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Remember BOUNCE?

Bounce used to be the only magazine I bought back in my Sophie years. I love it because a lot of college students were contributing and that they didn’t condone cheesy girly covers (totally nothing against, but not my style neither.) I love it because it did rock and it is where my first published work can be found.


Whatever happened to October Eighty Publication? They were great.

Writer’s Block Philippines presents: Feature Writing 101

If you’ve always wanted to be published in a magazine or a newspaper, you’ll realize that it often takes more than good ideas or the passion for writing to get yourself out there and earn a byline. You’ll need the combination of impeccable grammar, unique experiences, penetrating insight, and, of course, a good network of sources who will give weight to your story and editors who will give you the space to be read.

Writer’s Block Philippines brings together the experiences and expert knowledge of its three editor-founders to bring you closer to that dream of seeing your name in print. Whether you are writing for a company publication or your favorite magazine, you’ll need the same skills that we will teach you in THIS class:

Only 30 slots are available for this class, so RESERVE NOW by emailing calling/texting (0927) 850 8280 with your name, email address, and mobile number.A five percent (5%) early bird discount awaits those who pay on or before June 15, 2010. And, as always, bona fide members of Writer’s Block Philippines get a permanent 10% discount on our workshops. To learn more about our membership offer, READ THIS.

To learn more about Writer’s Block Philippines, VISIT THEIR WEBSITE.


Would love to be a part of, but apparently it’s my board exam date. I urge you though to participate, they have great teachers for you and I am sure everyone needs to get updated! Come one, come all!

Thirsty Tuesdays

I can’t get the hang of reviewing all day in my room and doing just that. I used to go to events left and right, and you bet it’s not easy to wean oneself from events, especially when they’re good ones!

So after the review last Tuesday, I rushed to Luneta park and helped my friends set up for their opening for What the f Stop.

Weather was very fine that day.

Testing settings on the Illuminati-ish photo booth. That triangle fluorescent thingy is made by Marco Samson!

And the ribbon was cut!

Host for the night – Joey Alvero welcomed guests…

Say hi to Marion Kitazawa!

The Jensen Gomez Experience was there to perform. Amistad played also, but I left before they were on the stage.

Say hi to zeh boys. Prof Nes, Joe, and Ralph. You remember them from my La Union trip last year?

Congratulations to Alecks, Ame, Apple, Anna, and Marco for a very successful opening! After this gallery, I went to the Keg at the Fort Strip for the Hashtag Radio Tweetup. Saw some of Twestival people and even a celebrity there! It was a cool place to boot!

Marga a.k.a. @diskodiablo, tweeting while spinning…

Hashtag Team.

Caught a candid of the Chuckie Dreyfus (That’s Entertainment) @chuckiedreyfus while her wife @yendreyfus smiles at the camera. The two were so friendly!

Jason @jasondayrit and Charlene @takeoutsushi fresh from day’s work.

Poison of choice: Mojito. It was on buy one take one, and a little bit watered downed. But nevertheless, it feels good to meet old friends and new people. To more Thirsty Tuesdays!

Scene*ing at Cafe Clay

Went to my friends’ gallery project in Cafe Clay in Makati, and it was awesome! It’s packed full of people, cool photos, and of course chow and booze! I have to give it to Cafe Clay for being that hip place. I love the place!

Here are some of the (zoomed in) photos which were exhibited and sold in the gallery. Awesome work by students of the De La Salle – College of Saint Benilde. Check these out!

Kudos to my friends Ame, Joe, Ralph, Apple and their classmates, job well done indeed!

On me: Top by Switch; Shorts by Solo; Topsiders by SM Department Store.

Earning from your Blog: A Blog & Soul Talk

The Blog & Soul is holding another session on April 30 to discuss what monetizing your blog really means. Included in the panel are veteran bloggers who earn from their blogs and representatives from advertising networks. We’re also trying to get business owners who have dealt with bloggers before (or are thinking of inviting bloggers) to attend, so we can discuss the expectations and responsibilities of each party.

Hope you see you on Saturday!

By the way, this event is FREE. You may tag along your blogger friends.

You may follow the Blog & Soul Movement through our Facebook Page (

Please RSVP on this sheet (or if you can’t attend and you have questions for our speakers) :


It’s been just now that I confirmed that I will no longer have classes today and I am very glad I can go to this talk and learn more about blogging. C’mon, let’s not be hypocrite we all need income. But the question here is can we be credible bloggers at the same time earning from it?

I’m excited for this talk! For those who don’t know how to go here – it is in front of Greenbelt 1 in the Makati CBD, Thanks to Nina and Winston for the directions! See y’all there!!!!


P.S. Remember that this Talk is for FREE :)

I just graduated… errr, I am officially unemployed

You have to agree with me that aside from getting your ass to the list of candidates for graduation, finding the best graduation dress is the next hardest thing to do! So I dragged my loyal shopping companion in the person of my sister to hunt grad shirts for my big day. I swear, it wasn’t easy! No to stripes. No to waiter-looking attire (no offense meant). No too formal shirts. Yes to studs, but the “thunders” might react. Yes to embellishments, but again the “thunders.” Yes to mono or diachromatic. Yes to out of-this-world-ness. Gah. Check out my picks —

People are People.



And I ended up with Merger! I like the metal thingy that worked as buttons and the black and white ensemble. Whew! I bought also shoes in the same color but I forgot to take a picture.


Next up! (Yes I am putting all grad stuff in this single post :P) Baccalaureate Mass. I think I have gisted the Mass in my previous post, here are some pictures though. It was fun, and I am slowly feeling that graduation is at hand. And that the responsibilities of an officially unemployed guy is right in front of my face. Yes, I have to find work! Have to have income! Tell that to the two other million unemployed nurses. I say yes to underemployment though… More of that on another post, teehee!


