I wish I wake up again with the sea breeze in my face.