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It’s that time of the year.

Holiday Wishlist. For the awesome friends of Jonver David, nyahahaha.

Books. Refer to my Pageturners section :)

Cardigan, Scarf, Leather jacket, or anything winter couture, haha demanding?

DMs! 8-hole please.

Vintage specs. Channeling John Lennon. Can I have prescriptions like this?

Planner. Or help me for the Starbucks planner and have mercy on my pocket and hips!

Ultra spic and span Muji PH store! And also the loot inside! (Hideo Muraoka in the foreground, photo by Chuvaness)

Muji notebooks I love.

Anything from MUJI. Better yet take me there :)

Tae Guk Gi, film about the Korean War

Peace in Korea, in the world. Let’s pray.

I want to stay at the hotel near Forest House... if ever.

Trip back to Baguio/Sagada/Somewhere North.

Channeling minamalism.

Onto Headphones. I still like these.

Cases! Gawd, I don’t want to have duty on Christmas  day. And even on New Year’s!


Leather case for my BB ❤

from Lazaro's

Cookie Dough Cheesecake (Photo from DCF.com)

The I-still-think-it’s-Valrhona chocolate cake from Lazaro’s. Maybe THE Jen Aquino can scout for me who made it, teehee. Or Cookie Dough Cheesecake. /drool

Narnia movie!

SAAAAAAAAAB with her new tattoo ❤ (Photo from Saab's tumblr)

A greeting from my crush, Saab ❤

A part-time job.

Cereal Killers reunion.

Tote by Juun J

A leather tote bag.

The legalization of the RH Bill….

…and YOU! (Sino? Haha!)

P.S. I put up this list for the holidays though all I really want for Christmas is a spanking new dSLR <— the 20th wish ❤

Cross fingers, please Lord.

P.P.S. I’ll be an aliping saguiguilid for the rest of the year, to that someone who will give me the dSLR (asa x law of attraction) haha!

Happy shopping,

Cheesecake x Blueberry

Cheesecake x Blueberry
Forest House, Baguio City

Jonver David
© 2010

Remembering Baguio

Don’t stop.
Session Road, Baguio City

patringsanjose x jonverdavid
Photo by Pat San Jose
Edits by Jonver David
© 2010

Last Sembreak Part III: The not-so-cliche Baguio City

Part I
Part II

And so my Up North trip continues.

I left La Union, leaving my other friends behind as they spend more time in the beach before going home to Manila. I, on the other hand, extended my vacation in Baguio – formerly the most cliche cold place of the North (for me), the Summer Capital of the Philippines.

I rode the next bus passing San Juan, that is Partas. After 30+ pages of Anne Frank, and senses were well, my bowels started a circus.

I was glad I didn’t need to use a barf bag – ’cause I don’t have one. Blessed of a controlled cardiac sphincter. Anyhow, I met Pat in the bus station and head over 50’s Diner for a quick bite before the planned Tequila shots. How amazing we had the same favorite ❤❤❤


Kulang na lang ng waitress in retro fashion and skates.

Caption that look...

Share-it? 'Cause I ate rice! :) Total Damage = 90 + I-forgot-the-price-for-the-extra-cup-o'-rice

Gawd those two wiener -looking breaded meat rolls are so yummy and heavy! Yummy enough to get me on a second serving of rice (sin!) And as we strolled around cold Baguio (which at the first stop I was loving by the second) we were looking for cheap shots. The slopes are a certified cardio workout!


Bad Habit. Photo by Pat San Jose

We were to reduce to the fact that even though it’s a city it closes by 1am, but Cafe Boss is merciful to accommodate us until half past one. This reminds me of Noriter back in Manila.

Of the two of us, I am the wimpy drinker. Sige na, alcohol allergy.


Two bottles and smiling over my cute lip balm.

After two bottles and gasping for air. Stuffy nose! Photo by Pat San Jose

Pat is an incredible bear in hibernation. It’s a sin to wake up at before lunch. But I forced her out of bed at half past 10. I partly realized that I’m in doom, but I know she loves me :) Out for brunch! Off we go to some bulaluhan. Nothing catchy. Big servings though.


Total Damage: PhP75 = Bowl filled to brim of nilagang baka + two cups of rice + 12 oz Pepsi

Mt. Cloud is closed! Pat blogged about the wonderful bookshop, and now all I have is a peek from the shut door. Oh dear, off to NBS then!


I want this book, but it's so expensive. Gah.

The Vodka Bible. Obviously Pat digs this.

Both of us wished we go back to reading, but old times are old times. Oh well. Anyway. How do you spell Baguio, though? Isn’t it UKAY?! Now I have to credit myself and Pat for incredible hunting skills for these pair of boots! Found with incredible haggling and hunting skills at Bayanihan.


My Baguio look. Photo by Pat San Jose

After all the walk and talk, we’re both hungry, and ached for cheesecake and good Benguet coffee, we splurged at Forest House which, in Pat’s ideals, would be her dream date. I can’t blame her; it’s homey and cozy, perfect for the chilly weather, and has overflowing native coffee. Now who does not want to linger here?


We trekked Loakan Rd. from Session. We're both overweight, and I'm in boots. Beat that.

It's Halloween, I wished they delayed Noel decors for a while.

Sneaking a shot in between tweets. Photo by Pat San Jose

Blueberry Cheesecake, PhP95/slice + 10% sc

Refillable Benguet Coffee @ PhP55 + 10% sc

This is the reason why I would return to Baguio, and prolly stay near this haven. I need to.



Every single moment in Baguio in All Saint’s Day erased all other cliche memories of being there. It’s as if I’ve never been here at all. Thanks to Pat for showing me the face of Baguio that I’ve never seen – in student budget!


She loves streetlights. Photo by Pat San Jose

The purpose of going up north was not defeated, too – to see my beloved “sistah”. She’s one of those sensible people that I wanted to see often but I can’t because of distance issues and her apparent disliking of the phone technology. Thank God for internet, but that does not help much either. I need to see her. See her cringe at statements that I ragingly let loose, nod in agreement with our parallel advocacies, and see her not fit in her pants. She is the one person to see every sembreak, Christmas break, and summer break but is dependent on the fact that her family needs to set her loose a little more.


After this, we would see each other as professionals already. By then, I hope nothing had changed.

Pat, this post goes to you and my newfound love for the cold city of the North, the Summer Capital of the Philippines and the home of my favorite girl, Patricia San Jose.

I miss you.


*** I forgot to mention that we did a lot of walking around Baguio, trying to avoid the extra expense of taking a cab. Along the way, I saw some places that I never really been to during previous trips in Baguio. I wanna stay in Casa Vallejo, ukay some more, and eat at never before heard restaurants (I can’t remember those foodie places Pat was telling me in random.) I really hope I come back there. Soon.

*** And yes, I don’t like parks that spells like Burnham and John Hay. No PMA also. Been there, done that. Any more suggestions,  guys? :)