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PhFW Holiday ’12: Oxygen


Every season, I always look forward to Oxygen’s PhFW show and I see to it that I never miss the fun – which is always epic so many levels, from the runway to the after party! This year, Oxygen takes another twist by being color forward. I haven’t seen Oxygen like this before, what with their fresh new take with the preppy-clean style. Though I’d really prefer their androgynous direction, this is something new for them and they’re good at it!


2I love the cut of their jeans! It’s the only perfect fit (well, that’s for me)


4Polka-dots are returning this holiday season! Check Oxygen’s polka-dot shirts!


6I’m loving their jackets and blazers!




10Cardigans for the holidays – classic!

11How do you love painting the town red, huh?






17And I’m really glad Oxygen did not forget about their monochrome-loving friends – loving these black and white ensembles










Proud Race print tee, Thrifted cover up, M+P+E drop crotch pants, Thrifted military boots

This is an ode to the Oxygen style! Always fresh, always forward! See you again next season, Oxygen!

Or yeah, in your store. Shopping mode: ON!

Paradigm Shift S/S12: SHINY

This is me posting late for one of the most beautiful things I awaited this Summer! The moment I saw the collection, I thought of one thing: where do I get all the money to buy the pieces that I want?! Well, rest assured that the prices are friendly, but there are just too much that I wanted to buy!

I love how the vest dress was styled (right)

Here are my top picks for this collection. I posted them with prices, so I remember myself how much I’ll save haha *wink*

Shorts with silver PVC detail (P2,185) I ordered this while they were just finishing their lookbook! Good thing, I’m friends with the owners Mike and Karl.

Silver vest-dress (P1,850) This vest-dress… I just can’t explain how ninja-ic and surreal it is! Getting this before fashion week!

Short that converts to a skirt when unbuttoned (P2,185) I can’t explain more how this piece is so well-thought of.

Silver shirt (P995) And there are basic days, that you just want to be neutral. *approves*

Shirt with triangle PVC (P1,499) SERIOUSLY HIPSTER. I’m thinking of asking them if I can have it in v-neck, kinda reminds me of a piece an installation in the Louvre.

Gray leggings (P995) I know what you’re thinking – what with my humongous thighs and legs, what am I thinking of buying a pair of leggings! But there’s no harm in trying – and try I will!

I am so gaga with this collection!!!

Paradigm Shift Clothing
by Karl Leuterio and Mike Magallanes
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