Batch Graduation! I swear I have the slightest urge to use Chace inside PICC. And I didn’t take too much pictures as well. I just want to feel the solemnity of the ceremony. But good ol’ friends tagged me, so here are grabbed pictures from their Facebook accounts :)


Cum Laude. Thank God!

Dee, our group leader and friend, delivered the valedictory address.

Photos from Ariane dela Cruz, Elaine Arce, and moi.


Lastly, the Clinical Graduation (Pinning Ceremony.) It is the induction of the nursing graduates to the profession as well as the mark of the completion of the nursing program. Some of the parts of the first graduation was repeated (i.e. induction to the almuni association) and it is less solemn than the first. The speaker was also Mrs. Medrana (RCAP Director), as she was also the one who gave her speech in our candle-lighting ceremony some two years ago. I think it’s also premature and less prepared of than the batch graduation was. I’d like to emphasize that I’d like to see more seriousness in the ceremony but I guess more of the students preferred having fun. Imagine fooling around the batch song, if you know what I mean. I am a little disappointed in this one.

This is the pin we were given in a bigger keychain form.

Photos from Cristina Alviz, Ariane dela Cruz, and Mara Villaluz.


Never mind the disappointments. I think what matters now is that we are commencing a new phase, a new chapter in our lives. Another story to begin with, new lessons to learn, and whole lot of adventure to explore. I am excited and scared at the same time. I wish all the best for my section, my batch, and my alma mater. I do hope that in time, this (nursing) will prove to be a good investment in my future.

As for now, positivity is flooding in. I hope it stays like this… forever. That’s all for now, ciao!


Old new friends

At the height of social media usage these days, I really haven’t tried its full potential especially in tracking anybody from my not-so-distant past. I’m not even talking about lovers here. Am talking about old friends. By old, I mean friends that I do not see very often now, and usually those I’ve forgotten names of (sorry). I often use it to contact people I meet in events, places, and just about random stuff though. Until…

Where is Jonver in the picture????? Can you find me? LOL!

I can’t even explain how surreal things feel right now. I can’t remember any of the faces (except for Ms. Cachola) in those pictures, but I remember being so happy then! Still, despite the difficulty of recognizing faces, this has somehow made me happy today, and it made me really nostalgic of my old school in Quezon City. I studied in MLCA (now Living Epistle Christian Academy) up until I was in second grade. My family decided to move to Bulacan when I just started third grade there, and there’s a long story of adjusting with my new school… and oh well, MEMORIES. Funny though, that I really don’t remember any of them. AS IN EVEN MR. RODRIGUEZ (that’s how we call each other way back then) WHO PERSONALLY SENT ME A MESSAGE JUST FOR THIS, I CAN’T REMEMBER. Hey buddy, thanks for this! This has been a trip to the past – surreal, nostalgic, and very happy. I have to add, that it becomes very amazing again that it’s in this height of emotional roadtrip, that is my graduation, that I see these kind of memories. I miss my childhood!

Please say hi to my old new friends!


Summer Open Shoot: Show your Swagger!

Come one, come all! Block May 7 in your calendar and practice your swagger already! Because it’s gonna be one fun photo shoot for all of us!

For inquiries, contact Alecks Mutuc @ 09163750098 or comment below, and we’ll get back to you!

P.S. Another contest awaits you my readers, and it involves one free pass for this shoot. Stay tuned…


Thirsty Tuesday

Patricia had just arrived from Baguio.

And there are just three things that come to my mind when I see Pat — Alcohol x Food x Kwentuhan.

What’s with the lugi face, Beb?! HAHA! No more lugi face with these Mojitos though! UNLIMOJITOS @ TGIF!

Pumo-photo story!

Alcohol allergy.

^Shot by Pat.

Alcohol x Couture face

Cajun Chicken Wraps! I forgot my small plate coupon for the iPad2. AMP!

Bounced light. CHOS!

Pat ate and voila… >:)

Got tired of the cocktail, so we decided to grab some good ol’ street food. Kwek-kwek x Siomai x Balut. THE BEEEEST!

The best siomai I’ve tasted!

Clearly, we’ve eaten too much cholesterol. Then alcohol earlier. Liver alert!

Baka kulamin ko daw si Ate. Oh ayan, mukha tuloy syang kinulam :]

Bad Habit.

Went to Ukay after to look for some stylish blazer for the event at Republiq.

Pat and I go way back from High School. We used to work for the school publication way back then. Our friendship grew out of books, blogs, food, and boys. LOL! Anyway. We’re both graduating this April, and today became pretty emotional (especially from drinking alcohol) going back to the years we’ve been through, with and virtually with each other – whether it be for acads, social life in college, or whirlwind romance. She studied at UP Baguio so it’s been a semester worth of stories for us, and as always, it’s good talking to Pat, who is one of those people who help me to be always grounded to reality. She’s still thinking about getting based in Baguio City now and so it may take time before I get to see her again. Glad to have that talk, Pat. I appreciate the time, the friendship, and the alcohol, of course!

Pat, this is an ode to our friendship/siblinghood. *SHOT*


SOS. Too hot.

Summer is just around the corner and you bet it’s gonna be hotter than ever!

It’s. Just. Too. Hot.

You’ll be calling SOS ’cause it’s just too sizzling hot to resist! This summer, get a chance to be a part of Summer Open Shoot. Strike a pose and let those curves do the talk for you. Get photographed also with our mystery Tumblr superstar — whose work (and face!) have made it to several prestigious local publications! Who is this, you ask? We have supersized summer surprises in store for you all, so you better stay tuned for more…

Summer Open Shoot.
Summer’s just too hot.

For inquiries, please call/text Alecks Mutuc @ 09163750098. You can also comment below or email me for more details.