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Hunger Games AGAIN


So hi there again! This day couldn’t get any lazier… It’s the longest I’ve been home since I got a job again back in January. And I was just blog-hopping and checking tweets, and oh, changed my Facebook profile picture. But that doesn’t interest you, and most importantly, is not connected to my blog post title. Sheesh, forgive the three year-old in me.


Anyhoo, I’ve watched The Hunger Games again before the holiday, and I still couldn’t pull out a decent movie review out of my brain. Remember that I haven’t seen anything that I haven’t seen before? Yeah count this one in. I know there are plenty other films to watch, but I just couldn’t pass up with watching a fellow fan and shrieking like a girl and like nobody cared.

DSC_0426Aaron Yeo visited Angel for her birthday! How sweet of this guy! 


DSC_0429This is new to us. When did SM start using this for movies?


DSC_0431Hello everyone, meet the birthday girl! I love Angel‘s new hair!!


DSC_0433These Apple flats from Manels are genius!



We had dinner at the newly renovated Yabu. It was bigger, but it still is crowded. Maybe they should get a bigger place of their own, and not just in a mall #justsayin. Anyway, the food is still how I liked it the first time I was there. I ordered the Rosu (instead of my favorite Kurobota.) The meat was still succulent, thanks to the all-encompassing presence of fat in the meat. I shall try the Hire some other time, or even the Chicken and Seafood katsu. But for now, I’m having and am happy with my pork, yes, thank you.



I couldn’t emphasize how I LOVE the cabbage salad. I almost asked the waitress to omit the rice from my order, but my bill would be the same, so I had rice. Next time though I wouldn’t have the rice. Cabbage and Katsu is heaven and it should stay as is. (Blogging this on a Good Friday does not help, I’m hungry and there are no places to eat at but home.)

About that Hunger Games date. What can I say? Aaron hasn’t watched it yet, and Angel and I were going for round two. AND. I. STILL. CAN’T. BELIEVE. HOW. GOOD. IT. IS!!!! I mean, bashers can bash all they want, book purists can just stay with their books and force an imaginary filmed one in their minds, but yes I’ll take this film with ME as good excellent! I’d like to blab all I’ve said to everybody I talked with this, but I’m saving it for a legit movie review (if I ever come with a decent one, lol)

And of course, give me the benefit of gayness. Josh Hutcherson‘s Peeta IS an eyecandy, and has the perfect underdog puppy eyes look to this wildly feminine series. And also, who could forget Alexander Ludwig’s Cato?! SERIOUSLY, how and when did he get that sizzling hot? That may have to answer to the basher’s casting fail, less pedophilia in District 2 is really a high-numbered incident! Of course, I’m joking. Die, bashers. No, really. Peace and love everyone! :P


Folded and Hung basic v-neck tee, Levi’s distressed denim pants, Thrifted Rolling Stones hooded jacket, Reebok high cut kicks

Thanks to Aaron for the photo!

I semi-want and not want to explain my outfit. This is my guilty outfit, where I just throw a random set of clothes (well mostly monochromatic,) wear jacket, and wear rubber shoes. Haha! These are the days when I just want to be comfy and not care. But, who knew, it actually worked. And I thought also that this is my Hunger Games look. Haha, with the pants smeared with jizz mud. I wish I wore boots though for more THG.

ANYWAY, before I forget. Happy, happy birthday again to the only one blogging wonder woman that is Angeline! It was really fun hanging with you, spending the last few hours before all closes down for the break. Hope you really had a good one. I hope I can join you girls in Titanic 3D this Wednesday… we’ll be shrieking trying-not-to-shriek girls again. Or maybe another round of Hunger Games. Hahahahaha!

P.S. Seriously, if anyone would ask me to watch with him/her The Hunger Games again, I’d definitely say YES without any doubt.

Pre-birthday Dinner at Adarna


The Jen Aquino never fails to surprise me every year. Can’t emphasize more that she really spoils me. Thanks girl, for this. Oh, excuse the smile *wide grin*





Dinner at Adarna was planned though. But still there are more surprises ahead of dinner. We originally planned to go to Makati for Little Tokyo, but then again Adarna  is just near, and we were just around QC for the whole night. Will not regret dining here though.

DSC_0923Eating with this as background, I feel like I’m in a 19th century Baluarte.

DSC_0925You can never grow bored with this girl. There’s just too much happiness (and gayness) in her.



I’ll start with telling everyone that Adarna doesn’t taste usual. But it’s tricky how it’s so pleasant to my taste buds. Take this Pinapaitan soup for example. I don’t usually see this in the soup portion of the menu of other restaurants. The usual bitter bile taste of this dish was mellowed by a little sweetness and a bit more spice (I was too happy to identify what makes) and it just tasted extra special. Jen was skeptical when I ordered this, but she was the one who almost finished her bowl!


I was really in a mood for sinigang, so when I saw Siningang na Sugpo in the menu, I instantly shrieked silently in excitement. My parotid glands were so ready for the tangy sour tamarind, when a less familiar taste hit the throat. Kamias was definitely used for this dish. I got a little disappointed because I was so ready for the sampaloc, but just little and I really had no time to  sull. With the shrimp and kamias fighting for my attention, how can I? Another thing I liked about it is how the shrimp almost disintegrates in the soup – proof how painstakingly slow it was cooked.


Jen ordered the Leyte Humba which really reminds me of my family’s Estofado (what with the sweet and salty taste and fried saba.) It was good but I beg this dish to forgive me because all I really can think about was the Sinigang haha.


This one’s helluva birthday drink! Felicidad will really bring the happiness in you – rhum, cream, milk, eggs and vanilla swimming in ice! My dining partner didn’t like the adventure in this one, but it sure brought me happy vibes. I’ll probably can go back here for this alone. And probably ask to add more rhum though :P


This chocolate cake was given on the house by Chef Giney of Adarna. Awwwww, I was so touched that I couldn’t help myself from shrieking and looking around for Chef to hug her. She’s just so sweet!!! And this too – in perfect contrast with the mango jam (I can’t describe it haha)


And Jen, being competitive, got me salted caramel ice cream. Ah the perks of being a birthday boy/gay. Haha! All I can say with this scoop of salted happiness is that I know for myself it’s homemade!!!



If anything, Beth Angsioco greeting me personally for my birthday was a real treat also! Sucha fanboy here, sarreh! Can’t wait for my next Adarna dinner!

Adarna Food and Culture
119 Kalayaan Ave., Quezon City
926-8712; +639179618113
Menu |Facebook | Twitter 

Just got inked!

So my birthday dinner with the fam bam just ended but I still have birthday things going on until the end of next week. And while I am currently lost where and how to start telling you guys how my birthday week went, I think I’ll start with this one.




I know these kind of decisions needs some sort of plan or thinking – or more thinking for that matter; but believe me, for us – Pat and I, all we need was alcohol, sisig, and all the bullshit in life (haha ang emo, kay?) It was all spontaneous, we were drinking and talking about our usual shit on love, when there were bored stares across Tomato Kick and that familiar tattoo shop stood still, where at its doors we once told we’re gonna get inked ourselves.





Finally, the bored words came out of my mouth. But knowing me, it was probably just thinking out loud. And knowing my friend, there’s no way out of this. It was a spur of the moment. It was a now-or-never kind of thing.






Noone gets to judge me, heh.


Not really that I do not want to, to explain my hesitance . In fact, I wanted it so badly. I pride myself for having a high pain threshold, so it’s not the fear of needles. It was just so sudden, I think. And while I’m a fan of spontaneity, I think it’s very different from this suddenness. Actually, it’s not my strongest suit to boot (I don’t know if I have the face to blog about it, but meh that’s another post.)


DSC_0371A tattoo artist’s happy art set


So off we go to 55TINTA and after a few papers to sign, we’re good to go. Pat, usually the braver of us two, went first. Pwede ko ring sabihing gentleman ako, at pinairal ko ang ladies first, but who would believe me, really? Haha!

DSC_0375The room smells so antiseptic. Reminds me of the hospital.






Pat had the word Might inked on her shoulder. Might is a very strong word, meaning both strength and possibilities. Now might is in Pat’s shoulders.

DSC_0384Uh, excuse the thighs.


And mine’s a red shadeless triangle. I really haven’t thought why I want a triangle. Unlike Pat, I really did not put much thought on what to get myself though I have been contemplating this triangle for quite some time. And before you drop the h-word, please know that it’s not my me. I think I just like the shape, and am fascinated how it points up.

DSC_0390And there I was reminded of my college practice injections. Oh how grateful I am I know what is the feeling of being pricked.





As I couldn’t turn my head on a full 180 and I wanted my tattoo on the upper back or nape portion, I asked Pat to position my tattoo for me. She came up with the witty idea of leaving the tip exposed when I’m wearing a shirt….


…something just dawned in me. Most people only get to see me in the surface. And in order for someone to really know me, they have to scratch the surface and strip me. Good call on that, ain’t it?


I really have a long emotional narrative, but I think I’ll keep that thought for a while. For now, I really love my tat and am kinda contemplating if I’ll have one more. Where should I have it kaya? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm… Where’d you put yours?

55 Magingawa st. Teacher’s Village
Diliman, Quezon City
024353383 | 09088733871
Facebook | Twitter

Hanna’s Birthday Thingamajig

Celebrated Hanna’s birthday at her home, then drinks at Jack’s Loft… where we played games… and let’s not get started with the consequences for losers!! Haha! Let’s just say that there were a lot of contact involved.

Krispy Kreme birthday thingamajig!! What a witty idea from Tita Heidi!

Rhea, Ian, Gab

Crashed at Mcdo after. God have mercy on my waistline.


Louis, Trish

Slept over at Hanna’s after. I was awake until 7am, and had only around 2 hours to sleep before I hit the cafe and finish Hunger Games.

On that note, where do I buy a copy of Catching Fire??? I can’t find any, and my eyes cannot tolerate to read an ebook in my laptop… oh, if only I have an iPad – LOL!

Wait. I digress! Happy birthday Hanna! Our birthday month celebration isn’t over yet! Can’t wait to see Toe on the 20th!!!

Photos by Louis Ramos